How to be straightXedge in 2018

I’m not straight edge lol, at least I don’t call myself that. I honestly didn’t know it was a legitimate term until recently (last week). I thought it was a word people used to make memes out of those pop punk bands. I knew it meant not to partake in drinking or doing drugs but apparently it also means to not have casual sex or drink coffee/have caffeine. Hello, I am one of those people who has never been drunk, never drank, smoked a cig or smoked weed lol I also never really had sex with people for fun or just because I felt like it (I don’t care if you do, that’s your lifestyle + it’s nobody’s business). I came across the term “demisexual” and I think I am more of a demi-sexual than anything else, considering being single for almost 20 years cause I didn’t want someone to waste my time lol I don’t take the word seriously but it’s fun to label myself as that.
So, every time I meet someone and we talk about drinking, I say I don’t know the feeling because I’ve never been drunk and they never believe me. Why is that? I might never know since most of my friends are either the same, understand why I don’t drink or don’t think it’s a big deal since they don’t care about my lifestyle. By the way, thanks to ya’ll who never pressured me to do anything.
Some people don’t drink, smoke or even party even if they’re 20. I’m pretty introverted, but I still made it to parties. Like that karaoke party with my close friends, family parties, birthday parties, and those halloween parties with no alcohol (haha). I sometimes wish I did go to prom, or was more social to be invited to those wild parties, but also, I’m happy with never being part of that world. Maybe it is easier to be alone and able to handle being in alone more than always being surrounded by people. One day, you will have to live on your own, you might be friendless since everyone moved away or went to uni and you stay working in the same town or something. You’re not able to cope with loneliness because you’re not used to it. So that’s why it might be better to be a solitude loving goddess like me lol. I’m really fine with just a cat and my laptop, that’s what it’s always been like. I had friends but they were all like me, or they had strict parents, or we lived too far apart. Also sometimes I was too sad to go to their house ugh
Anyways, this is an awful guide. But, you should remember what drinking and cigarettes do to you. They may look cool, you may feel like it’s one thing you can have control over in your life, or whatever other reason you do those things for, but… they’re bad! Not only for yourself, your body, mind, but also the people around you and the environment. It’s time we start focusing on the planet. Do you need more forest fires earthquakes and hurricanes to realize the earth is pissed? Nope, don’t think so.
What’s in a Cigarette? | Alcohol Effects (Just listing these in case anyone is wondering).
Personally, I am a pig. I’m vegetarian but eat Doritos, cheeses and snickers almost every week. I am unhealthy enough as it is so that is mostly why I stay away from hard drugs and alcohol.
When it comes to casual sex, I guess I can’t say much because that’s just someone’s way of living and what they like to do. For me I see sex as something special. First of all, I hate men, they’re all trash. You give them your time, and they throw it away or they use it for something to only benefit them. Whenever I liked a guy and gave them my time, it was just not worth it, to say the least. There is emotional stress that comes with giving your time to someone and then giving them your whole body??? omg not for me. I like to be loved 100 percent first or else I will really feel like crap if they don’t appreciate me enough. Even then, something might happen, like your partner may cheat or dump you right after, they might say something about you that makes you feel less than, so that’s why I take my TIME in relationships, not just romantic relationships but friendships too. Relationships are hard enough and I just feel like having sex with someone I don’t care about and who doesn’t care about me is even harder for me to deal with. It’s not for everyone and that’s fine.
This was how to I am a straight edge queen in 2017 and these are my tips.
This is a joke because I do drink coffee and I don’t mind using weed gummies lol, but you do you babes! xoxo

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