Intermittent Fasting: What It's Doing to My Potato Body

I love my body very much, but this eating nothing but salty, artificial and fattening foods lifestyle is getting out out hand! Someone has to stop you, and that someone is yourself! – Me to me (2017)I am dieting because I am only 5’2″ and weigh 155 lbs / 74kg. Considering I was only 134 pounds around this time last year, I feel like I need to change my habits.  I can’t see my collarbones, and I’m not sure if it’s a healthy thing to see them but the fact I cant see them anymore makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong.  Another reason is that some jeans I brought with me to my trip don’t fit me and that really concerns me. I began I.F on October 12 after watching Youtuber, Sarah Cheung, talk about fasting and how she lost 10 pounds in a month. If you want a better explanation of I.F, you can watch her video I posted at the end of this blog entry.I’ll start off by listing some of my eating habits before fasting. If you do some of these and want to lose weight, please consider trying I.F if your doctor approves!

  • Eating family sized dorites and cheeto bags by yourself.
  • Eating pizza every weekend, and trying hard not to order another after eating one all by yourself.
  • Eating anything with cheese, including quesadillas, cheese sticks, grilled cheese
  • Eat. Hungry. Eat, still feeling hungry. Feel guilty for wanting to eat again after you just ate.
  • Eating 5 tortillas every morning
  • Eating conchas and ice cream in one sitting
  • Always thinking about what you are going to eat next while simultaneously stuffing your face.

So if you do any of the aforementioned, give this routine a try. I used to do all of the above, but now do less and just eat eggs every morning, less than 8 tortillas a week, a small bag of doritos maybe once every two weeks, and maruchan almost 3 times a week. So, I still have work to do when it comes to eating healthy. Keep that in mind when trying to lose weight fast

Please check with your doctor first before starting any diets on your own, especially if you have health problems!


Use the 16:8 ratio. Eat anything you want within 8 hours and do not eat for 16 hours. Make the diet fit around your schedule. The easiest way to start is to make the time you wake up the time you start eating for 8 hours and whenever you sleep should be the time you fit in the 16 hours. For instance, I ate whatever I wanted starting at 10 am and would eat whenever I was hungry until 6 pm. After 6 pm, I would not eat until 16 hours have passed. So I would eat every morning around 10 and stop by 6 pm. What I eat is bad foods like Maruchan, Doritos, other chips and salty foods, ice cream, bread etc and sometimes add in salads, berries, whole avocados and beans, but nothing extremely healthy.


I started this diet on October 12 and 9 days later is when I noticed that I started to eat less. I wouldn’t be craving for more food after eating. My stomach started to growl more but I’ve been told that it’s a sign your stomach is shrinking, but I’m not sure if that’s true. It’s good to fit in some workout routines as well, but you don’t have to. The workouts I do are taken from Pinterest and it’s usually the laziest at home workouts or anything by Blogilates. I suggest jumping jacks. I can now do 50 in a row, before I could only do 20.
On October 28, I only had the urge to eat twice. I am definitely doing this the wrong way, because I’m not eating a full healthy meal, but I ended up eating 2 cups of Maruchan and my breakfast. I had no desire to eat again until midnight, but that is around the time I sleep so it wasn’t too bad going to sleep and forgetting about my hunger. I stopped taking short naps during the day like I used to. I’m not sure if that’s because of the diet  or something else causing it, but I thought I should mention it.
It is now November and my eating habits have changed a lot since starting. I eat within 6 hours, sometimes 5 and fast for 18 to 19 hours. I’m a bit shocked considering how much I used to want to eat. I probably was going to gain more with the way I was eating and by how I never worked out. My stomach feels smaller and it looks like my size around my waist is getting smaller which is good for a person my height. I will post an update with pictures of my weight change from a scale and maybe some before and after pictures of how I much smaller I got.
Thanks to the Vora app, I’m able to track the times I eat and fast. If you want to do this diet with me, you can follow my feed with Vora, my username is soyvirgo. The entries I made are a bit confusing but the app was confusing at first, but I still recommend it for android users!

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