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Hello again….

this Monthly Favorites is coming a bit late because, im freaking busy!!! but hopefully that all changes because one of my coworkers is back from vacation, that means I won’t need to be super busy every week now that we have one more person to fill in some hours!! I have already taken advantage of her being back because I decided to take 3 days off from this week lol!


this month was filled with shopping (lol) and working. Let me quickly fill you in on what my August was like ♡


Monthly favorites August 2019

The following section is where I’ll share my posts from the month.

Blog Posts from August

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The following are my favorite moments from the month, or just highlights cause not everything is great!

Favorite Moments

The 4th: work-life

Working at a gas station can be sooo much fun. I am so lucky I have at least one co-worker who is very calm and funny and also close to my age.

There’s one other girl who is similar to her but she is so annoying, disgusting and two-faced. Disgusting because she cleans her ears IN FRONT of customers. She eats chips while counting the money and even working the register, she leaves money scattered all over the place and a lot of other crap. Did I mention when I was still brand new lil cashier, she yelled at me in front of customers and the customer defended me and told her to not yell at me LOL.

I didn’t defend myself because I was new, but lately I have been giving that B***** attitude because that is all she does to me and everyone else. She is 21 and I’m 23 and no I don’t believe in respecting elders but she talks to me as if I’m a child lol

work life, august monthly memories

My job is really amazing. I love it soo much, it can really get tiring when there’s one co-worker on vacation, but this week I was able to get 3 days off and I’m so lucky for that. My coworkers are realllly CHIILLL. The one girl though, wooooo, I am trying to make her time with me semi-hell so that she can leave to go back to school like she said she would. Also, I feel like I should be extra nice to her dumbass because nothing good comes from being rude. Point is, I’m going to defend myself whenever she wants to act smart, I’m not new anymore. Frankly I know more than she does, she doesn’t even know how to close the dang registers alone.

I am lucky that everyone feels the exact same way I do about her. Anyway, hopefully she quits soon (tehe).


The 7th: Shopping…

okay the dates are a mess but lets just say on the 7th I went shopping!

I went to buy a bunch of stuff for my room and new sweaters since it’s getting cold in Chicago!

Also, I got these amazing toothbrushes and water flossing things because I have been wanting to get them and I had some money and bam, I went on a shopping spree!

Also I think my girl Geraldine from GeraldineTalks was the one who motivated me to get these electric toothbrushes… or was it the water flosser… girl idk but check her out!

 philips sonicare waterpik costco purchases-


The 14th: doctor visit

I took my mom to the doctors for a surgery. She did fine.

Tomorrow (Friday the 5th) we have to go back and see her results. Then afterwards I will go visit my friend. I will share more about that in my September Monthly Favs, because yes I’m writing this and it’s September 5 urrmm??? Procrastinate muchhh?



The 19th: Scary morning

This day was really sad and annoying. IF you want to read about just click this post. my family is doing MUCH better now.

It’s like that saying, there’s a calm before the storm and also, there’s a calm after the storm JK noone says that but you know what I mean. Everything has become much more perfect ever since that mess went down.

I think my families life will be getting SO much better. Just keep thinking positive, treat people kindly, and share the good side of life to others even if others are annoying and shitty lol

Songs I loved this month:

Cherries Jubiles – YUKIKA

i love her sooo much!!! Her songs are just my type… they always bring a lil tear to my eyes lol

Hate me – Ellie Goulding and Juice WRLD

I really like this song since I hear it on the radio at work like 24/7. It reminds me of some of those pop rock songs or alt rock songs I would hear in high school. The song is a bit repetitive but still catchy.


Play it Cool by Monsta X

I been trying to find this song since forever!!! I heard a bit of it before but I had no idea it would have been kpop…



Movie Star – CIX

I don’t know who they are but I love this song!! I know they are kinda like AB6ix? IDK but this song is so good for late night drives!


BIM Bam Bum – Rocket Punch

I tried to hard to not like this song but IDK, it gets to me. also, I always loved Juri since Produce 48!!!


  • What are you up to? – Kang Daniel
  • Boom – NCT DREAM

Favorite Shows:

Gossip Girl

yes im still watching this and only this. It never ends!


I feel so bad for being inactive on here! Usually I just come home from work and watch netflix and eat because I don’t eat at work. I’m going to start using my laptop and keep my blog up to date and comment on all your sites~ I miss doing that. Girl stop saying stuff and just DO ITTT..

Thanks for reading my Monthly Favorites August 2019! Also my bday is COMING SOON IN September dont forget. Where my Virgos at?

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  • Hi Kiki! So nice to hear from you. 🙂 Sorry the girl at work is giving you such a hard time. Hopefully she quits or changes her attitude soon! I’ve been wanting an electric toothbrush, too, & I love the Hate Me song! I don’t care how much it plays everywhere lol.

  • I use to work at a gas station, and I’ve always had issues with the older employees tbh. I feel like the ones you want to quit, I feel like they stay at the job longer to spite everyone. That’s actually a really cool looking toothbrush.

  • It is great that you have been working! There will always be people who are not the best coworkers but we need to do our best to deal with them or do something about it in a professional manner. It is good that you’ve been making money. Oooooh I love that you’re investing more in your dental hygiene. Hope you’ll have a good September!

    Nancy ♥

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