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Monday, February 26

— Hello friends…

I know I didn’t make as many Black History Month related posts as I should have. A lot of us forget about it all because Valentines Day is in the same month so it’s ALWAYS completely overshadowed.

I wouldn’t know what exactly to post since I’m not black, but I do love sharing posts about non-white women who are doing cool stuff because we need more representation especially in media/blogging/website related stuff.

Read: Vegans of Color to Follow


So I definitely plan on making more posts featuring black and brown women and not just for one month out of the year. I think I need to do that for my fellow brown gals.


Anyways, this is a blog segment/series where I share what happened in the last month. It’s just a way to get more personal with my readers, I mean that’s how I feel when people share personal posts on here. So… let’s get personal and enjoy reading my monthly favorites february 2019


Can you see me doing the kpop finger heart in the pic above? Yeah, I’m annoying.


Monthly favorites February 2019

Blog Posts:


Favorite February Moments:

The 1st: Apex Legends

So this month I’ve been OBSESSED with this video game and all we’ve been doing is gaming every night.

If you guys loved Halo or Call of Duty… maybe Destiny (they just seem similar) then you might like Apex Legends. 


The 2nd: Vegan Food Diary

Alexander and I ate a lot this month. I love cooking as a vegan because you have to use everything in your fridge and come up with ideas too, so you eventually come up with interesting recipes. Let’s be honest though, all I know how to make is stir-fry and pasta.


  1. The first image is this stir-fry I made with jackfruit and kale. I’ll post the recipe cause I used this ingredient that made it BOMB. (I never say that word but I wanted to use it to describe this…)
  2. Second image is noodles my mans made and I’ll post a recipe later.
  3. Third image is this green pasta I made. I was going to make a certain type my mom and family would always make, but there was no cilantro or green peppers. Instead I used Kale and Spinach. I will probably make a recipe post for that too.
  4. Last pic is mac and cheese. Going to post that recipe as well, I know people love recipes and I need to post them too so I can remember what to make back at home.

The 5th: Following people I like

Twitter groups say “leave your links and follow people!” but that’s not always a great thing to do. If you follow people just to get a follow back, then you’re just following rando’s that you don’t care about, or like for that matter.

Following a #45 Supporter (WTF)

I found out I was following a trump supporter…

6 people I follow also followed this person, but because all of them hate what #45 stands for like me, I was convinced they were all following this person blindly, the way I was following them.

Anyways, I blocked her so she wouldn’t be following me too.

That just shows how much we care about follows and not actually about the person behind the account. We don’t do much to even get to know people, and that’s not how I want to live as a content creator.

Also, a blogger I follow on Pinterest followed someone that only had nude photos of women on their pinterest.

I know some people follow going by username and profile picture, but this is what happens when you follow people without seeing what they’re about! You end up following porn and trump accounts LOL..


The 6th: Overworking yourself? 

I was having such a difficult time early on this month because of stress and overworking myself and maybe a bit of some other things.

Basically I was making myself work overtime. I was so sick and tired of it that I had to cry and I also felt lonely? Like I made myself work so hard to the point I hated my job on here, and also made myself feel lonely, like, what is wrong with me?

There’s so many bloggers and friends on the gram I can chat with whenever I do get lonely, but I guess sometimes Virgo’s just wanna suffer alone lol.

It was good that this happened because I decided to learn how to take breaks. As a self-employed person, you gotta give yourself work hours, I think for tax reasons, but it’s also great for health reasons!

Give yourself a break bbs!

The 7th: Cold Mountain Miso (free food)

So I kept tagging brands on my stories and one of them actually sent me a DM about working with me (kind of).

I was sent free food after tagging Cold Mountain Miso on IG.

I’ll be making a recipe later on how to make some tasty ramen and a breakfast with this product and will link it here, and link that post back to this post… you know how you gotta do internal links.


The 9th: Vegan Cookies & Stuffed Tortillas

Our nana made us delicious tortillas stuffed with cheese and spinach. Also beans! That’s all you need and it fills you up! Will definitely be making a recipe post for this as well, just need to get around to making those posts.


We also made cute cookies. They’re birthday cake flavored which is not something I’m usually into, but these are so delicious. Will share more images on a separate post so you can see the brands I used to make matcha and peanut butter flavored one.


Friday Shout Outs

I started a new thing on the 9th too. I decided to start shouting out all the people I follow on my instagram stories almost every Friday just to show my love.

In the future I would love to do giveaways, but maybe I will do that for my b-day later this year.

Anyways this all started thanks to Teadayblogs on instagram. She shared this image on her stories and I thought it was so great to make an effort to spread accounts to your own followers.


The 10th: Vegan Burgers, and a gluten allergy? 

I was commenting back on a lot of bloggers sites early in the morning. Then we ate this burger we made at home, the same ones I kept sharing on my stories. I’ll make a recipe for that because I need it for future reference and maybe you do too?


P.s the burgers aren’t gluten free and they hurt my stomach a bit after so I have a hunch I got an allergy to gluten. Think about it, I don’t have dairy or eggs, but I still feel bloated after eating? Something’s not right.

I’m not sure exactly, but if my whole family gets bloated from eating gluten, there must be a reason why I feel the same way.

Good bye gluten. I’m cutting you off… slowly!


The 14th: Valentine’s day and Vegan Pizza

You guys, me and my husband Alexander are super cheap.. I mean …well we are more frugal now than when we first started dating.


All we did was stay home and play Apex Legends. We don’t put much effort in celebrating holidays other than Xmas and our B-days, so we don’t pressure ourselves to do something for V-day for the sake of it being V-day. Like dang, we just didn’t feel like going out, is that cool with the rest of you couples? lol

Anyways we ate a Vegan Wholefoods Pizza and drank some matcha. We usually like to reheat pizza’s so the cheese can be crispier, but I didn’t take a picture of it after it came out the oven.

The 17th: Budgeting

I was budgeting this day and Cynthia ( who you should follow on IG ) suggested using Excel.

A while ago I set up an excel sheet, but I need to come up with a simple formula and ya girl isn’t that great with formulas so I need to do more research lol.

If you guys have any tips on doing this let me know! For now, I’m just using a journal cause I don’t know how to do it the professional way.

 budgeting with | canva graphic

The 18th: Second Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

I was nominated by Deandra at Black Princess Diaries! (Her post here!)

Since I already did this post before (read it here), I’ll just answer the questions I was asked to keep it short!


Questions From Deandra at BLACK PRINCESS DIARIES:

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

My cat Gati! She passed away and I thought blogging full time could fund my cat sanctuary that I want to make in the near future all thanks to her.

More in my about me page 🙂

2. What’s something you’ve never tried before but would like to?

Going on roller coasters! I’ve only gone to the fair rides and those ALWAYS make me sick, so I’m afraid roller coasters will make me feel even worse. My husband says otherwise, so now I might go to Six Flags with him before I go back to Chicago.

If anyone wants to come with us, we will be there! (Southern Cali only)

3. Do you schedule your posts?

Yes! Fridays are my fav days to post and Sundays if I feel like sharing more! My insights say those are the days I get more people on my site, so might as well post then!

4. What’s something you feel makes your blog unique?

I need my readers to tell me ’cause I’m not really sure! Maybe my theme? Some say it’s unique lol

5. Dog or cat?


I love dogs but not the ones who bark in your face even if you walk them everyday. That’s what I’m dealing with right now from my husband’s family dog. Anyways, let’s not talk about him LOL. I’ve had another dog but while I was at school my family let him run away, or at least they couldn’t get him back :/ I’m still so sad about that because he was the cutest!

I love to take care of my cats because they’re so low maintenance and I’m worried having a dog would stress me out since they need walking! But I love all animals equally. (Cats a bit more, i’m not gonna lie)

Thanks again to Deandra for nominating me! 

Check out The Black Princess Diaries Blog here<3


The 23rd: My husbands B-day Weekend

We went on a road trip to see Elephant Seals! It was mating season lol

Also saw the most ADORABLE squirrels who want food from you, but you can’t feed them :/ and Cows and Zebras!

I really don’t wanna know what the heck they’re doing raising Zebras out here, like is it for a petting zoo? To mix with cow meat? Like… do I really wanna know? Kinda not.

They’re cute to look at though!



  1. Alexander pointing at the animals while I take a pic of our shadows *cheesy*.
  2. We ate the most delicious vegan AND gluten free food ever! I’ve never had raw vegan food before but it was definitely the best burger I ever had in my life.
  3. He had a pizza that wasn’t as great as my burger, but luckily he enjoyed it since it was his B-day weekend 🙂

You know how people eat raw fish? Well this was basically raw vegetables, seeds, and fruits and are cooked up to a certain point. Something like that.

I would tag the shop, but it was pretty expensive for being raw food, I think? TBH I kind of want to be a raw vegan eater now just cause it was so filling and more delicious than anything I’ve ever had before.

The 24th: Alexander’s 25th B-day

We woke up early again to eat some tasty vegan baked goods. Is it just me, or do you judge companies/brands by who owns them and who they hire as employees?

This bakery was cute n all, but the cashier, who I found out later is the owners wife, was very sketchy. I don’t know if it’s just a resting bitch face, but she really made me feel… unwanted and not welcomed.

Anyways, this muffin from their shop was great, but I also don’t want to be giving money to people who make me feel unwanted!

I don’t think I’m sensitive, I just hate mean and rude people. Anyways, enjoy some more pics.

 memories from february 2019, elephant seals, vegan food raw burger blta bacon sandwich

  1. The Elephant Seals are hard to spot, but they’re there, promise!
  2. A better pic of the raw vegan and gluten free pizza my husband had.
  3. My super tasty vegan BLTA from Sea Ranger Station! They made their meals so much bigger so there’s extra fries and a bigger sandwich, wow, so generous. I freaking love that place and Norte Sur which is right next door.


The 25th: 400+ IG Followers

I finally reached 400 followers on Instagram! The numbers keep fluctuating, but I reached the 400 mark and that’s worth celebrating to me lol.

Granted, 200 or so of my first followers were older men from a foreign country. I’m sure most of you had a bunch of random followers like that when you first started too. It’s so strange, but anyways…

Thanks to 200 of you actual humans who follow me on there and also the 40 or so who actually ENGAGE in my posts and stories!

Anyways, on to the next part of this post 🙂


Songs I loved:

No – CLC

This song is so funny to me since my husband and I always reference back to it whenever we can. Even though we made a joke out of it, the actual message of the song is perfect. That’s why I love CLC. If you want to know more about them you should check out their ProduSORN Videos on youtube. The member that hosts it, Sorn, does those videos so fans could get to know the group.


Butterfly – Loona

This performance gives me life! I always love songs where girls are dancing really hard choreography and doing some crazy moves. I’m tired of only seeing male groups doing the cool dances, cause I know girls can do them too and sometimes better!

If you like Canadian artist Grimes, you might be surprised to hear she worked with Loona on a song!

No. 5 – PENOMECO ft. Crush

This song is such a bop and most songs Crush is featured in are AMAZING.

Truth – TVXQ

Instead of linking you to just the song, I will link you to this amazing performance by these 30 year olds. Yes, my goal as a 30 year old is to look pretty young, be pretty wealthy and dance amazingly!


I wanna know – Roh Taehyun

This is a new bop me and my husband are loving. I’ve seen this person before while watching the Korean Show Produce 101.

He didn’t make the finals, which was to be in Kpop Group Wanna One, but he’s now a solo artist! I like his voice and the lyrics to his songs, they’re very sweet and innocent! If you like this, you should check out his song called Birthday.

P.s someone help me fix the videos For some reason, youtube videos don’t show up, they only show as a text on the wordpress reader but I can see them on my site :/

Favorite Shows:

Since I didn’t have any time for shows, I will talk about other things lol

Favorite’s from the Blogging World:

500 likes on SOYVIRGO.COM

I got 500 likes on here! Nothing special, just wanted to share this image wordpress sent. But, I guess it is special since a bunch of people hit that like button for a real one like me jk.

 500 wordpress likes on


First page of Google!

I made it on the first page of google. Thanks to everyone? I mean who should I thank for this? Myself probably, I work hard for being a lazy girl TBH.

Company Conversations

Recently a company got in contact with me to write a blog post, so I’m super excited about that! When people want to collab with me I instantly want to do my best on a blog post and show my talents lol, if I even have any when it comes to making content. So, we will see if I make a blog post about that company in the future hehe.


Shout out Corner:

Cheesy but I wanna shout out these bloggers who I SEE engaging on my stuff a lot. If you don’t follow them yet, please check them out!

These are just users I noticed from my IG and some on WordPress too! Thank you all <3

I have a loves tab where I link back to bloggers I frequently visit. Always updating it because new bloggers keep coming my way lol


Blog Goals:


Last month I gained a bunch of followers but this month I got a bit lazy with networking so I didn’t gain much at all.

How do you feel when you see someone like me not gaining much number-wise? Do you think I’m lazy? LOL.

sometimes I think some of my followers see me like that, but the truth is, I don’t see much importance of followers! Remember, only about 40 of my followers actually like, comment and talk to me on Instagram. Followers truly are just numbers most of the time, for me at least. I definitely see why people focus on it a lot so I understand if you care about it!

Last month’s Stats: 375 Today’s Stats: 408
Goals for the end March: 530 followers 



Again, I got a bit lazy this month with growing my numbers. oops.

Last month’s Stats: 206 Today’s Stats: 208
Goals for March: 300 followers



Let’s just say I didn’t really get social at all this month LOL

Goals to reach:  2.5m monthly views, 160k engagement


Also still working on this lol

Today’s Stats: 40+ daily views, 1,100+ monthly views, 199 wordpress followers
Goals to reach: 100+ daily views, 300+ followers? I’m not sure, I just want more friends who comment on my stuff and who I can have convos with lol


Can I also say, February is a short month so I did pretty good. You all did too <3


Thanks for reading my Monthly Favorites February 2019!

Read my Memories from January Post here.

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  • My boyfriend is obsessed with that Apex Legends game lol. So cute that you & your mans play it together! All of the food looks & sounds so good!!

    I only follow people I like, too. I don’t ever follow someone back if I don’t enjoy their content (and/or if they support Trump LOL).

    I think making pizza at home with some matcha is a perfect way to celebrate VDay. You don’t have to go out to spend time with each other!

    Happy belated birthday to your husband!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. 🙂 I totally agree about not wanting to give your money to the rude cashier. I hate unwelcoming employees!!

    I also don’t care about numbers as much as I care about engagment! I hope you are able to reach all your goals & that March is an even better month for you!!

    • Idk why im so into it! I havent played a game like that since maybe junior yr of HS cause my brother wanted me to play halo with him 🤣

      Thank u so much for commenting 💕💕💕

  • seems like you had an amazing month! congrats on all the accomplishments and collabs! All that food looked so good it made me hungry lol. Loved your answers to my questions. I don’t do rollercoasters myself, but maybe one day I won’t be so scared to go on one lol.

  • Your journal’s budgeting spread is super cute! And GIRRRLLL that overwork/burnout is a feeling I think all bloggers are painfully familiar with… but now that you’ve learnt how much makes you feel bad, you’ll learn how to balance it better xx

  • You GOT to share those recipes, especially the noodles your husband cooked. They look delicious and I could do with vegan choices now and then haha!

  • Oh my what a bunch of goodies here!! First off Cold mountain miso?! Whaat that sounds delicious?! Also on a different topic, I cannot agree more with what you said about following people just for follows hahaha #F4F amirite. It’s so funny if we actually analyze the people we follow, we will find some weird characters!! One time I had a plastic surgeon follow me on IG and then an old guy who only posted pics of his dick followed me on Twitter. Thank God I don’t always follow back just cause they followed me!! I try to take my time with that haha. Also looks like you and your bf had a fun adventure for his birthday! And congrats on the blogger award Kiki! ✨🎉💙

    Geraldine |

  • It is always nice to have representation of all backgrounds. The fact that you tried is a really good first step. Oh man, I downloaded Apex Legends but didn’t really play it all that much. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about it though! Your vegan foods look delicious! I agree with you about following certain people. I get so turned off when I follow people who posts stuff I am not comfortable with. I mean there are times when people have opposing views, which is fine, but when it is something the condones hate or is NSFW, I am out. Congratulations on being nominated for the blogger award! Hope March will be a great month as well~

    Nancy ♥

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