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Monday, December 31st 

The last time I posted something like this was in 2018… It’s time to do this again cause well, I was so creative back then I want to get back to it (It’s not really creative but the more content I put out that I enjoy, the better!)  more in this series here (yearly moments)

This is the year i finally want to become the person I am meant to grow into. I wanted to share this post to remind myself and hopefully 2 years after I can look back at this post and be proud of my upgrade and changes and adjust, but i am just going to let life flow like i like to do now.

I didn’t really work on my site much so that’s why this post is mostly lifestyle stuff…

moments of 2022 and 2023 goals

Before we get started with my goals for 2023, i wanted to quickly share a mini rewind of 2022 just for the heck of it! enjoy my moments of 2022 and 2023 goals!

moments of 2022 and 2023 goals

2022 Mini Rewind

  • Jan: I changed “careers” and became a part time caregiver/ personal assistant!
  • March: I bought my first kpop album and that was my nuest album! (watch the unboxing here tehe) it was also my last because they disbanded but now i can buy all of their individual albums lol
  • June/July: I went to vegandale aka vegan food fest in chicago!  I’m going for 2023 by the way!
  • September I turned 27… i didnt do much umm saad, maybe for 28 i will have more friends to do stuff with?
  • October: I watched so many scary movies and i forgot to update yall 🙁 but i talked about it on ig hehe
  • New youtube: I made a new youtube account to separate my gaming and my blog content (this isn’t new but just a reminder hehe)
  • November and December: I SAW BLACKPINK LIVE! I saw wakanda forever! my fav movie of the year tbh along with Pinocchio from Guillermo del toro and I saw Batman twice! I also went to vintage fest in chicago around this time! 
  • I FINALLY WENT OUT MORE: I ended up going out more and im happy about that because before covid i usually stayed home as a homebody but now i love to go out and want to go out more next year.
  • This year was very chill but i was doing a lot of changes in my life like switching banks, and settling with a family to work for for a long time, and just figuring out my life. I like where I’m at now but now lets talk about my 2023 goals and what i will be working towards.

new year new me 2023 soyvirgo.com (dearkikita) moments of 2022 and 2023 goals!


Life Accomplishments in 2022

do taxes. i know this is small but its a big thing for me! i even got $2k back and i used it to pay off cc bills so im really happy i got this done!

i got my booster and flu shots (hehe small again but it takes a lot for me to get out and make an appointment for myself lol!)

get my haircut. this is big for me too because i actually changed my hairstyle! i havent had a different hairstyle since maybe high school. if you read one of my march monthly memories post from 2022 then you saw how they fd up my hair, but i didnt update that i got it fixed with my original hair stylist! she made it just how i wanted!

leave chase and boa! so i left these ugly banks but i still use my boa credit card. i might switch to the costco citi bank card. and i also use a separate citi credit card. 

take my kitties to vet. i took my babies to the vet and doc, now i have to take beba to get a grooming.. she doesn’t need it but idk maybe she will like it tehe

saved up $4k+ I didnt expect to have done this considering i left my high paying job (high as in getting a nice salary, BUT i was working nonstop! ugh and stressed/depressed) and became a caregiver! i did not expect to be able to save so much. at one point i was working 2 part times but making 500+ a week and that was pretty amazing money for me and my lifestyle. 

pay down my $4k+ credit card bill i knew i could get this done because i was working a good job and i ended up working 2 jobs at one point too! my credit score was up and down but im happy

decided to go out more and make friends! not just online ones like when i was in highschool (although they are some of my bestest besties to this dang day!)

working on my goals for 2023

i worked on a ton of goals this year, one of them being to clean out my storage and get rid of a ton of stuff! i still have that work to do. i decided to start donating all the stuff i couldn’t sell and give them to the people who need them NOW like the migrants being shipped off everywhere in the country like cattle, so inhumane, but that’s what we’re here for, to help each other out! I already donated once but i will donate the items i still have which are comfy coats and work pants and stuff that me and my family only keep in the closet.


Anyways that’s pretty much my year wrapped up into a tiny post. I’ve been adding more playlists on my spotify so if you want to follow me! I’ll leave you with my spotify wrapped below! Please share yours because I love checking out new artists all the time! Love yas peace!

My spotify wrapped for 2022! (i’ll post it later lol)

thanks for reading moments of 2022 and 2023 goals!

how was your year my loves? what are your fav moments?

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