How to Make money on your own time

ways of money making from home

Want to make money from home, and work when you want? Here’s my short list!

Some of these I have tried myself, still use or am just getting the hang of myself. This post includes referral codes that will help me get money, but hardly… more like 2 cents LOL


Make Money from Home on your own time



I’m just getting the hang of this but it’s just another link shortener site and affiliate marketing site.


If blogging for income was too good to be true, I wouldn’t be trying to make it a job at this point. There’s many ways to earn money with a blog and you don’t really need to go out, so it’s perfect for a recluse like me.

You can apply for Google adsense and affiliate programs and a lot more. You can also get sponsors to pay you to review something, which I’ve heard can make you a lot from. I actually made $250 total from this kind of work so you can take my word for it, it works!


This site is what every blogger needs to get to sell products on their website.

Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content.


Magic Links

Magic Links is the same as Share A Sale. I do prefer it more than share a sale because it’s easier to navigate.


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Depop and other selling apps

Please don’t try Vinted. They treat their users like crap. I was banned until 2049 (yes, the year 2049).  I was on there for years and only made 2 sales. The good part is that a lot of people sell their items for cheap, in case you need to buy something you can use vinted for that.

Depop, Poshmark and Mercari are the best ones I’ve used so far. When it comes to getting rid of big stuff like TV’s and Couches, I use Offer Up which is for local selling. Mercari has it’s regular annoying users who just buy off you and give you 1 star for something completely ridiculous and when you confront them, they ignore you.

HOW TO DEPOP : MY EXPERIENCE AND TIPS | SOYVIRGO.COM how to make money from home

Read more: HOW TO DEPOP, How to sell quickly on depop, Depop Aesthetic

Posh has been known for not listening to a sellers side of a claim and the buyer can run off with free items. If you’re going to start out, I recommend Depop. It was a complete life changer for me. I sold over $1,000 since I’ve had it and even started my own clothing line because of it which is still getting interest after having it up since 2015.


Baby/ Pet/House-sitting

I haven’t done this myself yet, but after graduating and being left with no job, I looked for babysitting jobs. I got two jobs within a month. Prices can go from $5 an hour to $25.

I also signed up for pet sitting and there was one couple who were offering me an amazing job for 3 cute dogs and the pay was amazing. This is a perfect job for social people who have experience with pets or children.

Beware of posts that ask you to go to someones house! Always stay vigilant and have a SOS alert ready if you need help. Let your family and friends know where you will be because too many people have been going missing! Be safe okay my friends <3


Affiliate programs

I have used affiliate links before and made $30 to spend on the site or redeem for actual money. Unfortunately the company decided to change a lot of stuff and the money I made was not available to me. It was a complete waste of time and I wish I could get that money but it’s okay. It’s just a lesson learned. Sign up for sites that have good reviews and have been around for a while.

Here are some of mine:

  • Poshmark : Use the code BB9 to get $5 to spend. I will earn $5 after your first purchase on the app.
  • Siteground Hosting : Siteground is What helps my site stay live!
  • Paypal : invite link – so I’m not sure what this gets me or you for using my link but I hope it gets us money lol
  • There’s many different other affiliate links you can use to help you make money!

More Affiliate links can be found on my About the site tab which also is a resources page tab


I know it’s hard to commit to making videos. If it were so easy I would have been doing it since the beginning. I just started getting into it in 2020. Took me a long time because I wasn’t sure what I could post on there as an anonymous blogger person, I don’t want to show my face and I don’t talk much anyways.


Student aide jobs

This isn’t really a job to get to work “on your own time” since you have to work whenever your boss tells you to, but hear me out!

I became a student aide and I ended up working at an I.T department which was the best first job I could ask for. If you’re trying to be a journalist for example, try working in the library or being an assistant to someone in the journalism department if you have that. It’s the best thing you can do when you start finding jobs out of high school.

Or student loans. - GIF work from home and make money |

My boss was very special because she would be very kind about ANYTHING, she even let me miss work on “national immigrant day” or whatever that day was where some shops closed to acknowledge the immigrants that help run american businesses. I’m glad I was able to be acknowledged in a way that day. I’m not an immigrant myself but I obviously come from mexican immigrants. So yeah, if I was sick or needed some days off, she was very lenient on all that. She let me get the hours of work I wanted because obviously I had classes.

Read more about being a student aide


So one day, I had a very busy week and I was stressed out and sad. I had a really annoying and rude teacher who made an online class hell for me. I ended up paying a girl from another country $5 to do my research paper on a freelancing site.

There’s so many people who are desperate for help and will give you a decent amount of money for easy work.

If you have a knack for something, like drawing, social media, programming, or editing resumes then you need to consider freelancing!

The most important thing to remember:

When you’re looking for a job, make sure you have found one that isn’t time consuming and draining. You are worth getting a job that’s best for you and makes you happy. We deserve to be happy, even when it comes to working full or part time.

When I was working as a student aide, I blamed everything on that job because it was really in the way of my real dreams and desires. I can talk about this on another post, but just remember to find something you enjoy. If you have goals already, don’t forget them and write them down, update them from time to time.

I’m blogging to fulfill my written plans. I need to make my own money while at the same time having my free time and enjoying life. We are not meant to work 8 hours a day for someone who doesn’t know the feeling of worrying about money. Just think about how sad everyone is working and going to school some days, and everyone following in those footsteps because they think there’s no other path. There are other routes to take and you just need to give yourself a chance!


Thanks for reading Ways to Make Money from Home

What kind of jobs do you recommend for working from home?


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