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Hi friends. Yes I’m snatched.

I never made this post because I didn’t want to start off too personal as a blogger. I was going to sneak this in, but I think I’m being confusing when I go from “boyfriend” to “husband” on some posts.
So it’s time to talk about my marriage and getting married at 19


Married at 19; why do I call my husband “boyfriend”?

I use boyfriend a lot because husband is such a weird word for me. I’m pretty young but also I’m married, so naturally everyone’s reaction is “Whattt?? you’re married?”. I love it but also I hate attention lol

sabes que este es mi sueño tenerte asi n.n te adoro osito

I feel too young for my age sometimes and I act like it too, so I guess I’m just not comfortable with saying husband in front of friends and family. (Yes I think of you guys as friends!)
The only time I call him my husband is at parties where I have to talk to complete strangers. Calling him my husband sounds more professional and sophisticated lol

Why get married if you’re not comfortable with the label?

We got married for ourselves, not to boast to friends or family. It was supposed to stay a secret from my mom until we got older and only a few close friends would know since they’re close friends lol—

I got married at 19, actually 2 days after my 20th. I was trying to get married right before my b-day but I had to come in 2 days later for the marriage clerk/judge.


Alexander came to Chicago and I was cool with getting married with him because I decided I only wanted to be with one person and you might think it’s crazy but I chose him, and luckily I wasn’t wrong about him feeling the exact same about me.

(spoiler – we are still together and happily so!)

Also, since we did it so quickly, we didn’t think of what would happen to us in the future, we just did it for ourselves – we kind of thought of it like being facebook married but more official lol. Okay, maybe I was really crazy at that time lol

I never expected he would tell my mom the truth and say we’re married. He’s an honest man lol
I also didn’t expect him to have to come to Chicago to live with me, or being given more fafsa money because we are married, and I never expected to file taxes together! That was when being married was a lot more serious to me.

Image result

Ever since he ended up telling the truth to my mom – everything changed and we ended up having to take our marriage seriously lol.

“No Ragrets”


I did regret being married at one point, but it was because I had no idea how to be in a relationship. Alexander is my first in everything, from holding hands to kissing and vice-versa. So neither of us we very experienced.
Luckily we learned quickly (and are still learning) how to communicate and have a healthy, balanced relationship without having one before.

 advice from someone who married at 19…?

  • try to give yourself time before getting married
  • wait and decide if he/she/they are THE ONE, if that’s important to you at all
  • don’t fall into peer pressure

some people will say to be selfish and meet many people, have sex to “try” people out before you get married- and that just isn’t the way for everyone!

Here’s a post explaining why it’s okay to not date or have sex just because it’s popular! Read here


married at 19 - regrets advice and how to meet ur soulmate
save this post for later pls n thanks!

Anyway, I think that’s all I’ll say for this post of being married at 19!

Anyone reading married? lol

This ain’t the end of this post, but actually the beginning of many more to come!

Here’s some things I wanna expand on more and if you have anything else you want me to talk about just ask! You can ask anonymously too

Relationship posts about me and my mans:

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(still brainstorming posts, but stay tuned!)

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  • This is sweet. My bf is my first, though I’m his second. Though I’m his first really serious relationship. I believe in finding your soulmate on the first try but not many people do. But honestly, who stays with their first boyfriend for two and a half years am I right?😂 I’m praying so hard it works for us because I cannot see myself with anyone but him. And I’m happy for you two!! It sounds a little complicated haha but you sound happy!😊

    • Im really lucky that we found each other. I believe there is someone for everyone.

      I thought i wouldn’t last forever with my husband but honestly its just something both people have to be dedicated to. That’s all it is.
      I hope the best for u and him!!
      And yeah it can be a little complicated lol!

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