From 8k to 200k+ views. How to boost Pinterest traffic

My views are not at 200k yet but I’m rounding up. I will soon be at more than 200 thousand views anyways, so don’t come after me please lol. I am still new to blogging and driving traffic to my blog by using pinterest so I won’t talk about that on this post.

I want to talk about my views and followers increasing on Pinterest and how I made that happen in weeks!


Pinterest is a great website to bring traffic to your blog. It doesn’t matter what site you have your blog on because Pinterest redirects to any source like tumblr, WordPress, Instagram etc.

I started using Pinterest earlier this year because I was bored at work and needed something to keep me from dozing off. I realized quickly after, that most posts lead to a blog once you click on them. For bloggers or any kind of creators, this is a huge help to let their brand and company be found.

Some people are still not sure how to work with it, like me. So for now, all I’m doing is trying to get more Pinterest views and followers. Once I get more knowledge on how to use that platform, I will work on bringing the viewers to my blog.

Here’s what I’ve been doing on Pinterest so far that resulted in me getting followers and many pageviews:

Step one.
Post more (be active).

At least 5 posts a day make you look active on the site and that’s what potential followers are looking for. Like me, I only looked for active people and if they haven’t updated any boards in 5 days, I will usually unfollow them. Within weeks of posting more and more, I noticed my views go from 8k to 9k and now about a month later, I have triple the number of views. I didn’t take a picture from when I had 8k so that makes me look like I’m just making this up but I will try to keep active on Pinterest and take another screen-shot of my views increase in maybe a month or two from now.

Step two. Organize your boards

Some people like to organize their boards by putting a cover photo and tidying up the board to make sure everything stays consistent. I noticed some people still have more than 1,000 followers if they don’t have a cover photo on their boards, but most of the popular users do have one. It just depends on what you post, how many times a day you post and if your repins are liked by others.

Screenshot (17).png
Step three. Follow those who interact with you.

Everyone gets notifications of people interacting with one of your pins, or leaves a  comment on one of your tries or a follow of one of your boards. These people like what you post. What I like to do is check out some of these users accounts’ and if I like their boards then I follow them. Sometimes I’ll get a follow back but if I don’t thats okay because I will then have more things I like that I can repin too. 

Step four. Leave links to your pinterest.

I always try to leave a link to my Pinterest. I have one on my tumblr and wordpress blog and any other site I’m on. I do this because when I’m on someones tumblr or instagram, I always wonder if they have a pinterest I could follow them on. This was people don’t have to wonder, they can just quickly follow you since you’ve linked them to your pinterest account!

Step five. Make it fun for yourself.
When I started on Pinterest, I did it because WeHeartIt seemed kind of dead. We heart it didn’t have many popular boards that included DIY’s or furniture as much as Pinterest did. So I joined and I was addicted to it right away. Whenever I need to go out and need ideas for what makeup look I should try, I go to my pinterest boards. If you don’t make pinterest fun for yourself, then it will just be another boring task for you.
Good luck!

Love Kiko


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