July Monthly Favorites | Going back to Chicago, house hunting and more

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THURS, July 30

Welcome to my July monthly favorites post!


Finally we are one month away from my Bday month! I’m not sure what I’m going to do during covid for my 25th birthday… hopefully buy a house! Let me manifest this lol

Here is my July monthly favorites/recap. 


July Monthly Favorites and Memories 


 monthly favorites memories and recap with highlights from july soyvirgo.com


Blog Posts from July 2020


The following are my some moments from the month.

July Monthly Favorites and Moments


 monthly favorites - soyvirgo.com lovely cat lovers blogger pinterest group


July 8th: a weekend in chicago

I visited Chicago for 4 days for a semi-family emergency and now I’m officially the owner of a restaurant. My sibling and me are basically legally the owners, my mom runs it. It’s doing pretty great we make like a ton every month so that’s good. I hope we will be able to open more restaurants and live off those. Maybe just 2 would be great!

NCT johnny chicago gif - monthly favorites highlights memories | soyvirgo.com

this is johnny and yuta from nct – if you don’t know johnny is from chicago – the second idol i know from my city (peniel from btob is the other)

My time in Chicago was pretty amazing and I can’t wait to move back. Living here in California, thought if it’s possible to move back home and still find ways to eat the way I do in Cali. Chicago has only greasy/fried vegan food or just vegan food with oil and sugars etc. and the grocery stores are pretty unhealthy. I will be doing my best to find small farms and locations that can help keep me healthy, whenever I do permanently move back.

If you want to see more from my week in Chicago, read this post!


Body Mentions: Becoming a healthier person 

Well this month I have realized I have lost a lot of weight.

When I went to Chicago, I tried on some old jeans that I had stored away to sell because before coming to California in March of this year, they did NOT FIT ME. Now they do and I am super happy!

I might make a post of this, noone asked but I would like to document my weight love LOL 

Like I’ve honestly never felt so fit in my life, not even when I was 22 and weighed around 130lbs. That was my lowest in adulthood. Now I think I way less than 130 and it’s great considering how short I am. 



I was gaming a lot some days, usually on the weekends and at night. I actually got 19 subscribers now! I’m really happy about that.

I’m gonna work on making more videos, I would like to do gaming and commentary videos on youtube because I’m not a very photogenic person and I also don’t have that aesthetic touch so my lifestyle videos would be pretty bland.



Thank you to Weird Louise for visiting my stream! If you visit my stream you can leave comments and i MIGHT see them. I don’t respond right away because I can’t see the message unless I open it in the PS4 settings. Soon I will set it up so that you can see the comments on screen but I don’t have that kind of set up yet, it’s in the works!


July 27: editing videos and trying other things!


So i edited my first video and i think i did an OK job for my first time. Its just my gameplay from this animal game.

I’m thinking of doing more editing, maybe I’ll try making those kpop videos, or feel good commentary, not sure yet. Any input would be appreciated.


Check out my first edit video below it’s very cheesy because it’s just a little phone app game that I recorded myself playing. I actually want to uninstall it because there’s much better things I can be using my time with instead of playing this kind of video game to be brutally honest.


I’m also using other types of apps. I realized it’s better to use small apps than to try to get followers on big ones like Instagram, Twitch, ETC. 

So I’m figuring out where to spend most of my time but also get money from those places. Blogging is a side job and I don’t get much money from it, which is something I’m working on, but I’m looking elsewhere too so I’m not spending too much time on something that won’t help me in the future.


Songs I loved in July:

This month I didn’t listen to much music again, but here is what I found 🙂  


Hawaiian Couple cover – Arin OHMYGIRL and Soobin

this is originally from this artist- Humming Urban Stereo. The song is absolutely my favorite! I love Arin but I think her voice is too high pitched for this song, but I still love it!


android apartment – Future Girlfriend

this song is so cute and nice I love it!


 My Identity – Moe Shop with SEIJ

I actually found the remix of this song on soundcloud but it was too much for me so I found the original (this one) and I love the singing but I don’t like that “funky” noise going on. It’s too much for me but I still like the singing and can’t ignore it.



Round 2 – Pentagon

Thanks to Chloe from midnightwander for sharing this song on her post. 

Now I’m sharing it with you all cause i think it’s so fun and cute!




yesterday – yukika

Okay this song is so cute and I want to listen to it while having a picnick!



Favorite Shows:

Web Drama: the world of my 17

I really love Arin from Oh My Girl, she is super precious and sweet. Now her baby face has become more sophisticated, it’s like I watched my child grow up… even though she’s not that much younger than me…

but she’s on this web drama I recently found out about! It’s basically about bullying.



Mijoo and Jisoo from Lovelyz on Battle Trip

I love watching traveling videos especially with celebrities. They show where to travel for cheap, or for a bargain but still have a good time.

part one here


pick me with lovelyz Mijoo 

this show just randomly showed up on my feed and I’m 100% sure it’s all thanks to Mijoo being a good salesperson and being able to show herself off and anything she is wearing. This video was the start of all that promotions she’s getting now, at least that’s what I believe. 

Watch here:


and now she’s able to have her own show where she sells products lol and she does more too



Spoonz and Nuest

I love spoonz products so much. They’re basically what b21 is for BTS, but Spoonz are the characters based on Nu’est. I love them much more than the b21 characters! Anyways, Spoonz helps promote their products with Nu’est on these lil shows. They’re so fun to watch and I just want to buy all Spoonz merch! 


Nu’est Nucket List (bucket list show)

So this show is just super cute I adore it and you guys should check them out. What I like about nuest is that they are SO CLOSE like it’s an ideal friendship kind of group and it’s so wholesome. 


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Blog Goals:


Wow, Instagram is no joke. also I’m deciding on not using instagram as much anymore. it’s a great way to post images and all that, but I just can’t stand how they work with trump, facebook, ice, don’t remove pedos, or nazis etc. I’m tired of it. I’d rather use apps that aren’t friendly with all those toxic companies and people.

Goals: find a image documenting app similar to instagram but for now, back to sharing my photos on here? like i should be?



i was even less active this month than june… so not much growth again. I guess I’m only on Twitter because it’s honestly more fun than Instagram for me. I only like IG for sharing photos, but I don’t agree with their morals at all as a company. Twitter on the other hand, still delete wrong posts sometimes that aren’t as harmful as others, but I still think it’s better than IG. 

Today’s Stats: 248 followers

Goals: 300



Pinterest has been good to me but then bad for some weeks when I was kind of inactive but then I got my groove back again. The main goal is to reach 10 million views a month and keep it there. No more small goals for me, i just want to make it to 10 million from now on.

Today’s Stats: 6k follows and 6m monthly views (i met my goals from last month)

Goals: 10m million monthly views!



So this month I was SOOO close to 5 thousand monthly views, I’m kinda shocked now because I’m not so sure what I did other than use pinterest so my views will go up, and I guess it worked!

For August I plan to reach a 300+ daily view goal. I get about 150 views a day on average so we need to step it up so that this year I can get more job opportunities through my site and get myself out there.

  • Today’s Stats: 4.7k monthly views, 150 daily view avg
  • Goals: 300+ daily views, 5k+ monthly views, 300+ follows.


Thanks for reading my July Monthly Favorites! Hope you enjoyed!

Welcome to August. Still have zero plans for this month because people don’t want to stop spreading covid so they’re ruining 2020 for the rest of us. Yeah I’m annoyed, I didn’t expect to have a covid bday too lol

Talk to me whenever you need to <3



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  • omg congrats on all those achievements girl, and WOW owner of a restaurant!! That is a BIG achievement haha I’m so happy for you Kiki!! I’m super sorry I guess maybe this is a bit ignorant and I know I’m guilty of not following every post but so your hubs is back in Cali while you help manage the restaurant in Chicago? Where do you plan on finding a house at – Cali or Chicago? I wanna visit both tbh, i’ve never been to either! I hear you can find every sort of cuisine in California haha so that’s pretty cool. ALSO I’m so happy you’re playing more vid games girl, they’re so much fun and a great way to blow off stress. Angela is such a supportive gal!! I love her. 🙂

    • OMG idky i didn’t see this post? my bad

      no actually i moved to cali BECAUSE working as cashier at the restaurant was TOOO MUCH stress. so i moved here to be with him. had to go back to sign contracts. now im in cali again to chill lol i kinda work online for the restaurant but i get paid <3
      yes u should visit cali when u get a chance!! so many places i want to see here.

      chicago is just home for me, i love the weather there and buildings.
      ooh cool!! i love when im mutuals with bloggers and theyre mutuals with my mutuals lol thanks for stopping by!!!

  • You were so productive!
    Pinterest gives me so much inspiration for my instagram, love it 🙂
    Would you like us to follow each other?

  • Really great post! I’ve noticed that Pinterest is really useful for gaining traffic which is kind of weird because I really did not see that coming. I always assumed Twitter or Instagram would be better for getting views.

  • Sounds like you had a good July. I love Chicago. I thought about moving there to be closer to my family. I might revisit the idea after I finish school. I’m new to editing videos and I’m still trying to figure it out. I feel like it’s something you get better with the more you do. And you’ll find your style and what works for you. I’ll be popping into more of streams. I’m a really anxious person so I tend to lurk in streams where there’s a lot of people. But I’ve been challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. For an Instagram alternative check out Retrica. I’m not a fan of the app either, and I’ve been less active on it and I’m thinking about deleting my account. Lately, I’ve been really into TikTok. I hope you have a great August.

  • Heya there Kiki! Productive July there! 😀
    I had mine few but not much 😀
    Looking forward to your August! 🙂

  • Eee so glad you love Round 2, it deserves so much more love !! Pentagon are so underrated 🙁 I love reading your Kpop-related content as always, as soon as I saw Johnny I was just like ah…CHICAGO. Hahahaha xx

    • Right… i did not notice they weren’t popular.. like I don’t understand why? Personally I feel like they got even less popular once edawn left? almost like edawns fans abandoned him + pentagon completely from the “scandal”. just what i sense…
      ahh yes im glad u like! I want to incorporate more kpop content bc i literally consume it every day it makes me happy and laugh so much. so might as well add it more into my site so kpop fans can relate to my blog more lol
      thanks for sharing the video and checking out this post <3

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