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— Hello again my angels of the net..

Welcome to May! 

How was April for you guys?

This is a blog segment/series where I share what happened in the last month. 

April was so amazing to me and honestly, ima sound a bit too much, but it was such a blessing!

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Monthly favorites April 2019 + adventures

Blog Posts:


Favorite April Moments:

The 5th: Taxes and Job Hunting

Hi!!! Taxes and America is awful! I found out america is one of the only places that don’t let you do free tax refund??? Girl it’s a mess but guess what, I DIDN’T HAVE TO DO TAXES. The downside is that I didn’t have to do them because of the fact I didn’t make enough to do them in the first place LOL!

Getting a job interview

Hello ya girl got to go to a few job interviews! April was just full of job interviews. There were two group interviews I had to do and I was nervous in the first one just because everyone was in my face so I could feel my face getting red. The second group interview I had somewhere else was great up until the point they wanted us all to respond to a question in Spanish LOL. I can speak Spanish but I honestly sound like a baby.



The 6th: Working and NetWORKING

Woke up early to give a ride to someone on this day.

I was responding to some emails about future collabs, commenting on bloggers sites’ and following new users. Wow I do a lot but it’s always messy. I need to work on sticking to my work schedule and to-do list so my day is less messy.


The 9th: Nail scam and a broken friendship (she won’t be missed)

So my mom and I chose a friend of mine to be her nail model to practice on. And well, now that friend just started to abuse her privilege ..

This friend only pays my mom $10 to get her non-chip done with a design. Okay, great, whatever. This day, my friend brought $20 and we had no change for her. We agreed that we could visit her to give her money back or she can leave it with us and not pay the next time she gets her nails done. A few days past and she was messaging that she needs her $10 asap to pay for an exam (the night before the exam she was like pestering me).

I told her to come to my house to pick it up because it was 8pm already and I’m not going to meet her halfway and my mom does not drive at night since she can’t really see.

My friends said she can’t, I told her she could also come in the morning before 10am because I had an interview at 10:30 she said she won’t have time because she needs to drop her brother off at school. Anyways these were all her excuses. Why doesn’t she ask her whole family for $10 for an exam if it’s that important, why message me so late like I have to go out of my way for her, this was all her fault to begin with, right.

Anyways, after my shower she said she left class early to come get her $10. This girl got to my house, didn’t step out of her truck to pick up her change, and didn’t even look at me. She was actually just looking around to see if cars were coming so she can leave quickly, like girl what is wrong with you, the disrespect LOL. april memories and monthly favorites


I don’t want this girl to get her nails done by my mom anymore for $10 freaking dollars when she can go to an actual salon and pay $30+ which she probably doesn’t have lol like seriously, if you are going to get something done like your nails, you better get your money out because getting nails done is a luxury. Since I’m her friend, she should actually be tipping my mom.

Now yes she was our hand model so my mom could practice on but that was like 2 years ago! Even her little sister would tip my mom. So why can’t my friend tip or offer more money when she is coming to get her nails done, not as practice, but just because she wants her nails done.

It sounds dumb but I have a feeling that she got upset that my mom did really cute nails on me and when she gets her nails done for $10, my mom doesn’t do super amazing looks. LOL… but like, honey, you’re paying my mom $10 whenever YOU want to get your nails done. Don’t expect an amazing job.

Anyways, I am very pissed at this girl because of how she treated me, for no reason, out of the blue. That’s why I feel like her family are never going to be successful, she was so strung up about $10, like??? Don’t go chasing $10 like that for something that was your fault entirely. You just lost a sweet friend lol.

The 19th: Kpop excitement

So I’ve been super excited for nu’est new comeback so I’m gonna be talking about them a lot in the music section on here hope you guys don’t mind!




The 24th: Job interviews

I got a lot of job interviews this week. And that’s pretty all that happened during this time.


The 25th: Meeting NzingaAin, the first blogger I ever met!

So I ended up meeting Nzinga in person! Why? Well, we decided to meet up so I can sell her a camera I had. Even tho it was a very unexciting event, I was still excited to meet a blogger and one from my state too! My city even. Wow, I really am lucky.

Also on this day I had my second group interview ever. Actually, meeting Nzinga made me feel less nervous because for me meeting someone new makes me nervous, but she somehow made me feel confident for my interview when she asked about it hehe.


The 29th: Nu’est Comeback

Nu’est is my fav male idol group and they came back as 5! They used to be 5 but they went on a survival show because they were no longer able to make music. Their company deemed them unpopular to the point they could disband. One of the members made the survival show so he made it into temporary KPOP group Wanna One. Now their contract has ended so he can make music as Nuest again!

Their Music video came out on this day so I was very happy. Also they will have a reality show FINALLY. The guys are hilarious and I’m so excited to get to know them more through a reality show.




The 30th: Ya girl got a job!!

Oh my gosh, it took around 30 days, but I finally got a job! I even got the most amazing job and the only one I REALLY wanted. So far, I just took fingerprints since it’s a Chicago Library job and I have to wait for their call to orientation. Now this week in May, I have a schedule for a second interview in the other job I wanted, if the library wasn’t going to hire me.

I’m thinking of having two part time jobs. Maybe I’m crazy because I could never handle full-time at college, but I really want to try having two jobs now lol

Well, I will keep you guys updated.


Songs I loved:

Universe – Minhyun

This song is perfect for a road trip to me lol The video is a bit confusing if you don’t know the background of Nu’est and Minhyun and the queen. If you’re interested in stories, you will love Nu’est because they have a sort of Knights and Queen kind of concept going on where they are the knights and their fans a.k.a LOVES (their fandom name) are the queen.


Bet Bet and Fine  – Nu’est

This video includes two songs. The bet bet song is really powerful and I think a lot of Kpop fans will love it. Fine is really cute and I think it’s meant for Nu’est and especially their fandom, now that their fifth member is back!

Hope you like them in this video!


Segno live performance – Nu’est

Hope you love Nu’est as much as I love them because they are so worth investing time for! This song gives me chills and I wanna cry because of the choreo.



Blossom – Vixx Ravi Eunha

I have no words for this vid. It’s the cutest thing ever. Gfriend Eunha is my fav cute gal and Ravi is one of my favorite members from Vixx. I’m a sucker for duets and this one was perfect! I wish they could perform it a ton on music shows because I want to see them together more :0


Fancy – Twice

This song is my favorite right now. It makes me wanna dance anytime I hear it lol



I’ve been watching this video over and over. The reason I got into kpop is the dancing tbh because I used to love the dancing in RnB music videos. Then I stopped listening to rnb and got into bands because dancing in music videos wasn’t popular anymore. That’s why I fell for KPOP tbh. Anyways this dance cover is by an amazing group of GIRLS hello, I’m so into their dancing it’s perfect.


Blessing – Nu’est (unreleased song)

This song isn’t released yet but I keep hearing from LOVES that it was supposed to be their debut song but they ended up going with FACE as their debut. Then I heard they are going to maybe release it.. very exciting.


Favorite Shows:

Here’s what I watched in April!


Great British Bakeoff

I loved the last season of the show. The people were so funny and even the hosts were funny. I really recommend the 6th season, or the most recent one.

Queer Eye

This show is great TBH. I love the problems they talk about going on in America and I love Tan so much!! and Jonothan, not gonna lie.


Nu’est Private Life (watch here)

This was so funny you just need to sit and read the captions but you will laugh and fall for nu’est most likely I mean I hope you do lol.

Final Table

Another show I was binge watching on Netflix because I love to watch people eat while I eat. When I eat I like to sit down and watch TV. I was watching gross and sad news from all over the world but I can’t watch that while I eat or my stomach will get upset.

What’s funny is my stomach was getting upset because of watching Final Table and they would chop up dead rabbits and octopus and huge fishes. It was gross.

Anyways I loved a few of the contestants, actually all the ones that didn’t make it to the final. They are just too talented and netflix wasn’t ready for them. I absolutely hated the American and UK episodes. I mean, how is thanksgiving part of American “cuisine” lol

It was a laughable episode that I really wanted to skip but I needed to see what some chefs had to say.

New Girl

I used to watch this show when it was first on TV but I haven’t watched TV in years and I stopped caring about new Series / American Series. Although I don’t care anymore, I remembered I liked this show a lot and wanted to start from the first episode and see where it went. Sometimes it can be racist and annoying, but I mean, that was 2012 and that’s also the reason why I stopped caring about american sit-coms lol.


Favorite’s from the Blogging World:

Mystery blogger award!

I was nominated in March for this award, yes it’s been a while.

Thank you Geraldine for nominating me! Since I already did this post before (read here), I wanted to write it down in a short version on this post.

Questions From Geraldine

1. What is one of your goals as a blogger for this year?

My goal is to have around 5 authors/guest post bloggers to write for this site! I think it will be fun because I do have a few IG friends who don’t have a blog but want to write. It will be so great to have them share their knowledge while I can work a part-time job but still have the site active.

2. Tea or coffee?


3. What is (one of) your guilty pleasures?

My guilty pleasure is chips. I loved hot chips for a long time. Since going vegan it’s hard to find the tastiest vegan chips. I’m getting older and I don’t think I should be eating them as much and I want to start thinking of fruits and veggies as snacks lol

4. What is something you’ve accomplished for your blog that you’re really proud of?

Making money from it! Lots of articles say it can take years to make a buck from a website, but I made it pretty early so I am always so happy about that.

5. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Maybe flying? I would love to fly away easily to get away from people or just visit bae lol


Goals Met

Some goals I had recently were to collab with others and that’s what I did!

  • Cynthia Juhailey became a new writer for the site! I’m happy to have her and others on here to write but I’m so glad she was interested.
  • Collaborated with 2 other bloggers which is what I wanted to do this year. I plan to collab with more people so if you’re interested please contact me!




I ran out of cute pics to post on my account that I was inactive so I lost followers and didn’t gain much again lol

Last month’s Stats: 422 Today’s Stats: 411
Goals for next month: 530 followers ! let’s try this again hehe



Bad again oops!!

Last month’s Stats: 230 Today’s Stats: 233
Goals: 330 followers



My views went down a bit but went back up again. Sometimes… it be like that.

Goals to reach:  2.5m monthly views, 180k engagement


My stats here have been great still so I am super duper happy about that! Every month my daily average grows little by little and yeah I gotta work on growing but it’s a decent pace for me.

Today’s Stats: 21-50+ daily views, 1,100+ monthly views, 186 followers
Goals: 100+ daily views, 1,500 monthly views, 300+ followers. 



Thanks for reading my Monthly Favorites of August!

Let me know the highlights of your month!

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  • Yay congratulations on your new job! I would love to work in a library! & I’m glad you’re not friends with that girl anymore. She was super disrespectful over such a small thing. Why lose a friend over $10? Wow. Especially since your mom does her nails for so cheap…

    I loved the Great British Bake Off & Final Table. I agree that the chefs that didn’t make it to to the finals were sooo good!

    Always love reading your faves, Kiki! ♡

  • Sorry about your “friend” being so selfish. It’s really sad that she’s taking advantage of your mum like that.
    I used to watch New Girls too but I never got really into it and stopped watching after a while.

    • Thank You <3 Yeah it’s fine, it’s better to not have to deal with people like that!
      Well I liked how pure and fun it started off, just made me feel like I shouldn’t take life so serious all the time lol but now it’s getting boring. It was good while it lasted

  • Hi Kiki, just discovered your blog (through a comment on Malavika Suresh’s blog) and and seems like my kind of site. 🙂 I like several of the topics you cover, including LOA, cat, J-pop and K-pop! I enjoyed reading your April post. I’m also into NU’ESTs music, I really liked their song Where U At (as NU’EST W) and just bought BET BET. Don’t think I’ve heard Fine, will have a listen.

    Hope your May is going well and look forward to checking out the rest of the site. 🙂


    • Ahh I love when people find my blog through someone else’s! Thanks for checking it out Zania <3
      Really? Ahh I really wanted to buy the new album but I feel like I will just buy it later or off someone. I ended up loving Different a lot more. Hope the same for you 🙂

  • You had an eventful month!
    Congrats on the job. I’m so glad you found something you enjoy. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend being so rude.
    Also New Girl is a great show!

  • Congrats on getting a job !! Sounds like so many amazing things have happened for you this month – you deserve them! I love these types of posts. Of course, I’m also always happy to read a fat segment about Kpop as well so keep them coming !! xx

    • LOL yes I will try that! I’m trying to spread my blog around to kpop fans on twitter and ig so I hope to get more kpop lovers to read my posts haha makes me happy that you enjoy those parts too <3

  • Hahah I loved reading this, there was so much goodies packed in one post! I loved reading your answers 🙂 and DANG those nails look FINE! So sorry you had that unfortunate soul be your friend for a while haha but glad it’s done!!! and CONGRATS ON THE JOB GIRLLL I still haven’t looked for a second job, I will wait til my bf’s visit is over hehe I think a library job would be cool!!

    • Aw TY <3
      Take your time. I honestly had such a fun time applying for jobs, it’s like apartment hunting to me, like a new start. Hope you can find a great one 🙂

  • Nuest new song is so good and Twice is killing it with Fancy. I’m glad that Minhyun is back and I’d love to read Kpop post next wink so we can fangirling lol

  • Wow a lot of things going on April for you O.O Anyway congrats for getting a job ❤️ I’ve been lazy to update my blog but getting your notifs of u updating your blog made me wanting to blog again ㅋㅋㅋ
    And i’m really hyped with NU’EST comeback 🔥 My fav song from them would be BASS then BET BET and Segno.

    • ikr lol
      that makes so sooo happy. i want to see more kpop lifestyle bloggers on here and even people who talk about nuest!
      I’m loving bass and segno so much!
      Thanks for reading <3

  • I can’t believe it is already May!!! Oh man, the whole tax filing thing in the US is confusing and ridiculous. I end up owing money everytime … It is good that you’re working to grow your blog. I’m seeing a lot of great work you’re putting in! I can’t believe people in this age are really being antsy about $10… $100, I understand a bit better but $10, really? You’re better off cutting people like this out. Your mom does a GREAT job with her nail art. Major congrats on getting a job offer! Hope you’ll enjoy the workplace :)!

    Nancy ♥

    • That’s what I’m scared of! I don’t want to have to pay a lot, like I really don’t get why people have to pay? I guess that’s where everyone says the billionaires don’t pay taxes but the poor (or like you) have to, which doesn’t make any sense at all. it sucks, i wish it wouldn’t be like that :/

      Well, tysm that means a lot! yes, im not intentionally ignoring the girl, i honestly think she is leaving my life now just like another 2 friends i had who i wanted out of my life and it just happened naturally without any effort. I’m pretty happy about that lol
      That means a lot too my mom would be so happy you said that 🙂
      Yes i hope to work asap, just waiting for orientation ahh!!!
      Thanks for reading like always <3 🙂

    • Yes im glad too! I honestly feel it naturally happens. my bad or more negative friends have just drifted away, i didn’t have to do much so im glad abt that <3
      ty for reading!

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