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Hello all!

Time to catch you guys up on my life in the form of writing, how romantic! Enjoy reading about my July Favorites! ♡

This month I was so busy because I was fired from a job and then got a full time job quickly after. I’m currently writing this on the 30th and I have to wake up at 4 for work. I’m so bad lol

Monthly favorites July 2019

The following section is where I’ll share my posts from the month.

Blog Posts from July

The following are my favorite moments from the month.

Favorite Moments

The 4th: Room Re-modeling

I was cleaning my room one day and decided to stop doing what I was doing and start painting LOL

That’s when I painted my cork board and mirror pink!

I will probably eventually post a room tour kind of blog post, but I have so many blog posts to finish and so few hours in the day to work on them! Soon, my pretties.

The 7th: Buying a Playstation 4

I decided to finally buy myself a PS4 so I can stream and also play with my husband! The game we love to play together is called Apex Legends. I got it for a good deal with some games and a brand new controller.

Okay, those tags are so weird but ya girl needs to sell herself. If you have a ps4 or stream on twitch or youtube let me know, I will follow you!

The 15th: finding cute blankets ( because I was still in a remodeling mood)

I found the cutest blankets ever!

to be honest I have never bought myself bed sheets in my life. I’m pretty young so it’s no biggie, but it’s really fun to buy yourself furniture I guess. I also bought myself a super cute chair soon after.

It’s settled, I’m writing a room makeover type of blog post.

Getting FIRED and just being job-less, weee!

Oheyy just went shopping and purchasing so many things because of being fired. I was a bit sad and thinking sooo much about why I was fired trying to figure out who didn’t like me lol

Well, it doesn’t matter at all because now I have the best job ever!


The 19th: Working at a Gas Station!

So I was offered this job way before I got my library job. The problem was that the girl who was supposedly leaving the gas station took forever to go lol


Then, five days before I got a call from my recruiter saying I didn’t have to work anymore, I was told by my mom that I should go to the gas station to see if I can work.

My moms friend was the one who got me the gas station job and I have been working there since July 19th.


Work so far…

I have worked at the gas station non-stop, until my day off which was today (July 30th). My hours are usually 6am to 2 or 8 am to 2 or 4pm OR 2pm to 10pm. So, usually 6 to 8 hours a day and hardly any days off. Everyone who works there barely takes a day off because the job is just so easy and kind of fun, and frankly cause the need 2 people working every shift and there are 3 shifts and like 6 people who work there.

It’s hard to believe it, but I am so freaking happy. The only problem is that I’m tired and sleepy and I really need to go to sleep right now, but here I am updating my friends on the net.

The people I work with are so great, they’re girls and both my age, and my mom’s friend who trained me is so sweet and patient with me, I’m just soooo lucky

The 25th: More work and more gaming.

I have been gaming, working and watching TV. Oh, and sleeping!!! And feeling very lonely because working so hard and coming back home makes it seem like my life is just the gas station lol

It’s okay because this is something I have to do to get to live with my husband sooner and to achieve the goals I plan to.

Songs I loved this month:

Humph! – Pentagon

This song is so weird but it’s cute too and catchy.


Hightlight – Izone

I love my girls!!! This song is so amazing!



Blue Lemonade Performance by Red Velvet

I want to cry, the dance for this song is so cute…



Intro: Time – ONEUS

I have this song on my playlist for when I go to sleep 🙂 It sounds like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at some points so it puts me to sleep.



Sign (Japanese Version)- Eyedi

This song is the cutest, please listen!




Favorite Shows:

Gossip Girl

Hey I’m watching this super old show now too. It’s just nice to watch old shows I once started back when I had tv and stopped because TV is weird now.

Queer Eye

Yes I am watching the new episodes!


That’s it for this post. How have you all been? I will make sure to catch up on everyone’s posts soon, I really just need to sleep now cause gurl waking up at for to work at 6 until 2… it’s something I never imagined I would be doing lol

Thanks for reading my Monthly Favorites July 2019! Hope you enjoyed!

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  • Kiki, glad you instantly got a job after and it’s really great you’re working with nice people. You deserve it. Anyway, it’s such a nice feeling to be able to buy yourself furniture or even appliances.. it’s so much nicer compared to buying clothes. Hahaha!

  • Aww I’m sorry you were fired but everything happens for a reason! Your new job was maybe more meant for you. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your room tour post! & congrats on the PS4, hehe. ♡ Have fun gaming!

  • That is a really cool thing to do, I know I just went through my room and got things to donate and to throw away. Always something to do in your room. That sounds very fun, and a great thing to do with your husband 🙂 I love blankets, and if I had the room I would horde them, that is a super cute blanket too! Congrats on the new job! I use to work at a gas station which is what my newest blog is about, and I loved the people I worked with at the time, but I didn’t like other things. When I worked at there I slept a lot too!

  • Hahah I love all the Kpop songs girl! That mirror redo looks awesome and I love your new blanket 🙂 I hope you’re hanging on with the gas station job! Woo hoo for the PS4! I hope you’re playing some Overcooked 2 😉

    • Yes its only getting better i barely started so i shouldnt pressure myself tbh. Hmm i havent heard of it! I will add it if its free lol !!! Lets play games together some time 😁

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