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Tuesday, June 30

Welcome to my june monthly favorites post my friends.

Let me quickly say:

When I say all lives don’t matter, I mean DON’T TWIST MY WORDS— If they did, you wouldn’t see innocent people being murdered by ANYONE, including those in authority, without facing consequences. Don’t say all lives matter, when you know they don’t in reality.

I’m not sure what’s so hard for people to understand, but I’m assuming the mainstream media is making it look like innocent people deserve to die.

IF all lives did matter, you won’t have migrant people from all over the world in cages in detention centers. You wouldn’t have any of this these problems if all lives mattered.

Here in the U.S, all lives don’t matter. As non black people, we have to remind ourselves of how we are complicit to the injustices going on and to help, we need to stop being silent.

If we let this happen to Black people, it will happen to all of us, because we let it go on for too long. In actuality injustices are happening to all of us. So why are you getting mad when Black people are tired angry and protesting because they’re being murdered ? You should be upset too because we are living in a real weird time to be honest.

Do Black lives matter in your country/home? 

There’s a million questions you should be asking yourself if you don’t agree with the term “Black Lives Matter” and prefer to argue it. You want to do some self help? Write a bujo post about how to be a better you in 2020 by asking yourself some REAL questions.


To welcome July, here is my June monthly favorites/recap. Let’s be grateful for what we have and what we experienced last month.


June Monthly Favorites and Memories 


June monthly memories - lifestyle blogger


Blog Posts from June 2020

The following are my favorite moments from the month.


Moments of June

Earlier in June: BLM, news, sadness, changes.

I’ve watched the news (twitter lol) and well it was all scary to say the least. I haven’t watched real television news in forever because, well, it seems OFF. After seeing that CNN post on what they were showing from the protests compared to what was really happening, I realized it’s ok that I’m not watching the actual news and getting stuff from other sources online.

While on twitter, I saw things I’ve never seen before like cops hurting white people too. Like you know it’s bad when they’re out for everyone and don’t care if they’re being recorded or not. 

I felt like I had to speak up even though I’m just speaking up online, because well, my job is basically lifestyle blogging, and I don’t do much in real life anyways. The only people I talk to are on twitter or instagram and my two friends, mostly one now.

I have no friends megan fox i never leave my house gif -

When I noticed the protests, I thought I shouldn’t go because well I’m not in a familiar place, I don’t have a car, I don’t know how to get on the trains here. I’m really afraid of being a small girl in a place I don’t know in California and being trafficked, I know I’m being paranoid, but better safe than sorry!

Also, with covid, I don’t want to protest and come back to the place I’m staying in for free as a guest to harm my partners family.

So I chose to do stuff online.

(I’m not saying im an activist from this and you shouldn’t think you are either, we are just doing our TINY part in spreading information and trying to educate our followers / supporters)


Burn In Hell elmo GIFs - june 2020

More drama this month: Spiritual Awakening Traumas 

So this month was so awful in the way that, I just wasn’t ready for any awakenings but I am grateful nonetheless.

First we got the world showing us how messed up humans truly are (and I mean the racists and oppressors) and then I got personal crap going on as well. 

I felt at one point on a Saturday night that I could see who has been brainwashed and who is more awoken. 

I felt like people decided to stay blinded because they are getting their information from the wrong people and being influenced by confused and brainwashed people themselves. My brother for example, was sharing information with me that come straight from those weird instagram conspiracy accounts that think the world is flat, the holocaust didn’t happen, sandy hook didn’t happen, etc. Like, I was so shocked! 

ettaarlene on Instagram: “There is a line of thinking that is by staying silent, you are not directing your energy to hate. That by not worrying about the suffering…”

We have to wake each other up. If you’ve seen Stranger Things then you might understand. If you don’t then why are you not working to wake yourself up, or if you are, why aren’t you waking others up? 

You have that power! If you have the knowledge spread it, because people are so brainwashed that they don’t even know how to ask for that help.

Law of Attraction, Spiritual Awareness Awakening Love and Light There is no me, only we. #egodeath #noname #kpop lol  Noname on Instagram: “happy rising .”



Songs I loved in June:

This month I didn’t listen to MUCH but I heard some bops I’d like to share 🙂  

All Tinted – Wolftyla

so i’ve seen her way back in the vine days and i thought she was cute. recently i saw her on tiktok. THEN i finally noticed she made music and I checked it out. I’m loving this song and it’s perfect for summer! I love artists with a soft voice, that’s really my main style tbh


good guy – sf9

I didn’t hear this song when it came out, I’m super late, but hey. They got their FIRST WIN with this song. I love the dance so much 




Back to Me – Nuest

Okay this song is so cute and I want to listen to it while having a picnick!


More and more – Twice

When I first heard this song I hated it! I thought it was weird. Like most kpop songs I first hate, I started to love this one! I can’t get over it. I love it but not enough to add it to my playlists. I guess I think they say  “more” way too much to want to add it to a playlist lol. I still love watching their lives.



Favorite Shows:

Youtuber Tippy

I’ve been watching this gamer Tippy. I randomly looking up girl gamers on youtube who play the game I play and I found Tippy. He also likes Blackpink so I like that about them. I’ll linke you to a video I laugh a lot from.


NU’EST on Variety Shows 

I haven’t been watching any idol shows but recently I’ve felt down, so the only thing that makes me really happy is kpop anime and funny wholesome stuff like idols on variety tv where they make you laugh. Nuest is that group that I think are funny without even trying.





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Blog Goals:


I lost followers again but will all my unfollowing and blocking, it’s no surprise!

Today’s Stats: 366 followers Goals: 400



I gained some followers! Still working on getting to 300 <3

Today’s Stats: 235 followers Goals: 300



Pinterest has been growing a little slower now. I’m still growing so that’s good, just not as fast as I would like. I want to be at 10 million monthly views and stay there. We will take baby steps!


Today’s Stats: 5.8k follows, 5.5 million monthly views Goals: 6+ million monthly views!



My stats WENT DOWN! I’m upset but it only went down by maybe 100 views? I forgot to mention, last month I did meet 4k monthly views!! I just made my post a few days before the month ended so the stats were written down a few days before not counting the end of the month!

So this month I plan to reach a 200 daily view goal. I get about 120 views a day on average so we need to step it up!

  • Today’s Stats: ALMOST 4k monthly views (this month was really close to 4k, I was about 85 views below my 4,200 stats from May) 
  • Goals: 200+ daily views (again), 5k monthly views, 300+ followers.


Thanks for reading my June Monthly Favorites! Hope you enjoyed!

How was your June? Plans for July? I got none, just doing same ol until covid leaves ??

ettaarlene on Instagram: “There is a line of thinking that is by staying silent, you are not directing your energy to hate. That by not worrying about the suffering…”

Talk to me whenever you need to <3



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  • It’s heartbreaking that the media is not reporting the true stories about the march and protests, or about BLM. My plans for next month is just working and picking up my little sister to stay with me for a few weeks.

  • Totally agree you – we need to be better as a society to address the inequalities across the world. I don’t think it is right that there is certain treatment towards others due to their skin tone. Totally wrong. Congrats on your stats progress for June!! Hope July would be a better month!

    Nancy ✨

  • I was really shocked when I saw the video of George Floyd on Twitter. Can’t fathom how someone can be so cruel in broad daylight. A police no less.

    Twice new song is not my fav too.

  • June was meh for me. And I have no plans for July as of right now. I wanted to be more involved with BLM online. But my mental health hasn’t been the best lately so I decided to focus my energy inward instead. I’m digging that Wolftyla song. I’ll be for sure adding it to my summer playlist. I hope you have a great July.

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