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Some of these I have tried myself, still use or am just getting the hang of myself.This post includes referral codes that will help me get money, but hardly… more like 2 cents LOL

Ways to make money WHEN YOU WANT TO


I’ve been using this site as a source of income for a while now. Unfortunately, it takes a long amount of time before you get your first $5. You need to shorten links and post as many as possible, basically spam people.

If you have many followers already, this might be easy for you. The person who clicks on the short link must click skip ad, and then the short link will redirect you to the link you put originally. A bit complicated and takes a lot of time, but you can easily put a short link on your ig and ask all your followers to click skip ad.

I have yet to make my first $5 with this method


If blogging for income was too good to be true, I wouldn’t be trying to make it a job at this point. There’s many ways to earn money with a blog and you don’t really need to go out, so it’s perfect for a recluse like me (lol).

You can link readers to pages using a site like shorte.st, which I mentioned above, apply for Google adsense and affiliate programs. You can also get sponsors to pay you to review something, which I’ve heard can make you a lot.

Depop and other selling apps

Please don’t try Vinted. They treat their users like crap. I was banned until 2049 (yes, the year 2049). They’re complete trash and I’ve been on there for years and only made 2 sales. The good part is that a lot of people sell their items for cheap, in case you need to buy something you can use vinted for that.

Depop, Poshmark and Mercari are the best ones I’ve used so far. When it comes to getting rid of big stuff like TV’s and Couches, I use Offer Up which is for local selling. Mercari has it’s regular annoying users who just buy off you and give you 1 star for something completely ridiculous and when you confront them, they ignore you.

Posh has been known for not listening to a sellers side of a claim and the buyer can run off with free items. If you’re going to start out, I recommend Depop. It was a complete life changer for me. I sold over $1,000 since I’ve had it and even started my own clothing line on it.

Baby/ Pet/House-sitting

I haven’t done this myself yet, but after graduating and being left with no job, I looked for babysitting jobs. I got two jobs within a month, but because I had to travel to Mexico I couldn’t work for those ladies anymore. Prices can go from $5 an hour to $25.

Some couples and single parents just want you to drive their kids to school or pick them up from somewhere. If you have little brothers and sisters, this is the perfect job for you. I also signed up for pet sitting but there’s not a lot of people hiring in my area. Either way, it’s a really good option if you need a job.


I did drop-shipping and within a month, I finally sold a product. Please remember to list where the item is shipping from because I forgot to and the whole time I was worried the buyer would get upset for the delay. It was really easy and you just need to spend a day or two listing a few things that you know will sell well.

Affiliate programs

I have used affiliate links before and made $30 to spend on the site or redeem for actual money. Unfortunately the company decided to change a lot of stuff and the money I made was not available to me. It was a complete waste of time and I wish I could get that money but it’s okay. It’s just a lesson learned. Sign up for sites that have good reviews and have been around for a while.

Here are some of mine :

Poshmark : Use the code BB9 to get $5 to spend. I will earn $5 after your first purchase on the app.

Feature Points : http://featu.re/soyvirgo or use code soyvirgo. This is an app where you gain points to redeem gift cards or money. Keep in mind, you need to make more than 1,800 points to redeem your first $3.  What I like to do is the surveys because even if I can’t download any apps for points, there’s always a survey for me to open and get at least 3 points.

Paypal : invite link – so I’m not sure what this gets me or you for using my link but I hope it gets us money lol

Shorte.stmy ref link  this just gives me a few cents but it’s still money lol
There’s many different other affiliate links you can use. For example, if you have a blog on tumblr or blogger or even on here, you can post reviews of clothing from certain companies and they will give you some money or points/credits.


I know it’s hard to commit to making videos. If it were so easy I would have been doing it by now. There’s many ways to make money on youtube. Sometimes it’s not a very good platform for you if you talk about certain things that need to be talked about, like anything related to the lgbt community, but if you talk about basic stuff, have a following and lots of followers, they will accept any harmful insensitive crap you put up. ((Shots fired at the Pauls))

Become a student aide

This isn’t really a job to get to work “on your own time” since you have to work whenever your boss tells you to, oops, but hear me out! I became a student aide because I was thinking of going to a university, and I thought if I worked within a department related to my studies, then I would get more of a chance of acceptance into the Uni I wanted. I ended up working at an I.T department and was the best first job I could ask for.

I had a great time just being on the computer, getting students and teachers into their school accounts. The job was fairly easy, but I was lucky enough to have an amazing boss, she was a white lady but even she knew how ugly our current toupe pres is inside and out and I was so thankful to be working for her. I mean, we had one dreamer in the department, so of course the boss had to be accepting of him. You also get to look so cool being a student aide, especially if you’re a lame loner like me and no one knew who you were until they saw you in a cool tech office doing some high tech sh**, jk I was doing something babies could do, but it’s a start. Anyways, If you’re trying to be a journalist or something, try working in the library or being an assistant to someone in the journalism department?

There were many student aides in other departments and they’re all just like you, ya’ll are starting out and it might be your first job so I really recommend being a student aide! The only problem with my job was the racist coworkers and awful attitudes from some people, but that’s how customer service works! *sarcasm* *bitterness* *war flashbacks*


So one day, I had a very busy week and I was stressed out and sad. I had a really annoying and rude teacher who made an online class hell for me. I ended up paying a girl from another country $5 to do my research paper on Upwork.com. Theres so many people who are desperate for help and will give you a decent amount of money for easy work. Upwork is a great site to use if you have anything to offer. I always got A’s in my english classes and always wrote B or C worthy papers so I offer my help on there from time to time. If you have a knack for something, like drawing, social media, programming, or editing resumes then you need to consider freelancing!

The most important thing to remember

When you’re looking for a job, make sure you have found one that isn’t time consuming and draining. I understand if you need to pay your rent or if you have kids so please ignore this because you most likely know what you need to do and this list is of no help. For those like me who will be living with their parent or will have help from someone financially, please remember to focus on what really matters. You can’t settle for a job you don’t like. It will make you so unhappy and lifeless. When I was working as a student aide, I blamed everything on that job because it was really in the way of my real dreams and desires. I can talk about this on another post, but just remember to find something you enjoy. If you have goals already, don’t forget them and write them down, update them from time to time. I’m blogging to fulfill my written plans which is to take care of cats, maybe foster them in my home, but what home? I first have to make money and move out to my own “cute” apartment that allows pets. I need my own car and my own money to feed me and my pets and I know for certain that a job that pays $12 an hour will not help me meet those goals. I need to make my own money while at the same time having my free time and enjoying what life is about. We are not meant to work 8 hours a day for someone who doesn’t know the feeling of worrying about money. Just think about how sad everyone is working and going to school some days, and everyone following in those footsteps because they think there’s no other path. There are other routes to take and you just need to give yourself a chance.

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