My goals from March


This month has been better than expected. I started out thinking March wasn’t all that great since I don’t celebrate any events this month other than a siblings birthday. Since they’re old enough, we don’t really celebrate anyways.

It turned out to be a pretty good month with a few ups and downs, but that’s what life is all about, right?This is an honest post featuring some advice from a messy stressed out adult. Hope you enjoy!

I’ll start off with saying that I’ve been visiting Starbucks way too much because of their new matcha drinks.

my favorite drink: iced matcha almond milk latte with no sweetener.

I like to order the matcha soymilk latte, which is on their menu, and then ask for my special order because I’m not sure if they’ll get confused for straight up asking for an almond milk latte. Either way, it always comes out so delicious and refreshing. If you like that drink too, I suggest investing in matcha powder and making the drink at home. It will save you a lot more than buying from starbucks every other week!

don’t worry, I was not taking pictures and driving!

March has been really stressful and the reason for that is definitely my mom(lol). I’m not sure what it is, but it seems like I’m the one who has to help her no matter what. I don’t work right now or pay rent and I don’t plan on it since I want to focus 100% on making money from my blog, but she’s always stopping me from getting started because I have to say yes to helping her or else she will start to say things like how much of a horrible daughter I am and how she has nice boys that always help her (they don’t).

That’s why my first goal is to try to get out of her hair, or rather, her out of mine. I don’t want you guys to think I hate her, it’s just that she has an old school way of thinking. She thinks the girls need to cook, clean and do everything at home while the men (my siblings) just work hard for their families and their own life. I don’t see how it’s very fair because I was still the only one helping her when I was living with my boyfriend, working and going to school (and trying to maintain a healthy/loving relationship at the same time. It’s tough ya know?). The only way to help myself in this situation is to make as much money I can to not have to leach off her anymore, or at least make enough so that she can stop making me do all her work for her because she sees now that I’m not making much money in a traditional job.

I want to help my readers work on their goals and achieve them as well as reach mine. My goals right now are pretty big and I have to remember that it’s a good idea to start small. I like reminding myself that and I forgot to this month, but because of this, I started to write in my journal more. I made a journal for simple lists, reminders, and favorites of the month. Another journal I have is now meant for anything related to my blog and work.

I used to think it was a waste of time and paper, and it might be, but it’s very fun to write and let things go through writing. I might eventually move onto writing all of my notes on my laptop, or a site like listography, but for now I will try to use up all my journals I own.

peep my spring to-do list and blog post I’m working on hehe

I used a sheet of colored paper to use as a weekly to do list and I have it hanging by my door. Tip: put a to-do list in an area you will never miss. Before leaving my room, I will always see what I have to do in the day since I can’t miss that huge yellow sheet. I’ll invest in a washboard later on so I won’t waste paper!

I use this sheet to write down what I want to do for the week, like learn SEO for my blog, or go to the dentist, pay a bill etc. If I don’t complete something one day, I’ll just move it onto the next day. I also write down what I actually did at the end of the day, just to remind myself I’m getting things done. It’s a good strategy for someone like me who likes to see it in writing, instead of just saying in your head, “ahh yes I did that already”.


Here’s my coffee I made;

heat up your milk or water, (please try almond milk, it's 2018 and we are the only species drinking 
from another species tits) put some coffee in it, mix it with more milk in a blender with 
6 or 7 cubes of ice. there ya go, some iced almost frappucino-like coffee!

I like drinking everything iced. Comment if you think whether it’s healthier to drink tea hot or cold, because I’m not sure! I lost a lot of weight quickly by drinking hibiscus mixed with green tea and I only drank it cold. I’m just not into warm drinks unless it’s December.

amazing gluten free pizza from my favs, Paisans

Pizza, chips, bk veggie burgers, ice cream and others are starting to be locked out from my fast food loving heart. Yup, you heard right! I’m starting to get over fast food and I’m really happy about it.

When I think about cheese enough, I start to lose my appetite. I’ve been looking at my favorite korean idols like Joy from Red Velvet and dancers like MOMO from Twice and I want to start being more healthy, and also looking more healthy too. Health goes a long way you guys!

I checked my weight and BMI, and I’m dangerously close to being “obese”, so I’m really doing my best from here on out! Maybe this is finally going to be the year I start eating more like a vegan or at least like a vegetarian and not a vege-pescatarian. Fish are friends, not food ya’ll!

I edited this photo (my body), can you tell?

So, I edited the picture above around my legs making myself look taller and I also reshaped my thighs because they were too big. Sometimes, I just KNOW men will be lurking on my page (they have already) and might bookmark, like, randomly comment or DM me just from simple looking pictures. It’s a pain being a girl even on the internet, and that is why I edited it. (and why I only want to make girl friends lol)

Anyway, my photo was shared by @littlebigbloggers from IG and I was very happy since that hasn’t happened to me before. I hope it happens more often because, it’s just nice to be talked about lol

Truthfully, I’ve been super stressed to the point where I can cry for hours if I think too much. I’ve luckily been getting by with the help of my boy friend who’s a bit too far away from me right now. All this stress I have and sadness from recent news on T.V has been a lot for me, but just the thought of seeing him again makes me want to push through so I can reach my goals. I’m lucky and privileged to be where I am and have what I have. I’m taking good advantage of my time back at home so I can start over and be where I need to be and I’m thankful for everything so far.

I’m thankful for all of you guys following me and giving me 200 followers on IG, more than 50 on WordPress, and almost 200 on Pinterest. Followers aren’t a big deal since a lot are spam or inactive users (lol) but there’s a lot of you who are actual people who would probably want to be my friend in real life. It’s really scary to me because I am afraid of judgement. I want to be your best friends, but I want to be as honest as I can be with myself and my readers. It’s hard wanting to please everyone, so maybe just try pleasing yourself first!

As u can see, I’ve been really enjoying Starbucks this month…

I’m at the point where I start to doubt myself and thinking that the road I’m going on might not be for me, but I have to keep trying because it’s something I want to do. I really don’t believe I’ll be able to travel with an office job that pays enough to fund my goals with my weak skills lol.

An office job won’t give me the freedom to go out with my boyfriend every week to new places, or visit my grandma in Mexico, take her out to the beach and buy her new clothes and shoes that she desperately needs. I plan to help cats, volunteer at orphanages and help make older people happy and I don’t think I can do all that I want to do without a decent income. I have a strong feeling that blogging is a good start to where I want to be.

bullet journal -

It feels like it’s been a while since coming back home from Mexico, I guess that’s a good thing since it says I’ve been busy. Or, it could just mean I miss it so much…

I wanted to say that I’ve completed a few goals. Sometimes I tell myself I haven’t done anything, when in actuality I’ve been busy doing things for others instead of doing what is for me.

  • I reached 200 followers on Instagram and my Pinterest follows keep on growing. Thank You!
  • I started to lose weight! I was 170 in Mexico, now I’m around 160lbs. I’m trying to be at least 130lbs by the end of April, but I don’t think there’s healthy way of reaching that weight so quick. I will try nonetheless!
  • I went self hosted and bought my domain!

I will complete another goal on April 29th, which is to see one of my favorite kpop girl groups, Red Velvet. It’s a goal because I love them so much and they don’t really come to the U.S!

I hope you can get past your stress and focus on what you really want to focus on. If you don’t have someone to lift you up on your worst moments, I hope I can be the one to help you feel a little better. Thanks for waiting up on me until I decided on what post to make public. Here’s to the month of March, you are better than I thought!

Love, K.

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