#lovelycatlovers – A group I made for you cat loving babes who blog

art by days_e

Hi guys, so I’m making a little blogger community. I’m still working on this, so be excited!

(This post will be updated a bunch so please stay tuned)

lovelycatlovers community

I got this idea from someone with a group and I really wanted to join since I hadn’t joined any as a blogger at the time, but when I “joined”, I didn’t feel welcomed at all. Personally, I felt you had to have a certain type of Instagram feed and have tons of followers to really be excepted, so it was hard for me to get noticed in the first place.

That’s why I thought if I can’t be happy joining a group I should just make my own.

This is a pretty close knit group and will have nice people in it who like to interact with others. So don’t join for the sole purpose of gaining followers, but to gain actual blogging friends!



  • Lovely
  • A cat lover or cat owner (or animal lover, but I guess it would make most sense if you love cats)
  • Yourself
  • Nice, inclusive and friendly
  • and share what you love because this community is for you!

What you can do for the group:

  • Add the lovely cat lovers button on your site to spread the news (coming soon!)
  • Tag your posts on Instagram, Twitter, blog posts, or any platform with #lovelycatlovers to help others find you
  • Join our Pinterest board (share your blog posts, cute cat pics and all that good stuff)
  • Become a part of the community!
  • I’ll end up having a newsletter and you can submit anything you want like art, poems and more so I can share with the rest of the group! I’ll try to make this as fun for us as I can. Promise!

If you have any ideas of how to make the group better or even be an admin, let me know below!

Also, like my soyvirgo fb page if you haven’t already~


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Cover photo art is by Benny (Days_e)!

Check out more of their art on tumblr, and instagram

(I was given written permission to share Days_e’s art, so please do the same if you share someone’s work. Thanks!)

Hi it's Kiki! I'm a mid 90's baby who loves her husband and cats! I love writing about anime, music, veganism, minimalism, clean living, long distance marriage, fashion, art and Law of Attraction. Read more @ soyvirgo.com/kiki


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