How to clean out your closet stress free!

How to clean out your closet stress free!

Updated August 18, 2021

Why do I wanna do a closet cleanout? Well, my mom and I recently went to get a new car because a gal backed up into our last one and it was brand new! We got it fixed, but we thought we might as well take advantage and get ourselves an upgrade. We upgraded big time and I basically felt I couldn’t be driving in this brand new sports car looking the way I did when I was in high school.


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Why I decided to clean my wardrobe

I’m still an owner of the same coats and sweaters I wore freshman year. I’m not making it a huge deal, like, you can still shop Walmart and be Gucci, but I’m kind of being a hoarder at this point.

Thanks to old forever 21 for having really well made winter clothes to last me so long. They’re kind of my enemy now because everything I bought from them after high school wore out in like a month.

Point is I have grown out of a lot of my old clothes.

So, let’s talk about how to upgrade from scene-girl forever21 obsessed me, to minimalist, healthy and wealthy blogger me! Doing this can be stressful, but I’m here to help you make it fun and exciting and well, stress free!

Here’s how to clean out your closet stress free:

Closet clothes clean out your closet stress free

Above is a picture of my closet with many empty hangers. I’m in the process of cleaning out this mess!

How to be stress-free in a closet clean out process.

When I was in Mexico, I felt so light and free from not having so many clothes with me. The rest of my clothes were back in the U.S and it felt good not having a lot of stuff that I didn’t need.

It was nice not worrying about so many clothes to wash. Frankly, you don’t NEED so many clothes. If you live a life where you have to wear more clothes to impress someone, like if you’re a designer or someone’s personal assistant, then maybe you may need a few more clothing items.

For the rest of us, we really just need the BASICS.

This was another reason why I wanted to clean out my messy closet but at the same time upgrade my style that would fit my minimalist ways and also help me look a bit more my age.

Since not everyone can visit their grandma in Mexico, let’s try to get inspiration from somewhere else. Inspiration will help motivate you to clean up! It helps push through all those pesky thoughts about rummaging through clothes, thus making you put off the cleaning for another year.

Closet clean out process and steps:


  • fall in love with this process by reminding yourself how light you’ll feel once you clean out this messy part of your life.
  • I made sure to separate clothes into what I don’t wear anymore, what to replace, donate/sell and items I still wear and love.
  • think of the money you will get once you sell these clothes, or donate them to make someone happy.
  • some clothes are not serving you anymore. They’ve been great to you, but you need this upgrade!
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Pass these things onto someone else! If they’re not useful clothes, be resourceful and use them as rags.

I’m not sure what other people use ripped clothes for, but I usually cut them up and use to clean the kitchen or bathtub. They’re even good for altering clothes if the quality is still good enough.

Get creative!

Second, clean up your wardrobe by asking yourself:

  • Do I wear this piece a lot?
    • If no, then put it in a no pile
  • Will I wear this again or anytime soon?
    • no? put it in a no pile!
  • Can I let go of the memories I made with this?
    • if it’s a no, take many selfies with the item, share those selfies, and finally put the item up for sale. If you really shouldn’t get rid of it then just put it in a storage box.
  • Does it have a hole, stain or have my friends seen me wear it 3+ years ago?
    • yes, some of my clothes have been with me since I was in high school, it’s time to donate those…
  • Does it fit the style I’m trying to achieve?
  • ETC.. you can come up with your own questions and make your own piles!

Try on clothes if you have to. If it’s too big, toss it in the no pile. If it’s too small, consider the no pile. If you’re losing weight like me, you can put the small clothes you still want into storage. I have a suitcase full of summer outfits that are a little tight. I just need to do some work to be able to wear them again. It’s still cold in Chicago so I have some time left to work out lol

Do not throw clothes in the trash. There’s enough waste in the world! I recommend putting your clothes up on your Instagram stories or anywhere. Start on mercari or poshmark and even donate them to a church or anyone in need.

Read my post How to depop for tips!

clean out your closet stress free!

I have boxes and bags full of clothes and items to sell.

I’m slowly getting rid of everything and it honestly feels so liberating!

I highly recommend doing this process at least in the beginning and end of the year.

Now it’s time to upgrade my style.

I’ll save you some time and tell you that I just used Pinterest as inspiration! I’ve gotten ideas from Instagram too and have bookmarked outfits on there.

  • Look through magazines, Youtube, websites and from bloggers!
  • Have a vision of what look you are going for
  • Make a list of the statement pieces you’re gonna need to achieve the look and make sure to only buy what is on your list. (this way you’re not buying everything that catches your eye)

I finally have found some self control and stopped impulse buying.

If you’re trying to change up your style too, let me know what is the look you’re trying to achieve!



Thanks for reading all! Let me know if this helped you in any way.

How do you all normally clean your room out?


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