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monthly favorites january 2019 -

Monday, January 28

Hello friends…

Sometimes life can get exciting, but it can also be boring… especially my life lol.

Even so, I decided to make a monthly favorites/recap series to document my life for ya’ll. Maybe this kind of thing can help me connect more with my readers, at least I think that’s a good way to connect with readers, right?

Anyways, I’ll let ya’ll get a glimpse of mi life. Enjoy my monthly favorites January โ™ก

Kiki’s Monthly favorites January 2019

The following section is where I’ll share my posts from the month.

Blog Posts from January

The following are my favorite moments from the month.

Favorite Moments

The 1st: New Years

We literally didn’t do anything but stay home lol

Vegan lasagna, vegan burger with cheese carmelized mushrooms and onions, vegan carls jr burger, tofu chorizo scramble - SOYVIRGO.COM

Vegan Food Diary:

The 9th: “Carlos Junior”

We enjoyed the Carls JR beyond burger, for the first time. We were so happy a fast food place like this has a vegan patty. Sorry BK, you’re too late and I now have a new favorite!

P.s, my grandma calls it Carlos Junior.

The 10th: Baked Ziti (no image unfortunately!)

My mom in law made us vegan baked ziti with a ricotta cheese using cashews and it was soo delicious. I ate it before I could take a picture. Don’t worry, we’ll make it again and I’ll make a blog post with the recipe lol

We used the cashew cheese recipe from the baked ziti to make lasagna and I have the recipe for you all! Will upload it soon ๐Ÿ™‚

The 11th: More vegan Food

Nana made us super good potato, kale and tomato bake.

vegan Potato kale bake recipe -

The 15th: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

I got inspired to clean my husband and my closet after watching this Netflix show.

I’ll make a separate post about that later and update this post with the link for ya’ll who are interested hehe

I love Marie Kondo and if you don’t agree with her tactics then you can live in your messy room forever! Her tips are so easy to follow and they’re not pushy at all, which I was surprised to find out since some of the people she had on her show could have ended up being hoarders if she didn’t come save them.

Even though we don’t have much, we still got rid of much more stuff than we expected and I’m still shocked at how much better the closet looks.

The 19th: Influencers?

On this day, I was having a crisis, lol! I realized following influencers only give me anxiety to be completely honest.

Influencers make you think “Pretty, Skinny, Popular and Rich!” and honestly, that’s toxic. I’m talking about those people who take a selfie with bright straight teeth, perfect hair and makeup and a skinny tea product or whatever. Yeah, you’re not inspiring, you’re just trying to get some money!

I want my readers to be influenced to do better and BE happy for themselves and stop growing up with toxic beliefs. A product is not going to make you happy. I mean, it might for a moment, but I don’t want to spread the idea that you need more in your life and you need to purchase things to be happy.

My goal as an influencer

I strive to be original, motivational and inspirational.

Showing you guys short-term happiness in the form of buying things will not be enough to inspire you and it won’t make us happy either.

I ended up unfollowing a few “influencers” this day, organized my social media accounts and even finally got into an account I couldn’t log into for 2 years. (lol!)

I’ll use that account for inspiration now while using my soyvirgo instagram for bloggers and junk. I have so many sides to me that I’m not sure how to share all of my interests onto one instagram account! Help.

The 20th: Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

There was a big red moon in the sky, I’m sure ya’ll heard about it. I decided to write some stuff down thanks to a reminder from the lovely Jen Milos on instagram. Follow her if you’re interested in veganism, female empowerment and vegan youtube videos!

Anyways I just wrote in my notebook to help feel better and get my thoughts straight, I mean it’s best to do it under a weird moon don’t ya think?



The 23rd: A Haircut

One night I cut my hair very badly, and I knew I needed to find a hair salon before I went out in public. Alexander and I got our hair cuts with this woman called Sonia who has been cutting hair for like 15 years. This was literally the fastest cut I’ve ever gotten in my life. I hate sitting for a whole hour in the salon just to get my hair cut so I was happy I went with Sonia. As you can see I have thick hair, so I know it can be hard for the hair stylists lol

Check out Coco’s Hair Design whenever you’re in California and go see Sonia!


The 26th: Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

This cute little hello kitty cafe truck came to the town near us and we went even though we’re vegan lol.

They had really cute items for sale too, but I wasn’t about to spend $30 on a small cushion and a t-shirt when I’m not even a huge HK fan. I just like pink and cute things, so I’m happy to have gotten some pictures out of this.

I do get nervous in front of people, don’t worry I will lose that shyness soon. When I stand next to my mans, I feel a lot less shy lol. I had to cover his face cause I want him to be anonymous hehe

 hello kitty cafe truck california -

Songs I loved this January:

La La Love – WJSNย 

These girls are so beautiful and talented. If you are interested in getting to know them, I recommend checking out videos of Cheng Xiao. She’s a chinese member and really good at gymnastics. They’re all so amazing though, just look at their dancing and singing, their songs always make me feel magical lol

Butterflies – Red Velvet

Red velvet is pretty much the first group I fell in love with. I mostly fell in love with their member Joy or Park SooYoung. She’s a virgo like me, tall and honest. I love how she is and want to be more confident like her. Also, her voice is my favorite out of all the idol girl singers I can think of.

Houkago Destruction (ๆ”พ่ชฒๅพŒใƒ‡ใ‚ฃใ‚นใƒˆใƒฉใ‚ฏใ‚ทใƒงใƒณ)” – Etsuko Yakushimaru

This song is so cute. It’s from a show me and Alexander were watching. We finished it and are waiting for the next season ahh!

New Stranger by Sora Tob Sakana

The opening song from the show I just mentioned. It’s on netflix if you’re interested in cute love stories and gaming!

A Parallel Universe – Jyochoย 

This song is from the ending credits of another show Alexander and I are watching. It’s very scary but this song calms us down after we finish the episodes. Currently we finished the series and are now watching the live adaptations of the anime.

Last Note – Vixx

TBH I showed Alexander this song and he fell in love with it. I’m so glad because I love this song so much too! Give it a listen, it’s perfect for when you’re cruising late at night hehe

I know these are mostly kpop and songs from anime’s, but I don’t like any American artists, they’re all problematic these days. Also I just don’t like listening to things I understand anymore lol!

I’m still trying to find more music other than kpop, but nothing’s really doing it for me right now. Maybe later this year hehe

Favorite Shows:

Terrace House

Yes we still haven’t finished TH. If you haven’t started this show yet, you need to get on it! It’s a reality tv show, without the annoying script and acting. You will find yourself looking on instagram for the members because you will get kinda inspired by some of them. Everyone I know that watches it follows some of the members and I do too lol. I really enjoyed Boys and Girls in the City and Opening New Doors!

Hi Score Girl

Alexander and I have been so hooked on this show. The opening song is 100% our kind of bop. Both the opening and ending songs are in the music list of above.

The story is pretty cute as well because we love gaming and watching stuff that has cute romance, just a hint of romance is enough for us lol

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

We also love watching this show. It’s so funny and random at times. It doesn’t have much romance so it’s great for when you’re sick of all the lovely-dovey stuff.

Junji Ito Collection

Not on Netflix but you can find a few episodes on Youtube. We’ve watched this nonstop every night because we love spooky anime. I’ll leave a youtube video of a 1 minute short from the show. It’s really creepy and gross, you’ve been warned! Video link here!

Related Reads: Netflix shows I’ve been watching


This is where I will share my goals related to my site/ working hehe.

Blog Goals:

I have a feeling that if I write down my goals on a post (like this) and compare them every end of the month, I’ll want to put in the work to actually achieve them.


In the Beginning of January, I had about 305 followers. It took me so long to get out of 200 so I’m proud I’m even in the hundreds.

By the time my Vegans of Color blog post went public, I gained a few more followers since the people I mentioned in that post shared my article. I’m super grateful for that!

Todays Stats: 365
Goals for the end February: 500 followers



I use Twitter when I’m bored, but I’m going to start using it to get readers to my site.

My followers have pretty much been the same since I set up my twitter, but it’s growing slowly now. You actually do need to do work to gain any followers, huh?

Today’s Stats:ย 207 followers
Goals: 500 followers



By the beginning of January I had about 1.3k followers, 1.6million views and 110k engagement.
On the 12th I gained about 100 more followers, 1.7million views and 125.7k engagement.

My Pinterest numbers just keep growing so I’m so grateful and happy. I’m now going to work more on getting the pinterest numbers to my website, not just having them stay on Pinterest.

Today’s Stats: 1.5k followers, 2.1 million monthly views, 150k engagement
Goals:ย 5k+ followers, 3 million views, 180k engagement


I’m still trying to reach my goal of 50-100 blog views a day. I really gotta start making more viral pins or something, cause I have no idea how else to get views except through commenting on other blogs.

Today’s Stats:ย 21-50+ daily views, 1,100+ monthly views, 186 followers
Goals: 100+ daily views, 1,500 monthly views, 300+ followers.ย 

What else is important to think about on wordpress lol

Maybe I should make a goal to make money with my blog every month, but I’d rather write that down than blog about it.

I also have a goal of having guest posts once a month, but I have to start talking to people ahh so much work. I’m such a lazy galย lol

If you want to guest post you know you can come to me ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading Monthly Favorites January 2019 –

That’s it for this post bbs. I’m glad I can share all this lovely stuff about myself somewhere lol. What else would you want me to share on here?

Thanks for reading my Monthly Favorites of January! Hope you enjoyed!

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  • Hahaha I love that your grandma calls Carl’s Jr Carlos Jr. ๐Ÿ˜‚ That’s hilarious!! My boyfriend made a dairy free ziti with cashews once & it was fantastic! Can’t wait to see the lasagna recipe! Your new haircut is adorable & so is the HK truck. I’m a fan of all things pink & cute, too!

    Fun new series! Looking forward to your next month’s wrap-up. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck achieving all your goals!

    • Aww tysm Hunida, this means a lot and it’s such a sweet message <3
      and dang I really need to learn how to make the ziti cause it’s seriously so good..
      and thanks for reminding me I have to post the lasagna recipe, lol!

  • OMG! That lasagna looks so good. And I totally agree with you. Consmerism and shopping for short-term happiness is not healthy. In most cases, I think it leaves us feeling more empty because clutter will never fix whatever void we are trying to fill.

    And I love KPOP too. I miss Big Bang.

    • Thanks!! It was really good ahh i hope i can make it on my own cause my husband basically did everything lol!

      I actually got into kpop a bit after big bang was popular:/
      But yeah its kind of sad when thinking about groups that arent putting out music, it makes you feel old and you wish more ppl could support them to make them make more music lol

      Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  • I enjoyed reading this, Kiki ^^ I love Marie Kondo as well. I’m not finished with the Netflix series yet, but I’ve read her book that made me declutter my room. Good luck with your blog and social media goals. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is such a great post! All the food photos look soo good, I’m really hungry now! Ooh the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is such a cool idea! It’s so cute and pink, those are really lovely photos too. Thanks for sharing Kiki, really enjoyed reading your favourites <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • Yes, I’m always hungry when I see bloggers’ food pics lol! I love the hello kitty truck and would def recommend to visit the restaurant even to those who aren’t a huge fan!
      Thanks so much for taking the time to check out this post! Have a lovely day Bexa!

  • What an eventful January you had! The food looks absolutely delicious, I wish to try vegan food one day! That hello Kitty cafe truck also looks awesome hahaha! Your haircut looks great by the way, I’m always scared to cut it short because I had a traumatic experience in the past. Another thing I thought was great you pointed out was the thing about influencers! It’s so important not to get fooled by the others out there, but to stay true to who we are.


    • Thank you so much! Aww ๐Ÿ™ I hate having traumatic experiences. I hope one day you be able to and have a great memory from cutting it shorter!
      Yes, I def agree!
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  • How cute is that Hello Kitty truck, too bad it doesn’t exist here in Australia or I never knew. Yes to unfollowing toxic influencers, it’s really hard to be popular in IG without keeping up with these influencers who go to grand places and polishing the photos to the extreme and doing all these consistently. And I know that is not possible for me so I just be true to myself without being pressured to spend too much on holidays. Thanks for the inspo, I still have to check out Marie Kondo’s work.

    • TYSM!
      Maybe they will have a restaurant in Australia soon, HK is so popular here and I would assume everywhere too!
      Yes, I’m really getting sick of those fake accounts. I love when ppl stay true to who they are, it’s like I’m actually talking to a human lol
      Yes, marie kondo show is still on netflix, it’s great to watch when you have nothing else to do but clean your house hehe
      Thanks for commenting!!

  • I love that you have a recap of what you month was like. Reflecting on how my month went isn’t usually something that I do, but maybe I should not consider it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • The food looks amazing and your hair looks so cute short! To get your views up on WordPress try liking similar posts through the tags option on the left side of your reader.

  • Your life is definitely NOT boring at all! I’m glad to hear you decluttered your life from your wardrobe and your social media, and your aim as an influencer is great. I am defo here to support you! And I am sooooo in love with that Hello Kitty truck! I hope you reach all your goals girly x

  • Great post, Kiki! Congrats on the big chop – I had hair below my waist and then cut it all the way up to my shoulders a year years ago and it was pretty crazy. I also love how precise you are with your blogging goals – hope you can accomplish them! Keep writing x

  • I like this blogging series! I love that you have a ton of different meal options and they look delicious. Oh man, I remember that anxiety but at the end of the day, you can’t really compare yourself to others and should feel bad about it. Everyone has to put in the work and the rewards will come in within time :). It is so cool that there’s a Hello Kitty cafe truck! I still haven’t been to one. Thanks for sharing your highlights!

    Nancy โ™ฅ

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes we do eat a lot of different things hehe
      You’re right, I can already see the rewards coming and they’re fast this month!

      I’ve never seen it or even heard about it before, but they go all over the U.S. I might see them again one day, cause the merch is definitely cute!

      Thanks for your comment Nancyโ™ก

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