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Monday, September Hello my friends. Welcome to SEPTEMBER!  How has the last month treated you? I decided to come back to blogging because I finally quit my job where I worked 7 days a week and was stressed out of my mind… I haven’t  been active at all because of my laptops fan messing up. I guess it overheated. I finally got a computer recently so that’s why I got back to work on here. I’m really happy but the grind is never ending lol  

This is a blog segment/series where I share what happened in the last month. 

It has been about a year since I have done one of these little posts… let’s get to it then?



Monthly favorites August 2021

The following section is where I’ll share my posts from the month.

Blog Posts from August

obviously I didn’t have many because I became active again really late in the month!

Catch up on my Monthly Favorites Posts: 2019: Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep, I didn’t post until February 2020! 2020: Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep and I also stopped posting in September of last year… weird?  

Favorite August Moments

The following are my favorite moments from the month.

The 1st: Buying STOCKS

I finally got into buying stocks. Everyone was talking about it, and I wanted to try it out. Currently I have shares in small stocks and one of them that have been GREEN (yes I legit don’t know what I’m talking about but I’m sure green means good) is STAG! I was researching and researching which apps to use. That took forever… I then researched what companies to invest in. More time being wasted tbh… I finally decided STAG was one of the companies to invest in because they offer dividends. webull stocks - investing app, stag - monthly favorites august 2021 So far, I believe I have made $15! In the picture above it says $14.81 and now currently as I’m writing this post it says $15+. I’m not entirely sure how to read this though, but it doesn’t look bad considering that it says SAFE and says good things *crosses fingers* If you would like to try I will recommend using WEBULL to start investing. If you want a referral link to get free stocks, let me know and I’ll message you my link! The app is really simple to use. It also has basically everything you need, at least I think so. I really believe it’s one of the best apps you can use if you don’t know what investing and stocks are.


The 9th: Finding Jobs YET AGAIN

Well I started to find jobs again. I was incredibly busy all this time because if you remember from my last monthly posts, I ended up signing papers to become a restaurant owner. Turned out to be a big no no for someone like me who wants to be a blogger and work from home and just be responsible of my own things and not of many employees who are complete jerks and rude as hell to be honest. More on that on another post and for now, let’s just talk about what I’ve been up to. The job search has been FUN. I am not looking for typical basic jobs like on my first few job hunts. I forced myself to accept anything back then and this time I want something really helpful that I actually enjoy.

The 10th: Late night China-Town Shenanigans

I went to China Town with my cousin late at night just to get her some food and get myself a drink. We walked around for a bit. We also wanted to do something before we went home to sleep before work the next day. She recently went and came back from Mexico. So I picked her up from her house one night to hang and we went to chinatown first. We hit up this one shop that looks cute from the outside, it was empty and usually is. Turns out it’s probably empty because the people suck. I ordered something so simple and they gave me the complete opposite. I wasn’t upset, just annoyed and I decided never to even look this place’s way. The reason is, I ordered correctly, they can’t say they couldn’t hear me because the place was EMPTY. They had like 3 people behind the counter just chatting to each other so they all 3 heard what I ordered. Also the food me and my cousin ordered was TINY af. My cousin ordered this wee little icecream and it was complete shit. Anyways we went to another store and I got myself a really great drink so I wasn’t that annoyed for the rest of the night

The 11th: vegan korean x mexican fusion Food

This day my cousin and I set out to find those famous tiktok places to eat at. We chose a vegan korean and mexican fusion place. It’s pretty small and simple and cute. It reminds me of another vegan mexican place that I love. I kinda like the other place more because I’m pretty sure we ate while the owner was there and instead of letting her customers know like hey you guys can’t park here, she instead just started taking photos of my cars license plates and when she came back inside I was asking her is it not okay to park there? and she said NO that’s reserved for drop offs and I’m like OH… thanks for letting me know!!! (she didn’t let me know BTW) She’s like oh that’s your car? I’m like yup… well let me move it thanks again for letting me know. I mean, she could have been kinda nice about it instead of just going straight to the car and start taking pictures LOL I was able to move it in time anyways so I’m sure I won’t get in trouble. Anyways, the food was good. The drinks were not.

what i ate:

vegan korean mexican fusion place chicago vegan food | monthly favorites august 2021MEXICAN VEGAN KOREAN FOOD SOYVIRGO.COM


The drinks are called horchata, it’s basically rice water, but it’s made with sweet stuff and milk. My cousins was DISGUSTING. You could not even drink it because it had so much of the sweetener stuck at the bottom to the point the straw gets clogged. Mine on the other was still shit even if it was vegan. I’ve had better horchata before. The fries are kimchi fries. I LOVED THEM, but I did not need the kimchi it it LOL Kinda sad but if they just sold fries without the kimchi I would enjoy that. My tacos were great especially the one with the cheese. I only recommend that one and the Korean Pork one that I ordered to go later on. I would give this place a 6/10 with the food and the place and the staff. Honestly I had a weird encounter with the cashier. I said I want the bibimbop (for my cousin) She corrected me and said BIMBOP? I responded nicely saying “oh that’s how you say it?”, because I honestly don’t know if I say it correctly. She responded with “I have Korean friends and that’s how they say it”. I was kind of shocked like OK, I didn’t come to a restaurant to be rudely corrected of my pronunciations of food names by this random cashier. I mean she didn’t really even seem confident herself to what she was saying at the time. Anyways I looked it up and I was saying it correctly so I’m not sure why she got so defensive and even came at me with the “I HAVE FRIENDS OF THIS CULTURE SO IM RIGHT” lol It was really a strange kind of experience tbh Anyways like I said I would rather visit my fav mexican vegan places than go back to this one.

The 17th: Getting my gaming/work pc

So I used newegg website to get my pc thanks to my husband telling me about it. I got the pc only because he knows more about computers. Also, I wanted a computer because well, I want to work from home. How else will I do that without a computer, right? You can only do so much on a phone. I have been loving it so far!  

The 19th: Playing hella video games and being a wannabe streamer

I really always wanted to game on video but I am kinda camera shy. I don’t want people to see me, I’m not a very talkative person with strangers. I don’t know how this would work and frankly I don’t have the confidence, but it is something I want to do. I guess sometimes I make myself laugh and I feel awkward because I’m just laughing by myself. I want to laugh with others too and maybe become friends. Anyways, I had to get some headphones to be able to speak my mind while I game, so I ended up purchasing the Logitech G335 headphones!

Turns out, I ended up LOVING these headphones. They are so much better than my old Razer headphones. I really recommend them for the price! Anyways, yes I have been playing games and streaming trying to get popular but there’s no real way to get popular unless you are good at the game or have a webcam. I’m still doing it because it’s fun for me lol


WTF I got a new phone…

Here’s my referral code to get deals from Samsung!

I’m not the type to get new things, really I’m not. I don’t care for new gadgets that roll out every year or cars for that matter. I have been wanting one of these phones since I saw it in the Kdrama “It’s okay to not be okay”. I used this site to help me decide on what case to get too: 11 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Cases (2021) | I will most likely make a dedicated post sharing my cute new phone, features, cases, why I switched and all that.

The 26th: NEW CAR

You guys will roll your eyes and must have also scoffed and laughed and pointed fingers at just reading the last line.. but yes .. I got myself a new car! The thing is.. I’ve had a car in my name before and it was a 2018 Challenger. Can you believe my puny butt riding in a sports car? Yeah… bad idea the fact we have snow here in Chicago LOL I decided to finally change it that way I can ride whenever I want to wherever I want, I can also drive in the snow… ahh you know, the usual thing. If you want to know, I got a Mitsubishi! I really love the outside of it, it’s way slower than my old car but I don’t really mind it at all.  

The 26th: More products in store!

So I made some more products in my store.. I keep editing and removing and adding more because I want to be legit and make products I would buy and use. So if you see something now, and maybe not later on.. it’s because I ended up not liking it enough to keep it up.

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The 31st: Finding another job!

Well, someone I know mentioned this place hiring where you help people with disabilities to do basic life stuff including cooking, and computer stuff, I’m not too sure what else yet since I’m not even hired yet but it seems like they will accept me anyways. I’m really hoping I get this specific job because it seems kinda fun and nice to know that I could help teach others. Let’s see what happens on my next monthly favs post! WISH ME LUCK!

Songs I loved in August:

Crazy Over You – Blackpink 

This song is fun to listen to and I actually want to dance to it too. I found out about it only recently when I was going out a lot with my cousin. I started listening to more BP songs and I really enjoyed this one.  


Honesty – Bang Yedam

Listening to this song the first time I was shocked, I found out about it because of my cousin. When she showed me more blackpink songs, she told me how they have a new group called Treasure in the same company. This song is a cover, but I really like Yedam’s voice and basically any cover he does is great!


Merry Go Round – IZONE

okay, it is strange that I am including these songs now because they came out last year. I probably didn’t post too much last year about kpop and didnt’ include these songs in my monthly favorites so that’s why it’s here now.. BUT… if you happen to come across an old post mentioning these songs already, then here it is again it’s just that good and I’m also forgetful


Bang Yedam from Treasure bops 

Some of these are apparently covers and some are self made! My favorites are:

  • forgive me
  • heartbreaker
  • U
  • honesty (pink sweats cover)
  • pay my rent
  • crazy
  • unrequited thump
  • stars
  • betrayer
  • wrong road
  • (can we just say the whole playlist at this point)

I really love his voice it’s just so good compared to most idols that are famous right now. I really like Nu’est and Joy from Red Velvet, sometimes I like Crush but not enough to add all his songs in my playlists. Yedam is really one of my top favs now along with the others.

Tear Drop – SF9

hmm what can I say? This song is really sad sounding but the dance is really sexy and one thing I like to do when I feel sad is try to remind myself I’m sexy, life is sexy and just basically pretend you’re a stripper and have fun! Did that make sense? No? Good, that’s what I was going for. Music doesn’t have to make sense, if it’s good then it’s good. Now listen to this bop!


First Love Letter – HYEWON

When I first heard this I was so in love. HYEWON has been my favorite girl from the jump! If you don’t know her, she’s basically known from the KPOP group IZONE. That group was formed by the survival show Produce48 where korean and japanese girls competed to be in a final idol group chosen by korean fans. She made it into IZONE so I was so happy for her because she doesn’t really have the idol look other than her pretty face. She has the voice and the skill but she is pretty emotionless on stage. Even me as a fan can admit that.  

  The song is so adorable but I really needed it to be longer. Her voice is one of my favorites now. I barely heard her in IZONE which honestly is a crime because this song really shows what she is capable of!


Favorite Shows:

The Crowned Clown – Netflix

the crowned clown, baekho nuest that day we ost netflix show korean show Lee Se-young and Yeo Jin-goo   I only started this show because it has a very sad song and remember, i started off fresh in highschool as an emo kid and she still loves her emo songs, so I fell in love with the song which made me want to check out the show. So yes, the only reason why I started to watch this show was because of this song by you guessed it, a kpop artist! The song is That Day We by Baekho from Nu’est!

So far the show is a bit confusing! I mean, the main character is mean and I’m not sure why… He has a *spoiler* … twin and I’m not sure why either.. Anyways I want to see how it ends so I’m still enjoying it.


too hot to handle – netflix

the reason I started watching this was because of my cousin (again with her influences). she slept over for some time to help me at work. we decided to watch it because I was actually following this woman on tiktok, she was a super cute model from what I knew, then I saw her tiktok showing her on a billboard for too hot to handle. I love shows like Love is Blind or Love Island (haven’t watched it all but I saw clips). Even though THTH is more about risky sexual type of people, I decided to watch it because it might be funny and also because of the model I was following on TikTok (her name’s Melinda) Well we ended up loving and binging the show and dying laughing especially at the football player.

YG Treasure Box – Youtube

This is literally what made me get into a NEW kpop group… like, that is incredibly difficult for me to do and although I like multiple groups, I don’t really LOVE the music enough to buy albums. I mostly just stream some and have them in playlists, but to actually purchase merch… that’s rare. Anyways, no, I didn’t buy any treasure merch, but I’m saying I really got invested in this new group. Thanks again to MY COUSIN for making me more of a kpop fan I guess (but really I’m being sarcastic). This show is a survival show to make a new kpop group. The show was so hilarious but it was more hilarious because I was watching it with my cousin. If you want to watch something while you eat, I really recommend it. Not just because it’s kpop I really think it’s good to watch if you feel burnt out and don’t want to keep going for your goals. It’s just people trying to make it in some profession that’s super competitive.  

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Favorite’s from the Blogging World:

This is where I will share my goals related to my site/ working hehe.

Goals Met

My goals have always been the same and it’s to have high blog views. I mean that’s not the only important thing, but it’s something that makes me happy! I also really just like that my blog still has viewers even if I have been neglecting it BADLY. I feel really wrong for doing that but I was so busy with work and serious life stuff that I just couldn’t do anything else.

  • I was invited to be an affiliate for a company
  • I have been in communications with someone to make a blog post for me!
  • That’s basically it so far lol



My goals on instagram are a bit different. I mostly want to get some financial gain from using my instagram because I don’t find it to be my platform. I don’t see how I can make it mine if everyone on there completely kinda sorta doesnt care for what I post.. I mean that’s how I feel a tiny bit. I’m not saying I’m ungrateful for the likes and comments I do get, but I think people just want more from me and I can’t give more.. It’s like my instagram is something I really like and I enjoy the pictures I post, but they’re more personal. I mean legitimately it just feels like I want to post on there but I tend to make my posts personal and I think it may be too personal for it to be shared. That’s why I actually started a new instagram for my personal posts. This instagram that’s basically about my blog is going to be more of a influencer type of account, just for making money. Todays Stats: 362 Goals for next month: make some sales, 5 follows? make connections with brands at least once a month!  


I also don’t do much on twitter either. It’s more of a mess, but I have made it into something a bit more personal too, but I don’t plan on making a separate account on twitter for my blog. It’s a bit inactive but I want to use it for personal chats and not too much about blogging. I will follow bloggers and other creators as well who don’t blog. I’m not sure where it will go still. Today’s Stats: 204 followers Goals: 500 followers  


For some time my pinterest had gone down, possibly because of inactiveness or because I might have been spamming with my own items. I was able to start gaining back my views so I’m happy for that. Today’s Stats: 14.5k followers, 8.8 million monthly views, 348k engagement Goals: get back to 10+ million views because it went down when I started to spam my own posts lol



WordPress well.. you all know now I’ve been LACKING so hopefully next month I can do better on here. Today’s Stats: 21-50+ daily views, 1,100+ monthly views, 186 followers Goals: 100+ daily views, 1,500 monthly views, 300+ followers. 

thank you for reading text graphic

Thanks for reading Monthly Favorites August 2021 –

I hope this was fun to read! Tell me how  your fav moments from August! I would like to know what fun things you all did.

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  • Wow! You’ve been busy. Congrats on the new car, and I hope your job search works out well. I’ve really fallen off of keeping up with stats for social media. Honestly they can drive you crazy looking at the number, then wonder what you’re doing wrong. I just try to create the best content I can and not think about.

    And I can’t believe it (because I’m old), but I’ve actually heard of Black Pink.

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