How to Depop: My experience and tips

I’m a senior at this… trust me babez. I’ve been on Depop since, maybe 2014 and I’ve sold more than 100 items including shoes, home decor, gaming consoles, posters, jackets records and more. I had 2 other accounts that I had to delete but sold on them as well. I want you guys to trust me a bit, so here’s some proof: I now have 4 accounts, 1 for clothes where I have 3,000 followers (mostly inactive users), I only had one or two bad stars, but the users were just being petty lol.

FireShot Capture 018 - READ LAST POST 🥀's Shop - Depop - https___www.depop.com_6irl9

Another account is used to sell non clothing items, like stuffed animals, pins, makeup, cds dvds, bags or anything I feel won’t sell as quickly on my clothing account. It’s against depop’s guidelines to make more than one account so try to give each one a different purpose! I have another account where I sell all my moms merch from her store she had to close down and the fourth one is for my altered clothes/clothing line. [pictured below] I’m not sure if depop still cares about you having mutliple accounts since they recently got new owners of the app and made changes. Give it a shot!

FireShot Capture 016 - CLOSED ♡'s Shop - Depop - https___www.depop.com_virgencitas  FireShot Capture 017 - CLOSED ♡'s Shop - Depop - https___www.depop.com_virgencitas

I sold my clothing line stuff really well on depop, but since they charge fees and I altered the clothes on my own and spent money to make it cuter, I thought it would be better to start selling them on Instagram. So as you can see, I have some experience with this app, and I’ve tried other apps as well. I would have many more followers today but I’m not that active, plus I’m a hoarder so at times I have nothing to sell!

I want to give you all my tips since I think it’s a pretty decent app to sell on and probably is the best one out there to make side money. I will share tips on what helped me sell, what didn’t, how I got 3,000+ followers and a few other tips and advice I think would help you.

how to sell on depop


Basics of selling:

1. Upload a shop policy post. People can be petty, especially if there’s money involved. I didn’t have one for a long time and nothing bad ever happened to me and I was lucky to have such angelic buyers, but, better safe than sorry! Here are my policies for my personal account and clothing line account, yours can be different but these worked for me:


2. I think one of the reasons I never got scammed from a sale was because I always post tracking and packaging proof and tagged the buyer in my post. I really recommend doing that at the start, just cross out the users address and name!

Later on when you’ve gotten reviews, you can just let everyone trust you since you have enough 5 stars where you don’t have to be posting the packaging, like me!

What I do now is save my tracking receipts, post them on paypal once I shipped the item and specify on my policies that tracking will be posted on paypal, that way I don’t have to spend much time posting tracking, messaging a customer and doing the most when buyers should be reading  the shop policies and expect the tracking in an email from paypal. Make it easier and quicker for yourselves!

3. Save tracking receipts! [Please remember to charge your buyer for shipping, I’ll explain how below.] I’ve seen sellers upload a post about a past buyer opening a paypal claim against them, months or even a year after the purchase was made. Even if that buyer gave 5 stars, they will still try to open a claim and get their money back. Sure, you gotta keep an open heart when dealing with customers but you need to remember there’s many people who have nothing better to do with their lives than make trouble for others.

Make it easier on yourself! When depop can’t help you with a transaction, Paypal will later need to step in and they ask for your tracking receipts, messages and anything you have as proof in order for you to win the case. I have a shoe box full of usps tracking receipts in case someone wants to bring a purchase back from the grave and fight me.

How to sell (get started):

1. You need a bank account and a paypal account. Depop deactivates you for making negotiations to get payment in a different method where you’re not paying the fees. (i.e, telling someone to pay you with paypal friends and family option, another app similar to paypal or some other method that’s not through depop). Get these two set up and you’re good to go!

2. Download the Paypal app (my referral link is attached hehe) and set up your account. Why download the app? It’s easier to transfer your money to your bank account this way and you get notified asap when you make a sale. Make sure you also have your bank account connected to your paypal so you’re able to transfer the money quickly! For me, it’s free to transfer and it only takes 1 business day to complete.

3. Make a great description! Make a clear description of the item, new or used, brand etc. and post clear pictures. If you don’t, you will be bombarded with questions, or you just won’t get any interested buyers at all because you will seem sketchy. Now, you can just wait for the buyers to show up!

How to ship:

1. Make sure you price your items correctly. I used to upload things for $8 with a $3 shipping fee and I was basically losing money and not making any! I don’t like doing math so I just round and guess, oops. There is a paypal fee, depop fee and you have to remember the shipping fee you have to charge your buyer. When I sell something, I  charge a total of $5 for shipping and fees since what I normally sell is usually small in size. If your item is bigger like shoes or a jacket, the price of shipping will obviously be higher, like $7 and up.

2. Depop offers two options, you can either choose the label option or the ship it yourself option. The label option is just like poshmark’s service, where you have to print a label, stick it to your package and leave it with your shipping carrier. It is incredibly easy to do it that way. The reason I choose to ship my own packages is because depop’s labeling service sucks. Once I chose the large option which means the label would allow me to ship something that is more than 13 oz. When I printed the label, it said small 13 oz, meaning it did not qualify for USPS’s priority package. I contacted depop about this and they basically told me that’s not how it works and their label is correct. I’m not too good at explaining but if you notice when you want to ship something that’s a big size on poshmark, their label you print out changes so that you can ship priority. Depop didn’t do that when I specified that the item I was selling was larger in size. That’s why I will never use depops label service again! I lost a sale due to their mistake. Also, it’s easier to just ship yourself especially if you don’t have access to a printer, like me lol

3. Make your packaging nice and neat. Ship with USPS if you’re in the U.S or whatever government service you can use. FedEx and UPS will always be more expensive. 4. Ask for First class or the cheapest options. Don’t ask for their help. The government is always out to get you.. because for like a month or two the workers at my local post office LIED TO ME. They kept charging me double for something that could have been shipped first class, but since I was just starting out, they never told me. I was really mad when I found out and gave them bad reviews and never went back, cause what else can I do? Anyways, just go right in there and act like you know what you’re doing. Maybe you can do what I did and go to the three closest towns and decide which post office serves you best. The things I have to do these days because people don’t want to be decent human beings!

Anyway, tell the person at the counter you want First class if the item is small and under 13 ounces. I usually just say, “Can I ship this first class?” and they will tell me if it qualifies for the cheapest option or not.

4. Keep your tracking receipt and post it on your depop or just message the buyer. You can do it like me and type the tracking down in paypal, the buyer will be notified by email.

How to gain followers:

1. theres many ways to gain followers but what you do on instagram may not work on here. You will probably get called out for spamming in the tags. I wouldn’t recommend this, I never did it and I got a lot of followers anyways. I suggest taking good pictures for the most part. If you’re not selling what people want, like brandy melville, unif, lazy oaf, valfre, american apparel and more brands like that, then you’re going to have to put some effort into selling your clothes.

2. Modeling in your clothes really helps! If you can find cute images of the item online, that will work just as well. Please remember to upload pictures of the actual item you have or else people will claim you are scamming saying you really don’t have the item since you’re not using your own photos. You need these buyers to trust you! This really makes your page look nice and legitimate and will help you gain followers.

3. What helped me THE MOST in making followers was having good pictures and taking them in good lighting! I know I enjoy “liking” well taken photos and usually would want to buy from someone with a good picture, this way I know exactly what I’m getting since the image is clear, and you know the seller is a clean person if their picture shows a clean room or something lol not judging anyone who has a messy room since I have one, but not everyone likes looking at your messy room. 4. Being active is also a great way to gain friends and followers on depop! Everyone will see you and maybe you will get featured on the Expore page. This is the best ways to gain followers as well. 5. Follow others and gain mutuals. I did this on all my accounts and have gained a pretty good following on each account.

What sold:

1. Basically, you want to sell useful items. If they’re not useful, maybe they’re cute, pastel or something of the like. If they’re not name brand, at least they’re new or still have the tags. The less someone wants something, the more effort you have to put in to sell it.

2. I know I have to model some things that are not as cute, but sometimes it looks better worn, so try that out!

3. If you can’t do any of the above, I recommend doing some editing. For the shorts pictured above, I took off the background and put something cute instead since my whole apartment at the time of the photo looked so bad and had no lighting. The site I used to do this was Bonanza: Background Burner and I also used the Line app. You have to remember that depop is like instagram and lots of girls are on the app who look for vintage, thrift and cute aesthetically pleasing clothings on there (at least i do that lol…) so you have to try and get peoples attention. If you have something pink, vintage, fluffy, or name brands like american apparel, brandy, unif, or anything similar, you will definitely sell.

4. Keep updating the item. Doing this brings it back to the top of your page and on top of search lists. Every once in a while I like to update my most popular items that haven’t sold and I usually get some likes from it. One last thing you might want to do is check out the explore page to get some inspiration. See what sells and what doesn’t. You will get the hang of depop right away because it’s pretty much Instagram but for selling. I would say that 6 months into depop, I started to enjoy it and try and make my images look good so I can get a good following, sell all this junk I own and do my part in reducing waste. It’s such a great feeling!

If you need any more help or tips just comment below. I will probably make an updated depop post in the future if I get enough questions about it. Thanks for reading!




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