travel diary | mexico 2023 visiting la paz (missing abuelita)

mexico travel diary la paz mexico travel diary 2023

la paz mexico travel diary 2023

hey guys, i went to mexico in July and I’m barely posting about it now because well i realized i should use my blog. wah! amazing how i decided not to use it when i!!

enjoy my la paz mexico travel diary 2023!

la paz mexico travel diary 2023 weee mexico archives la paz

  • aunt taking a pic of me at GAIA my fav vegan restaurant in la paz now lol
  • a pic of my delicious coconut at the coconut restaurant
  • a pic of us at the BEACH wooo it was beautiful and refreshing
  • just me on the boardwalk channeling my beach girl vibes
  • my cousin and me selfie
  • me trying to take pics of my cousin and i walking downtown but literally just took good shots of my chest i guess
  • the best vegan icecream i’ve had EVER matcha is the best omg
  • the best mexican plate i’ve had even though i eat that stuff usually daily (rice beans and cactus)
  • walking downtown showing off my sunburnt chest
  • another pic of my matcha icecream (probably another night, i went like 3 nights in a row)
  • a sentimental pic under the moon!
  • me driving very calmy ( my aunts were onMYAZZ , as if i don’t drive daily here in chicago, i literally drive the best out of all them! the struggle of women constantly nagging u, or is that just my aunts? well this pic will always remind me about my aunts judging my driving to the point my cousins and cousins friend were telling me to ignore them since they’re just nagging lol but i like how my hair looks)
  • just a pic of nuest going to mexico with me LOL
  • waiting at a coffee shop for drinks (which was really horrible but to be fair it was a woman who had her child there she honestly cant run a shop though like it was so bad me and my cousin felt bad for her…)
  • at the shops downtown!

american airlines plane ride vibes wee

so i ended up making my mom take me with my car and pick me up when i got back (she’s a bad driver so i had to practice driving with her to the airport one random day before leaving so she wont get lost when she picks me up lol) and i met up with my cousins and my cousins friend and my aunt!


I met her for the first time (well second, last time i drove them all to the airport when they first went to mexico together) and it was just cute how we were all rocking pinks and purples… it’s not like we talked about matching before hand either, we just so happened to dress in the same colors.

la paz mexico travel diary 2023

i watched john wick chapter 4 on the plane ride so it was pretty nice plane ride very chill. the flight attendant was kind and helpful! im glad the ride went by smoothly. i usually do get sick in airplanes it wasn’t until around 2018 that i started to get sick of flying/anxious etc.

i obvs wore my mask because im very scared of getting covid or anything from anyone lol (after covid i started to get really grossed out about germs like im kind of a germaphobe now and really hate the smell of other peoples perfumes/lotions unless its something that doesn’t irritate me/ not natural smelling.


seeing my cat chibi again

well she’s not really my cat anymore shes my grandpas and grandmas cat since i left her in their care in 2019. i still love her though and send them money when i can to keep taking care of her (which is rare lol)

the beach days!

i haven’t been to a beach since i was a child (jk i went to mexico alone in 2018  and hit the beach twice but i didn’t really swim!)

i finally swam a little since i was with my cousins. they are natural swimmers, i guess you can say, since they went to swimming classes in school. it was embarrassing to have my younger cousins try to teach me how to swim. i do know a bit, but i can’t go out far at all and they even told me not to go far its like i had to stay put lol its ok shes only like 2 years younger than me.

read mexico part 1 and 2


mexico travel diary 2023 | the malecon (boardwalk)

we walked at the board walk almost every day. my grandparents live 15 minutes away from it and that’s where the parties are at, the clubs, restaurants and the street vendors! my favorite mexican thing is the street vendors. it reminds me of when i was young and there would be street vendors in chicago suburbs so my dad and i would walk literally out of our house to look at the jewelries and nick nacks everyone had selling. unfortunately you can’t find many sellers like their used to anymore so it’s fun to see that in mexico.

la paz mexico travel diary 2023
ignore the date i forget which dates i went its just for aesthetic purposes


  • taking a cute pic at the vegan restaurant GAIA
  • taking a selfie at the gong cha boba cafe literally 5 minutes away from my grandparents house (a place me and my besties would frequent during the weeklong trip!)
  • taking a selfie waiting for food at MELT
  • my aunt took a pic of me and i have the horrible habit of closing my eyes right when people take a pic of me, at the coconut restaurant on the malecon
  • me and my cousin heading out (with everyone else not pictured) on the first night in mexico to just walk around the boardwalk!
  • me and my cousins friend in the backseat, my aunt was always taking pics (i was having a lil moment like ok she about to take pics lets give her a show, can u tell im very awks when my aunt takes pics or anyone for that matter)
  • aunt got a pic of the 3 girlies chatting it up at the mexican candy store (ignore all the candy i have in my hands yes i did eat it all in fact and i enjoyed it)
  • taking a selfie in grandparents bathroom the first night before heading out!
  • a pic in the airplane before heading to mexico! (my skin was so healthy before leaving to mex and after it got horrible bc i ate so much street food)


vegan food in la paz

i mostly enjoyed vegan food from one restaurant called gaia (gaia comida vegana). if you ever stumble upon that cute town, you should really try their food! it’s in a cute downtown area too and if you walk around you will find many other fun shops as well. right next door there is a vegan pasta place, i had food from there too and it is 100/100 but i haven’t been into pasta so much lately so i wasn’t going as crazy for it. Even so, you must try out the empanadas from there. The store is called locos por la pasta aka, crazy for pasta.

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I almost always got vegan matcha and vanilla icecream at the malecon at a shop by an alley and next to a skate rental. P.s I share most food pics even the ugly ones on my ig lol


Story pin image

  • cooking my vegan chorizo and tofu breakfast scramble with the most delicious tortillas my aunt gets
  • a sky view from the plane ride
  • where my grandma is chillin at now <3
  • looking at the moon like the “nina del mar” i am JK (an inside joke from me and my cousin laughing at our other cousin for calling herself a “girl of the ocean”, like babe you’re from chicago and all our mothers are from the city what are u talkin bouttt!)
  • some pesos on my hairy lap lol
  • taking a pic at GAIA lol
  • my aunt got a pic of me with the plushy i so badly wanted to buy but i have so many tbh
  • me and my cousin giving heartu fingers once we got to mexico!
  • me taking a pic of my new fav bag from sears lmfao it was so cute tbh i think i spent so much but i really wanted it lulz

mexico travel diary 2023 | visiting my grandma once again

one morning my aunt (my fav cousins mom) told me to get ready as we would be visiting my grandma. i haven’t been to mexico since 2018 and that’s when i left my grandpa, cat chibi, and grandma and came back home to start working since i was fresh out of community college when i first left to mexico.

i ended up going back later than i thought (this year), and my grandma passed away earlier in 2020 because she got covid. just about a year later she was gone. i was really upset because my family there didn’t prevent her from getting sick. So careless, and it was just NOT her time. she was only 73!




enjoy my la paz mexico travel diary 2023 youtube video! (uploading soon i swear!)


thanks for reading my la paz mexico travel diary 2023 trip!

did you guys go out of the country this year? where did you go to? what did u think of this trip to mexico? would you visit where my grandparents are living lol

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