Law of Attraction | My journey to saving up $10k within a year

Updated August 10 2023

Manifesting Money with Law of Attraction:

How I made $10,000

I want to talk about my journey of saving up money and finally manifesting money with law of attraction, $10,000 to be exact!

I will talk a little about my money journey and how manifesting methods help me get to this point. This post is for anyone wanting to SAVE more and what ACTIONS to take to help you really save and live a better life! First thing’s first, what is Law of Attraction?

Manifesting Money: What Is Law of Attraction?

The first rule to Law of Attraction is know what it is that you want to attract.

Question: What is it that you want to manifest in this lifetime?

Answer: for me and right now, it is money. I’m attracting money because I’m on the hunt for a home for my family that will also be a physical business! If you all know me, you would know my end goal is having a cat sanctuary and being able to rescue cats and kids and single parents! We need money for this and that is what I’m attracting ♥

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Manifestando dinero con ley de atracción |

Something that helped me find what I truly wanted in life was the death of my cat Gati. She was with me for about two years and was with me when I was struggling with life, and she gave me amazing memories. I also got her for Christmas, she was truly a gift. When she passed away I was able to find my purpose here on earth. If you want to read more on getting help to finding your purpose in life, read my post, finding your purpose in 5 steps.

The second most important rule to law of attraction is to take necessary actions to achieve your goals.

I’m the type to need visualization to see my goals and work towards them, so I set up virtual vision boards mainly on Pinterest.

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I had my goal at $5k starting around August 2019 and I reached that goal pretty quickly, around 5 months later. Now that I reached $10k, I’m almost scared because of how fast I got to this second goal. It’s like the feeling I get when I reach my pinterest goals because my numbers grow really quick on there too without doing MUCH.

Let me explain how I saved up in such a short amount of time with Law of Attraction!

Ways to Manifest Money with law of attraction, methods to use to manifest |

Methods to use when manifesting money

Write money saving goals

Find out what you need to save up for and what’s the reasoning behind saving money for it. If you don’t have any goals, here are just a few ideas:

  • saving for a house (you NEED housing)
  • for a car (if you can’t bike places or walk)
  • for bills (we all have bills lol)
  • emergency fund (something I started in April of 2019 and my goal was $5,000, this is most important for people living alone or making a family, its just smart to have.)
  • community garden (free food, veggies, clean eating etc)
  • your business startup (it’s best to start your own businesses these days)
  • for the future (for kids, pet bills, future endeavors, ya never know!)
  • a laptop / smaller things (if you want you can try doing a smaller manifestation and then jump to something bigger like I did)

Work on part time jobs or try different side jobs

I have been working on my own side hustles since 2014! Ever since my mom bought a small flea market boutique for $2000, it has given me a mentality to work for myself and make money for my future as being my own boss. I started on that journey when I went on depop to sell my used and new items.

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Fast forward to 2019, I ended up letting my dream go and HAD to work at a gas station, restaurant and library all in less than 1 year. I was working so hard, especially at the gas station and libray, FOR NOTHING.

All that money is gone because I had to feed myself, pay my phone bills, pay for transportation, and ended up splurging a lot on junk too. I was in an awful place physically, because I ate unhealthy food. Which gave me really awful acne because of all the dirt in the gas station.

I was in an awful space mentally because I only slept for about 4 hours every day because I worked most of the week usually only taking one day off a week. So I wasn’t doing much for myself other than showering and eating poorly.

Contrary to popular belief, working HARD does not equal success for everyone.

This is why I say to work part time jobs, and try different side hustles. You have to find that right job for you!

For me, it’s definitely working for MYSELF and building up my own business because my personality doesn’t mix well with authority figures/BOSSES.

I’m a virgo, what can you expect.

How to save $10k with Law of Attraction (Be a Minimalist) |

Become more of a minimalist

When you become a minimalist, you use your money for more important things in life. It’s easier to see your wants vs. needs when you become a minimalist.

When I stopped impulse buying I noticed how little I needed and the things I bought, I actually NEVER USED. They didn’t serve me in ANY way other than temporary happiness. It’s an unhealthy trait to just spend your money on things you don’t need simply because you want to spend money.


Scripting to me means writing in a journal an ideal way of living. I did write in my journal a few times about my money goals and how I want my money to come into my life. The abundance of money you get all comes with scripting. I started this when I first was looking for College’s to go to. I noticed scripting can be pretty fun and helpful in getting your goals met.

Acting As If

Acting as if means acting as if you already manifest what you want.

The best way to manifest money is to act as if you really don’t need it. Be grateful for what you do have.

I will give you an example from someone I knew. She was a friend, and I mentioned this story before on one of my monthly recap posts.

My ex-friend would pay $10 to get her nails done by my mom and when my mom started out, she wasn’t that great so we told my friend she can pay a little since the designs wouldn’t be too great. Little did we know, my friend would never tip even after my mom graduated nail school and 2 years passed.

nail tech customer memes - manifesting money with law of attraction |
my friend when she found another nail tech. you can’t get any cheaper than what my mom was charging her…

This girl only had $20 one day to get her nails done and we didn’t have any change. We told her to just not pay the next time she would get her nails done with us.

I think what triggered her to want her $10 back one Friday night was that she saw me post my nails and the design was really pretty. I just feel she was jealous my mom did a nicer style to me and not to her. The reason that happened is because I was the one always suggesting to my mom what design to give my friend because my friend had no idea what she wanted, and my friend would say yes to everything! It’s not my fault she doesn’t have a good taste and can’t decide what design she wanted.

ACTING AS IF Law of Attraction - Manifesting money with law of attraction affirmation quotes$10k |

So, since this girl was so envious, I guess, she called me up almost at midnight telling me she needs her $10 for a test. Mind you she lives in a house with 3 other adults and 3 younger siblings. You mean to tell me you don’t have $10 lying around there?

She drove all the way to my house just for $10 and she was so mad she didn’t even get out of her truck to come to my door. It was a very petty thing for her to do because it just shows how she doesn’t appreciate my mom and her work. I’m sure she will HAVE to pay $60+ and a tip at any other nail salon. I’m just glad we don’t have to deal with petty people like that anymore. That was law of attraction working for US and taking out the trashy negative people from our life.

That’s one example of a friend who didn’t act as if. Now I have another friend, she was actually just my gas station coworker, who did act as if.

acting as if loa - will smith quotes manifesting money with law of attraction ||

My coworker from the gas station would ALWAYS pay for my gas because I would give her rides to places. She would pay me if we bought food together, lots of times she would pay for both our meals and give me extra money too. I noticed she actually wasn’t rich at all, she just liked to give back to people. Although she doesn’t have much, she always has money and I feel she won’t go homeless.

I feel like my ex-friend who couldn’t fathom paying $10 for nails has been broke for years and stays that way because of the way she is. If she would act as if, and just tip us another $10, maybe we would still be friends today, maybe she wouldn’t be working so hard for her whole family, maybe she could afford to get her nails done.

tea sipping meme seventeen woozi- manifesting money with law of attraction 2020 kpop memes
svt woozi lol

How I was manifesting money ($10,000 + in a year)

It started with me not really using any methods in Law of Attraction. I started to work 40-60+ hours a week at a gas station, to only make about $500 weekly.

I thought it was ALRIGHT because I had money but the truth is, people work for less and get more or equivalent to my pay. Also, that money was all pretty much used up because I bought a lot of stuff, actually I splurged on things I didn’t need lol.

Luckily I ended up getting a better paying restaurant/cashier job. It was only $2 more, BUT I wasn’t surrounded by dirt 24/7. I was also doing work online as well and eventually made money with my website along the way too!

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Eventually I started looking at money as a game, kind of like Monopoly. If you really want money in your life, start thinking you are the best player in the game. Don’t let money guide you, you have to guide yourself and money will come to you, security will come to you, happiness will come to you. Why will it come to you? Because you know you are deserving of it all, and you are the best player in the game of money so it flows to you easily. It’s not something you struggle with anymore because struggling doesn’t do anything but hurt you.

Growing up I would tell my mom, “we are millionaires, we have everything”. I would mention the roof on our heads, the food, the plants, our cat, our beds, etc. It’s a privilege to have all that we have! I think that mindset rubbed off on my family a bit and they do have a lot in their life BUT they also struggle with their poor decisions in life. I think that’s just LIFE.

Sometimes we have to struggle to realize and grow and find the true happiness of it all.

Thanks for reading my Manifesting Money with Law of Attraction!

What kind of ways do you have been manifesting money? Do you think you will use Law of Attraction in your life?

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  • I love manifestation and use it to achieve my goals. When it comes to manifesting money, I like to write down my goals ad journal about it. I like the idea of using wealth affirmations, I’ll have to incorporate that into my daily routine. Your nail story takes me back to all the petty people I knew in high school. I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with them anymore. Great post and thanks for sharing.

    • Thank u for reading! Im glad to know another blogger mutual does some of tbe things i do too! And yeah it really was a high school type of thing to do but we were in college so thats why im glad that girls not my friend no more 🤭

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