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Monday, March 30

Hello friends…

Here is my monthly favorites/recap. This post is short because, I mean, we’re all basically in quarantine and if you’re not well that’s not my business I just hope you don’t harm others with your recklessness lol.

Let’s get on with how uneventful my March was!~ ♡



March Monthly Favorites and Memories 


Blog Posts from March 2020

The following are my favorite moments from the month.

Moments of March

The 1st: I literally don’t know 

We literally didn’t do anything but stay home like always!

I do remember going to the stores like two times.

The second time I went out it was a bit frightening because I touched a handle to grab mushrooms at a store and I forgot someone who touched it before me could have coughed into their hands, thus spreading the virus. So we hurried out the store and put alcohol on our hands because we had no hand sanitizer.


Anyways… let’s just hope we are fine lol

Just kidding I didn’t touch my face the whole time and I washed my hands in good timing so we should be okay.

Vegan Food Diary:

So I just remember having a bunch of different stuff and you can read about all the foods in this post.

Currently we are trying to make burgers with lentils and beans and other junk. I’ll take pics and see how it came out.


vegan food diary, vegan recipe, march monthly favorites and memories, soyvirgo gif

This month we also ate some cookies and I love them!!!

My husband makes them. They’re really my kind of cookie, and I’m not super into cookies anyway, so I’m glad these came out well.

If you want the recipe, just let me know and I will make a separate post for it. vegan food diary, vegan chocolate cookies, march monthly favorites and memories


Songs I loved in March:

Jump Up Superstar – Super Mario Odyssey Jenny Nightcore Remix

I probably linked this song before but I showed it to my husband because even though he’s a huge gamer and knows most gaming songs and tunes, he said he never heard the original song and he actually liked it and liked this edit more. I’m glad he liked it because I love when we can hang around and listen to the same songs.




Favorite Shows:

Terrace House

So my husband uses a VPN and we get to watch stuff you know from around the world, so I’m pretty much all caught up with Terrace House the new season.

Honestly my heart is broken with what has happened, I really loved Hana and….you know who. If you know, then let’s talk about it on Instagram? Or Pinterest chat, but I really want to talk to people about my fav shows LOL

Dark Tourist

So this show I just randomly came across on Netflix one night and started to love it quick. The interviewer is kinda cool and fun to watch so it’s not like some creep going to other countries to judge another’s culture. I wish it were longer.

If you like Buzzfeed Unsolved, you might like this!


Kitten Rescuers

I just started watching this last night after watching a lot of scary and creepy true crime stuff from Buzzfeed Unsolved and from Google Searches. This show is really cute and makes me want to continue trying to make that cat sanctuary I’ve always been wanting to make.

Related Reads: Netflix shows I’ve been watching


Blog Goals:

So I haven’t done blog goals in a while but yeah, I need to give myself some goals again, big time!


I currently have 368 followers. By the end of April, I want to try hitting 500 followers.


Today’s Stats: 222 followers
Goals: 300 followers


It’s been a while since I last checked but wow I’m so grateful my Pinterest is kinda popular.

Today’s Stats: 4.5k follows, 3 million monthly views
Goals: 5k+ followers, 3.5 million views


I’m grateful that I now get over 50 views a day because I was not active for a while but I still get some views.

That’s always a good sign.

I’m going to try harder to make income from my blog. So if you see any links, just click them and get me some cents LOL

Today’s Stats: 2k monthly views, 186 followers
Goals: 100+ daily views, 1,500 monthly views, 300+ followers.


That’s it for this post bbs. What else would you want me to share on here?

Thanks for reading my Monthly Favorites of  March! Hope you enjoyed!

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  • I feel the same about even I have to go to the store now, especially since most of the people in my town don’t care to social distance or stay 6 feet away from me. I think most of them try to be close because they literally don’t care tbh. I hope you reach your goals.

    Tiffany |

  • Going to the market is even challenging now because of all of the concerns. I am totally looking forward to the end of this pandemic. The food you made looks delicious! I haven’t watched Dark Tourist before. Sounds interesting! Good luck with all of your goals for April!

    Nancy ♥

      • I actually liked WP even before, it’s just that my domain and hosting expired then and I wanted not to pay too much money on hosting, so I decided to use blogger. It was pretty okay, but I missed using plug-ins and blogging is so much easier with WordPress because of its interface so I decided to go back and good thing is I found a much cheaper hosting so it’s a win-win. Lol

  • Ahh I’m a Terrace House fan! 🙂 I’m catching up on episodes for the Tokyo 2019 – 2020 season at this very moment. Good luck with your goals for this new month of April! I have followed you on Instagram, btw. I’m @helloannajo ~

    Anna Jo |

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