diary | 2023 you will not be missed (or will you?)


Hello besties in the blogging world, it’s time to share my memories of last year.

I barely posted in 2023, i know! but 2024 i will make sure to be more active i miss blogging and want to make blogging more popular, maybe i can try to get more people to want to make a blog? let’s hope so!

enjoy my moments of 2023 and 2024 goals!

this is basically a monthly memories post but since i did no monthly memories posts for 2023, i will make this huge one lol so buckle up !

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moments of 2023 and 2024 goals

Posts from 2023:

  1. what i eat as a vegan (youtube video post) – i shared what i eat as a vegan!
  2. horror movies that scared me in 2023 – these were the horror movies that scared me this year!
  3. winter date ideas that i wanted to do with my husband – i didn’t end up doing any because we’re on a budget this year lol!
  4. how to have a cute winter – just sharing some ideas on how to have a cute aesthetic cozy winter
  5. how to boss up for 2024  – i shared actual helpful ways to be a better you for the new year (or any time of the year! read it and let me know if it helped!)
  6. what i stopped buying (because free palestine!)– if you’re here to support humans then you want to see what to stop buying! asap! (and yes just one person makes a difference)
  7. blogger “things” i HATE! – i shared pet peeves i have over the blogging world lol read for some piping hot tea tsssss
  8. fav movies from 2023 – these were my top fav movies i saw
  9. my mexico 2023 travel  diary – read to see the stuff i did in mexico lol


Blogger posts that I loved!

The following are my favorite moments from 2023! buckle up babes this will be a while…

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January 2023

january 11: seeing one of my fav bands with my husband!

so i went to see my fav band hail the sun in chicago. i haven’t seen them since i was in high school, and i went to see them with my husband who also likes them. well he started to like their newer stuff and i like their older stuff, but im getting more into their newer stuff too! i went crazy at the end and i barely recorded anything.. i made a video on my other youtube which is filled with old random videos from my hs to college age stuff, mostly live events. so, here’s a short vlog below from that night!

at the end of it they played one of my fav songs which i haven’t heard live yet. by the end well, the gummy had already hit me, so i was feeling myself and just vibing with everyone… and i started to go crazy and let loose with everyone else. turns out, i went so crazy that after a while i felt people pushing me, i turned to see how crazy everyone was going, but turns out it was girls that weren’t there before who were pushing me. i was so happy to see other girlies going crazy and they were actually going crazy with me!


Story pin image


i found it so charming and adorable and i even asked my husband, “were they pushing me back?” and he said yeah it looked like they saw you going crazy and wanted to join in, started headbanging and sorta moshing lol such a fun moment because i always wanted to be that girl when i went to these shows as a youngster. and now i guess im THAT girl (the one that younger girls wanna dance with cuz theyre getting outta their shell? it’s just fun to see other girls go wild in a setting where you don’t usually see girls going wild at)

anyway it was so much fun and i cant wait to see them again in 2024, i will def be going to their april show <3 p.s here’s the song i was going wild to!




learning to crochet!

so i started to crochet although i was good at it before and started to get the hang of it again! gosh my hands cramped up so bad after not doing it for so long, but i made a few basic things and slowly decided to upload them on my shop! I have sold gloves and keychains already. can’t wait to make more things! check out my shop to see what’s available!

i have to get back to taking better pictures of my items though and get my merch photography skills back, they’re a bit rusty! maybe even model in the things i sell again like i used to when i first started selling things online.

march 2023

husband got me a late xmas gift wee!

so he got me an ipad.. im not really a fan of apple products but im happy he got it for me.. i use it to game and do basic blogging stuff, oh and also i edit my youtube videos there. not sure what else to use it for apple products have like no memory so i dont use much apps anyways. yeah, im really not a fan of apple products lol

we got a puppy! meet pancho

so my mother got a puppy from her job. long story short, her coworkers grandpa i guess breeds these dogs and had too many and wanted to also retire that… hobby? so they had to give away like 5 dogs. my mom chose one! my mom is not an animal lover at all, i mean she is but she doesn’t want pets because she’s sad when they die. i get it girl. so she got this puppy and he grew up and is literally her baby, her son, her child! I love him of course, but i have two girls to care for lol so i don’t give him my attention. he’s my moms dog at this point! and im just happy he’s in our life now.

meet pancho our new family dog soyvirgo.com

may 2023

my brother got married! (bridal shower)

happy to say me and my family are now on good terms and i just talk with them like families talk to each other, well we got our problems but which family is perfect? I decided to go to my brothers fiancés bridal shower since they actually invited me to this one. im not sure if they wanted me to go to other events but my brother and mom went to one and i didn’t. they said it was great, so this time i was actually curious and wanted to see who my brother was getting married to and who the family really is and what they’re like! i was ready to get over our past family problems, move on and talk again like a semi normal family lol


earlier in the year they announced their wedding day and this was just the bridal shower… down below i will show more pics from the wedding!

june 2023

june 10: i went to vegandale!

so i had decided to go with my cousin and it was so much fun! we got sunburnt and i almost fainted but weee vegan food! i had a few items, but let me quickly say, i won’t be going to another vegan dale if it’s in the hot hot heat summertime! no baby girl my body cannot handle it…

also like, i never go out in the summer i really hate the heat im just one of those people that will get in a bitchy mood and most likely faint unless im at the beach. im a sweater weather and winter girly at heart.

moments of 2023 soyvirgo.com chicago vegandale

surprisingly, i did not like any food from out of chicago. well i may have liked one restaurant but it was the most natural food ever, a chicken wrap and hibiscus tea with NO sugar from B’s Tea. like… yum my tastebuds really love the least sugary and salty things so at the end of the day, i’m a vegan and im probably allergic to gluten. which tells me if i want to feel great mentally and physically i really can only be a whole food plant based vegan and eat less processed food WOMP WOMP (but im glad that way i don’t need to have to struggle with unhealthy trash foods anymore, my body just rejects it!)

june 23: my weekend trip to los angeles! (to see another band)

(my nightmare in la due to eating a whole edible)

so one night on june 23/24 was absolutely horrible! let’s just say, if the edible is not hitting that doesn’t mean to take more!

i went to go see spiderman with a friend i met online and it was a nightmare i mean i had fun with my friend don’t get me wrong but i felt so bad taking the edible and having to leave early. luckily my friend didn’t care lol

i was so sick from the edible and if you’ve seen that movie, well its a rollercoaster ride! i had to ask my friend to get me an uber home and wow it was horrible then too! i get car sick easily but thank goodness i made it to my airbnb on time before getting even more sick! i will not be taking a whole edible ever again!

i decided then that L.A was not for me at all… i mean i ate food there and got sick from it too. yes, i got sick from vegan food! yikes!

june 25: seeing stolas live for the second time in my life!

so this band has been on hiatus for years and they did this one night only event that i just HAD to see. it was fun and amazing, but i hated the fans. most were chill of course but some of  them were such pricks. idk what it is with going to concerts these days but back in the days taller people would be nice and let the shorties get a better view. i literally couldn’t see a thing and had to move around so much the whole night just to find a good spot. when i tried to squeeze in people were blocking me i decided to just, not try anymore. yeah i gave up in getting a good spot, i was too scared idk how LA people are. i even had high heeled boots on and still couldn’t see! i decided i need to be ready to be more aggressive when i go to those things, i paid too so that’s the only problem with going to concerts for me. but anyways it was fun to see them again after a while that’s all that matters to me.

@kikisvegan i saw stolas after not seeing them for like 7 years 😁… #airbnbexperience ♬ original sound – karita de angel 🖤

july 2023

i decided i will make another post about my time in mexico since it’s too much content to share on this already long post… so check out the link if you wanna see more!

for this post, i will just share my tiktok vid with some short clips from the trip..

@kikisvegan its different without abuelita. i wish she could have joined us and laughed with us 🥰 she must have in spirit… #lapazbcsur #lapazmexico #mexicocheck ♬ Moonlight – Villano

august 2023

my first wedding ever! (my brothers wedding in august)

My oldest brother finally got married after being with his girly for maybe 15 years? im not sure but they were together since their college days, since i was in high school and that’s just a long time to be together! i was so happy for them can’t wait to see what else they do with their lives since so far they’re doing great things! SPOILER… THEYRE HAVING A BABY!


i really liked my outfit and im happy other people liked it too. i never dress up or even really go out but when i do, i make sure to DRESS cause i really like clothes not gonna lie! I was obviously inspired by the barbie movie so that’s why i decided to buy that pink bow top.

the bride and her sis and mom were yelling “omg you’re literally barbie” i was so shy! im not good with complements but when they said that i was very happy that they liked the look. anyways i reallly loved my new sis’s dress. the wedding was honestly perfect and we were all happy.

Story pin image


my clients daughter lent me that gorgeous purse and i was honestly looking for clothes that matched with the purse lol my hair and makeup done by pros of course thanks to the brides family. my brother and his wife ride motorcycles so we signed their helmets! i kinda forgot what i wrote on them but whatever i said is matching for the couple lol. I also got them souvenirs from mexico that I’m sure they loved (i gave it to them at the wedding!)


obviously i did something for my bday, it was small, i just went out with people that wanted to celebrate me basically lol everyone knows i don’t celebrate my bday especially since i dont care much for buying/shopping for new things all the time im pretty content with what i have and try not to overconsume . i do want to celebrate for my 30th at least like a karaoke bar with close friends or something big like when i invited a lot of people to do paintball with me, family and friends were there and i want to celebrate like that for the big 3.0!

October 2023

well if you’ve been living in some sort of bubble you might have missed or completely ignored the tragedies happening in the other side of the world (if you’re from western countries) but ever since the world has woken up to what’s going on in muslim countries and places with rich resources, well there’s been a shift in everyone’s life, in those who are victims especially.

we can’t forget what’s going on to people just because they don’t look like us, don’t pray like us, or don’t live near us etc. its just a reminder to not forget what’s going on and talk about it more with family and friends. i’m tired of seeing world hunger, human trafficking and all these other evil things that don’t need to be happening in our lifetime. another one is genocide, i’m done with it and we need to speak about it more so it doesn’t keep happening to palestinians, natives, south africans, anyone! You do not learn most of these stories in school especially in america, so sadly you have to find this stuff out on your own terms or literally by scrolling through social media ( if you’re following normal everyday people )



oct 18:  becoming an aunt!

the news is out! im going to be an aunt for the first time ever ;0 this is the brother who got married by the way! the middle brother is still too young (jk we’re the same age but i don’t think he’s ready for a baby yet)

the names we have in mind for my brothers baby :

december 2023

dec 18:  going to nonis’ house

i decided to visit my bestie for the winter time!  I haven’t seen her since around before i left for mexico! so it’s been a long while since i last saw her! we ended up watching tv and eating. we watched all episodes that are out from singles inferno season 3! can’t believe theres already a third season, time flies!

we liked it but we had a ton of beef with one guy and one girl…can you guess which ones they are?

i don’t really care for anyone on this season, i can’t tell who they truly are since i feel people will only go on this show to become famous on IG or tiktok or whatever social media they’re trying to promote. It’s just nonsense tv which is the part i like, silly drama and what have you and I enjoy watching this stuff with Nonis! Just girls being girlies i guess.


Story pin image

so by the way, i had some delicious food this day that i recommend. i believe the restaurant PHO SON is all over the states so maybe you can try some too! I really enjoyed my vegan pho.



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dec: playing one of my fav games AGAIN, animal crossing new horizon!

so i might have mentioned i started playing animal crossing new horizons. if you want to see more of my gaming life, my gaming insta is @imkikita i only recommend it for gamer geeks, anime fans and kpop fans. I share other random things on there not related to my vegan food insta.

i play games like apex and use a streaming service called twitch where i go live just to yell and scream soo…be warned if you come across that!

so, i started playing acnh to calm me down lol then i started playing pocket camp because i saw my husband playing it again! so let me know if you play either so we can be friends!


moments of 2023 and 2024 goals | vegan food diary!

i decided to share most of what i eat on my instagram that used to be for lifestyle posts, but i turned it more into a food diary. my ig and tiktok have the same name now by the way!

soyvirgo.com kikis vegan food diary moments of 2023

  • the first image you see is a tofu egg scramble with brocolli and hashbrowns, second pic is also from the same place they included pancakes! this was from Daisys catering cafe
  • third image is from the place mentioned before, vegan pho from PHO SON. which includes a side and i chose those spring rolls. they were amazing!
  • 4th pic is a falafel sandwich from Hasheem restaurants, i’ve also eaten their falafel sandwich in a tortilla and it’s just as delicious!
  • pic 5 and 6 is quesa-birria from El Campeon. My husband also ordered pastor tacos and steak tacos. My fav is the usual, pastor tacos.
  • 7 is one of my favorites from my fav spots, i never tried this one before, but it’s chicken with stir fry and mac and cheese from Vegan World Cafe
  • im not sure where my husband ordered from but its basically orange chicken made with tofu! so delicious and filling
  • steak plato with arroz y frijoles, it includes a cactus plant (nopal) and onions! very typical mexican plate. since i’m mexican i get very picky with vegan mexican places but this one was spot on, i felt like i can sit around with my nonvegan family and enjoy a steal plato with them while they enjoy their steak plato made of real animal meat lol this meal also from El Campeon
  • next me and my cousin ate vegan soupless noodle from a new spot in chinatown called kajiken. absolutely delicious and it’s my new fav ramen spot
  • vegan burger from MACS. it was so good my husband and i ate that for almost a whole month
  • empanadas from locos por la pasta in mexico! these were really huge and full of flavor. my husband ordered empanadas from a store near our house and i have no pics but they were also as good… maybe we will order those again in 2024!
  • delicious Ms. Patty Melt from cant believe it’s not meat! one of my fav spots but it’s kinda expensive and very greasy, so it’s a luxury to get from this spot if you’re a fast food lover and vegan
  • nonis and i hung out again before i left to mexico and we ate at one of those big restaurants on every corner of shopping plazas in the us, like chilis, olive garden, etc. i forgot the name of this one, but it was a pretty tasty vegan plate.
  • one of the only homemade meals worthy of a pic that i ate last year LOL, i stopped cooking omg, but it’s nopales that my mom made, and i mixed it with a delicious sukhis tomato curry i got from costco!


Songs I loved in 2023:

love me like – odd eye circle (loona)

so i decided i loved this whole album. i was a pretty big fan of LOONA but since their unfortunate, but much needed disbandment due to mismanagement, well they have separated so some are working together and some are now solo. i have been checking out their music because now that they won their lawsuit it’s okay to support them in their new companies. also, ever since nuest disbanded it has been hard for me to stay in the kpop world because i miss nuest and lovelyz so much lol but i ended up looking up old artists i liked and found these songs by the new groups loona are in. so far, love me like is my favorite.

other songs i liked (only 2 i can’t find many others?)

  • algorithm by heejin from ARTMS ( i loved heejin in loona she always had that look and voice that i liked from kpop idols)
  • je ne se quoi – odd eye circle (another good song that i love from the album)

a bunch of songs by XG

I’ve been really loving xg this year. most of my playlists on spotify have their songs and even repeats that’s how much i love them! i definitely need to and i will see them live in my lifetime because they’re such a group for girls girl’s (does that make sense)? well yes, i have seen blackpink live in 2022 and next is either Kai, XG, or WJSN…or even Taemin (if my cousins paying).


my bias or favs in this group is hinata juria and harvey but i really love them all they all are so different and unique which is something i can’t say about all kpop groups unfortunately.

peace by zionT and AKMU

this is just a cute vid with them singing live but i really love the whole song, but yes the part with akmu is so fun and needed to be longer in my humble opinion. good thing i enjoy ZionT’s voice so i wont get tired of the song easily.


Like Mike by Tone Stith – Bang Yedam cover

I CAN LITERALLY LISTEN TO THIS ON LOOP FOR HOURS…I first heard this song on soundcloud… check out this playlist i made with songs similar to this one – that’s why i love soundcloud, i can hear songs while blogging that i can’t find on spotify and add to a playlist

original songs here, it’s still good but I just like yedams voice a lot more!

i really like how the “explicit” words are changed, like star on the camera to smile on the camera LOL

melting point – zerobaseone

I feel like i might have mentioned this song on an earlier post but that’s ok i still love it lol

it’s such a perfect song for the winter time and im really a sucker for winter aesthetic songs and if you know kpop, they always dress to fit the theme. these boys can sing pretty good but so far this is one of the only songs i really like all the way through.

one and only boynextdoor

ok i liked their clothes in this performance and i want to dress like that during winter time lol i’ve always been a lover of boots and big shoes, maybe because i grew up with bratz dolls? also can we just appreciate how much more exciting kpop performances are compared to american ones? maybe it’s just that i don’t like artists from where i’m from so i get bored of it and want actual dancing?

love lee – AKMU

im so glad akmu came back with a song like this because i didn’t really like any songs from their last album

other songs

  • get up by new jeans (only 36 seconds! sometimes i wonder why some kpop songs sound like 2 different songs but the shorter version sounds better aka the mv to this song starts with cool with you and ends with get up. also this happens a lot in red velvet and nct songs which is why i haven’t been able to enjoy their stuff much lately)
  • god of music by seventeen (this song is so fun and cute and gives good vibes it reminds me of treasure’s my treasure song . unfortunately, i only like a few of the members voices so that’s why i don’t love it THAT much and it’s a song i will get tired of if i listen to it too much)
  • standing next to you by jungkook with usher (personally i hated the location for the MV, like you got usher, its usher! can’t they get something more epic not a run down warehouse? but the song is good and i only like the version with usher lol)
  • 3D by jungkook (loved this song im pretty addicted to it i really don’t like the other artist in it so i listen to the one with just jungkook in it)
  • perfect night le sserafim (this song is fun and the dance is too okay! p.s i was going to post the video but apparently one of the girls is a minor and they got her dancing too provocative! i didn’t know she was a minor so i’ll just share the info on here and not include the mv)

Favorite Shows/ Movies:

godzilla minus one (2023)

okay i saw this movie but it was so good that i think i will make a separate blog post about it just to talk about it a bit deeper and as a matter of fact i made a different blog post with movies i saw this year that i really liked because i saw many good ones!

Baekho from Nuest and Monika from Street woman fighter

I loved it you guys might know how much i love Nuest and i watch most of what the members are up to lately. this is just something i saw randomly. I loved watching Street woman fighter and Monika is in the first season. Shes basically like the teacher of all the korean dancers. I just love interactions like this.


street woman fighter season 2

have you guys watched this show? i got excited for it because i love dancing and i actually missed the first season. All i saw was the highlights on youtube and im glad i skipped the first season because it’s not as exciting as the second. the second season actually has good dancing and dance battles. my fav battles below and who i think won:

jam’s latrice vs redlic (latrice won)

okay so i really liked all the girls from jam republic they outshined pretty much all the other dancers except for a few but im really biased bc the way they dance is just the type of dance im more into. latrice got me crying laughing because of how she already knew redlic would start her battle. that just shows reclic isn’t too great of a battler if your opponent already knows what moves you’re going to come up with, as an audience you want to see something new from dancers lets be fr! i watched the whole show but i forget who wins, i think latrice is the obvs winner though.

jam republic group battle with tsubakill (jam won)


ok tsubakill was really boring in this group battle but i really like some of their other battles. jam republic did so good and they’re always so energetic when they’re together and i just found out recently that the first time some of the members (or all of them) met was on the first day of shooting this show! they have such good chemistry and they’re basically strangers…

audrey from jam republic beating everyone


my fav dancer is probably audrey she’s so good and she showed she’s just not a pretty face! there’s not really much to say, she really is too good and she’s only 19!

 tsubakill and wolflo (tsubakill did a fun dance but wolflo won)


i really believe tsubakill was kicked off because of koreans or should i say MNET (the show) doesn’t want to admit how good a japanese group and another foreign group (jam) can be better than most of the korean groups. tsubakill and jam republic had way better moves / battles than deep n dap for instance. like first of all, deep n dap… wtf does that mean! second, the dancers in that crew were not good. i can’t remember one girl from that group the only one i remember is because of her REACTIONS. the only reason they kept them was probably to show the beef between them and 1million crew since they have “history” and we can’t forget this is a reality show.
anyways, this performance was fun and i don’t think tsubakill should have left i think depndip should have never been on the show for so long it’s an injustice to dancing tbh!

more jam republic favs because they’re just so good.


i love this performance and it pretty much went viral in korea. latrice and kirsten dance so good and are able to battle the whole opposite crew with just the two of them, that just shows how confident in their dancing they are and i love that because it’s not cocky its fact lol this performance alone can beat anything lady bounce did.. i do like them but this performance was just too good.



so this is the whole battle between the 2 crews. it’s kind of insane to me that it was a total of 5 minutes because i believe the episode is like 30 minutes long so most of the show is replays and reactions of the audience, crews and the judges. it’s fun to see the reactions and that’s how i ended up liking a few of the other dancers because of their reactions to watching the dancers but with the live version, you can get a clearer view of how much skill it takes to make such a good performance where you keep the audience waiting for whats next! I really skipped most of lady bounces turns they just don’t entertain as good as jam republic.


just another performance i really liked by my girlies

19/20 or nineteen to twenty on netflix

so this show follows korean kids from highschool until they graduate.. something like that…

once they turn 20, they move into this new house and they can finally DATE (this is where the drama starts)

im usually not interested in reality shows with younger people but what made me keep watching it was how sweet it was and i liked the school setting it reminded me of my own school days and having wholesome relationships with everyone and no drama or dating, maybe some crushes here and there but nothing serious, simpler times basically.

so me and my husband were binge watching it and we loved the drama, but we ended up loving this couple. sorry for the spoilers but yeah… they are still together and even have a youtube to share their long distance journey!

another reason why me and my husband love them, since we were also a long distance couple. they’re just so sweet and cute, i love how shy the boy was at first but Heeji got him out of his shell and they got so close! it’s very cute!

love village on netflix

i loved this show so much that i made a post on tiktok sharing a really cute moment that it makes me cry every time i watch it. this is a spoiler if you decide to watch it!!

@kikisvegan i dont like how it took the guys forever to choose the right girl like gosh the girls were so great freaking minane so beautiful and okayo so adorable  #netflixseries #lovevillage #japaneseshows #watchwithme #romanceseries ♬ Old Love – yuji & putri dahlia

if you want to watch more dramas, I have a mydramalist where i usually update, as long as i remember to list the shows i watch lol

life goals for 2024:

i dont remember my goals from last year, but let’s start with new goals lol

be a healthy pilates girly and go on a whole food plant based diet again, become an amazing aunt, and post more on youtube

be a pilates girly bc i love the fits but also i just want to go back to my healthy ways and go on my whole food diet that i was on in 2020. i have been eating vegan junk food and it doesn’t do my body any good!

become an amazing aunt for when my brothers bb gets here so that means i need to get my priorities straight and work harder! we will see what i do by the end of next year to prove i became a good aunt

☐ finally sell all my stuff that i don’t use and are just sitting in my home

be more active on youtube its really hard to get active bc im not a good video editor at all plus i have other duties in my daily life lol but i want to get more forms of income and youtube is one of the ways i want to achieve that… I think i’ll just post vegan stuff and my losing weight/ getting healthy journey on there, along with other random lifestyle content that i usually share on the blog

Get my wisdom teeth out! (lol yes i still have them omg idk how i will get them out because some places are making it incredibly difficult to get them out/they don’t want to… i fn hate america’s “health” system)

Go to Mexico again (i went this year but im going again for sure and this time i want to be the weight i want to be because i still wasn’t confident taking bikini pics lol also, i wanted to spend a bit more and so i plan to go where i have a lot saved up! SPOILER: MY COUSIN INVITED ME AGAIN SO WE MIGHT BE GOING IN THE SUMMER)

   If you guys are interested in more things I plan to accomplish and want some ideas, check out my bucket list here. i’m always updating it (and need to again soon!)



thanks for reading memories and moments of 2023 and 2024 goals

hope you all had a great new year and continue to grow into the best person you want to be and also have a great 2024!

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  • thank you so much for featuring my blog! i didn’t really blog as much as i hoped i would in the beginning of 2023 haha but it makes me happy to see a post of mine being featured ♡ as happy as i am to find a fellow XG fan!! i discovered them in 2023 through a friend and have been listening to their songs on repeat ever since. all the food you ate look so delicious!! i was an incredibly picky eater as a kid and i’ve slowly started trying out different cuisines now in my adulthood. one thing i really want to do food-wise this 2024 is to incorporate healthier ingredients and whole food in my everyday diet.

    • of course! i love sharing other blogs on my posts it just helps people find each other and i really love that… like the purpose of the internet was to build friendships online too so thats the fun of it for me lol!

      omg i freaking love XG!!!
      I first heard their mascara song and it helped me through a tough time lol! i was like wow im a bad b i don’t need to let people get to me where i ruin my mascara lol!

      ooh i really hope it goes well for u its really tough for me in the start but once i really push myself my body finally accepts the healthy food lol!

  • What an awesome roundup! I love that you got a puppy and got to experience so many concerts with your hubby. That was one of my favorite things to do with my husband before we had kids lol. Have a great weekend!
    PerlaGiselle | iamperlita.com

  • i am very happy to know that you loved broken wings! what a lovely journey you got here! 2023 is a healed year for me but full of plot twists of course hahahaha. i wish 2024 will bring more graces and loves for us! and the puppy is so so soooo cute!!

  • Kiki I missed reading your blog! ❤️ I always loved it! I’m trying to get back into writing and reading blogs in 2024. Also, the food looks so yummy!! I’m hungry now lol

  • Thanks so much for sharing my posts, I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I love the vegan foods you had this year. They look so delicious. It also looks like you had some great experiences this year which is amazing 😊 I’ve been trying to eat mostly whole foods too. I feel like although I’m plant based I do eat a bit of junk and would like to be healthier.

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