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4 bad habits to let go:


1. The thought that you need to be in a relationship in order to be happy

Constantly believing in this thought makes us sadder and gives us pressure. It puts more of a priority to unimportant things like finding a partner, rather than focusing on ourselves first.

This makes those of us who aren’t in a relationship feel like we’re not living our best life. It makes me sad when my mom thinks my future goals aren’t “normal” just because they don’t involve being with a man. I’m calling out my mom on this but that’s okay I wanna be real with you guys (lol). Many of our family and friends think the same way. happiness

When I was in my senior year of high school, I had already made plans to grow old with only cats. That does sound kinda sad but that’s okay (lol). What matters is that I have a goal in mind and it’s one that makes me happy. Being a wife with kids in a house is what the majority says is what I should do, and I never liked conforming to other peoples beliefs. You shouldn’t either!

This belief is also a reason people fake their relationships because they want everyone to believe their love life is a fairy tale. I remember faking my happiness during the tough times of my relationship, and it made the relationship worse since I was hiding our truth just so people thought it was a success.

Do what makes you happy and if being successful on your own is what makes you happy, I’m here for you!

2. The word “bored”, the phrase, “I’m bored”, and so on

How can you be so bored when you’re alive, reading this post and making sense of symbols on a screen! Life is so amazing and you need to find how to appreciate it all. I know it took me a while, but if I could do it, so could you.

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I think I read this somewhere or saw it in a movie, but saying you’re bored is quite boring of you. It can come off as rude if you’re saying it with someone and it can make you even more bored than you already are! I stopped this habit in high school and have definitely felt less bored, less of a boring person and I feel much happier appreciating what life gives me. You have a lot to do if you want to achieve your goals, so there is really no time for me to be bored, and same goes to you!

3. Insulting appearances as a way to argue

Adults who do this need to learn how to act their age. If you are still insulting people by appearance instead of discussing the problem, you have no right to even open your mouth lol Keep that baby talk in grade school please!

Too many times has someone ended up picking at people for being fat, too brown, hairy, or having too much acne just because they have disagreements. I would always do this to my siblings and it was lame of me. Believe it or not, there’s still grown adults who do this and it’s very pathetic. Sometimes, it’s just better to walk away from a conversation with someone like this because it will save your time and energy.

4. Friends who show no interest in your growth

Every time I miss my old high school friends, I remember how they never showed support for what I was doing. It’s said a lot and I completely agree with it; how you should leave toxic friends behind. They weren’t toxic, they were just good fun friends to go to the movies with and hang out with. The only problem was they weren’t helping me grow and weren’t giving me any motivation to do better. It’s okay because it seems they felt the same about me. Everyone can grow out of their old friends, just make sure you leave the ones who make you worse.

A good friend supports you!

I made a post about internet friendships and mentioned an old penpal from high school. You can read it here. One of the penpals I mentioned in the post recently followed me on instagram after seeing my Pinterest. She told me she wanted to support my work hence why she followed me. I was ecstatic because I foolishly thought she forgot about me along with a few other people I used to talk to, but really that’s my own insecurities thinking. Truthfully I started my blog without telling anyone other than my boyfriend. I had told a friend, but either she didn’t read my chat or she didn’t care lol

I decided that real friends who will want to support me are on their way.

Get your new life and don’t look back!

It’s time to support yourself bbs. You can even support those who support you, but start off with being there for you first. Then you can focus on sharing that love <3

These are some things I have let go in the past years, and they have done wonders for my mind and happiness. There’s still a lot of work to do for myself, but I know I will get there. So, thank you so much for reading. Let’s let go this year!


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