Law of Attraction | becoming vegan in 2 months using loa

how law of attraction turned me vegan in 2 months

Hello animal lovers!

I’m finally going vegan! It’s funny because I wrote down in my to do list/goals list: “go vegan” but the due date was in 2020, so using law of attraction helped me achieve this 2 years in advance!

we did it me! and you guys lol…

It actually took me about two month’s after writing it down as my goal to finally turn vegan from a vegetarian. So, let me share my tips and amazing change into the vegan lifestyle, enjoy reading

how law of attraction turned me vegan in 2 months

vegetarian to vegan going vegan using law of attraction in 5 steps
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how law of attraction turned me vegan – step 1: study law of attraction

I’m just gonna go straight in on this post, and don’t say it’s BS – because I’m proof. It all started with my interest in the Law of Attraction.

Step 1: learning about law of attraction 

Law of Attraction is basically the practice of being grateful in everything in your life and being happy and positive and believing you deserve all that you desire, in attracting what’s for you and not chasing it. What’s yours is yours if you believe it.

I’ve been studying LOA since around 2013. I’ve been vegetarian since around 2012, if i can remember correctly. It was sort of on and off but I became vege soon after studying LOA.

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My brother put me onto the movie the secret, i watched it on youtube and that’s where my interest in law of attraction began!

I was just out of high school or close to it and getting ready for adult life. I was interested in how positive and positive thinking it was. That’s what got me to start journaling more about gratitude, about myself, my traumas, how to be a better person, how to be more aligned with positive thinking and open my third eye as well, and everything in between.

how law of attraction turned me vegan |

 My first time using the law of attraction in my daily life:

So i first used the law of attraction to get into the college i wanted to go to. Long story short, I believed i was already accepted and i got in! I told all my friends and family i was accepted as well lol

in the end i decided i didn’t want to go to college because i wasn’t interested in getting into school debt LOL but that’s another story!

I was amazed at how well it worked..

I just believed i got the acceptation and it happened! From then on i continued to use LOA in my life and what happened next was amazing.

I stayed wealthy with a big house, a nice car, actually, OPTIONS of cars, a good life, NO JOB but money coming to me (no i didn’t have to work a typical 9-5 from like 15-19 years old), and i was pretty in shape, cute, had nice clothes, GOT THE BOYFRIEND I WANTED (and got married to him) and even got to travel (with him too). Yes you could say that I was living with my parents, so that’s why i was living a nice life, but i believe it was because of LOA. After a while i did lose my law of attraction mindset and my life kind of went downhill after that, I was still doing great for an adult let’s be honest, I was not struggling but it was a silent struggle.

I stopped believing in myself, i started to think negatively again, i wasn’t working on myself, i was being pathetic and lazy and complaining NOT BEING GRATEFUL FOR WHAT I HAD is what really ruined me.



how i turned vegan using loa 

step 2: getting rid of things that don’t serve you

Now why would you want to attach yourself to things that don’t serve you?

Step 2: getting rid of what doesn’t serve you.

All the videos I’ve seen recently about LOA have said once you’re getting to your “higher self” you can start to feel less interested in what doesn’t make you happy.

In my case, I was eating eggs and cheese even though I’ve been wanting to go vegan and these foods hurt my stomach every time I ate them. I would get sick, bloated, have horrible gas and i was always uncomfortable. Why did i continue to eat foods that was making me feel so horribly? Did I hate myself that much? Well these are things i was thinking after learning about law of attraction. Naturally I started to question what I was eating, what I put into my body, I started to care not only about myself but those around me even the animals, especially the animals that can’t stand up for themselves!


going vegan is easy with the law of attraction because you start to question more. you question yourself more and you find out you deserve more and deserve better. You start to notice that not everything is good for you so you have to remove it from your life. For me, I noticed it was non-vegan foods. EGGS, Cheese, Chips, Pizza, Icecream, cookies, DAIRY.

All of it needed to leave my life immediately. That’s how I felt, thanks to law of attraction. I was vegetarian for a long time and only eating fish every once in a while, so it was a bit easier to go vegan this way too.

Here’s the video I saw by Aaron Doughty where he mentions losing interest in foods that “no longer serve you”. (skip to 3 minutes) I know it’s gonna sound like BS to some so that’s why I wanna get that out of the way.

how i turned vegan using loa 

step 3: raise your vibrations

Raising your vibrations just comes naturally while studying loa

Step 3: raising vibrations

What does this mean exactly? You want to raise your vibrations because you aren’t a rock. You are human, have thoughts, you have feelings and emotions.

Hey! I’m talking to you. Do you have empathy, do you live breathe walk and talk? You want to be healthy in mind body and spirit too? That’s why you are trying to figure out how to make law of attraction work for you and that’s why you’re thinking about going vegan.

For me personally, I could not get to my higher form without raising my vibrations. I felt like my whole identity was stagnant, the same person, not growing. I felt that I had to go vegan in order to raise my vibrations and become a better human and that’s what I did.

It’s amazing how quickly everything began falling into place after I started being more positive and raising my vibrations!

I decided to stop eating eggs and cheeses, fish and anything with dairy in it when I realized it’s what caused a lot of problems for me. Once I got rid of these processed “foods” i instantly lost random fat and weight that was unhealthy for my height, felt clear headed and stopped bloating and also I felt like I could move to bigger steps in my law of attraction studies, including having a spiritual awakening!

Read My Spiritual Awakening Story where I list steps I used to be a happier human! vegan feast - how law of attraction turned me vegan in 2 months
vegan feasting with bae

Raising your vibrations will naturally help you boost your mood, help you think better and will help you achieve goals and intentions when using loa.

Eating lots of processed meat can cause bowel cancer. Eating lots of red meat may also increase the risk of bowel cancer. The less processed and red meat you eat, the lower your risk…

– cancer research uk

There’s absolutely no articles or studies saying eating too much plants cause cancer. Most say the opposite and how they REDUCE THE RISK OF CANCER. That’s enough to tell you why eating meat and dairy will lower your vibrations.

foods with low vibrations are:

  • food that has been treated with chemicals and pesticides
  • any meat that you didn’t kill yourself in a sustainable, humane way
  • alcohol
  • foods with dairy or eggs
  • added flavors, coloring
  • unbleached and enriched flour and white flour
  • sugars and artificial sweeteners
  • sodas and drinks with sugar
  • water from a plastic bottle or not from a natural source (tap water)
  • fast foods
  • canola and vegetable oils
  • microwaved foods

how i turned vegan using loa 

step 4: aligning yourself with your purest form

align yourself with your purest form, to reach the highest version of yourself…

Step 4: aligning yourself with your purest form

do you remember when you were a child? what were your dreams and wishes? were you a kind soul, if you were are you still that kind soul? would the child version of yourself be proud of the person you are right now?

do you notice how when you get older you get more aggressive, more impatient, meaner, and lose your soul?

When I was younger I was definitely more kind and pure and learning more about loa which led me to veganism showed me more ways to be more like the young person i used to be. When I judge myself and how I was when I ate meat and chips compared to when I was younger filled with healthier foods, less processed food and was happier just being a child, it just made sense that the way I ate was changing the way I felt and acted as an older teen.

When I finally went vegetarian and accidently had meat one time, the way it made me feel was as if meat was not made for my body.

why is it that I wasn’t eating meat for years (since I became vege) then one day I on accident eat soup that had meat broth and i suddenly cannot walk normally to the bathroom? This made me laugh but I was also scared that I was going to shit myself in the car. I remember that day so vividly and it is what really solidified the fact that meat is not made in a pure way, so I do not want to keep eating things that aren’t pure.

Although I don’t eat meat, I was still eating anything with milk in it and eggs. I didn’t like milk, but I ate cookies, icecream and anything made with dairy. I soon learned the truth about dairy soon after these realizations.

how i turned vegan using loa

step 5: decided to go vegan after thinking about it deeply

deciding to go vegan once i was able to deeply think about food, where it comes from, who makes it, and why i eat something i can’t see made from start to finish…

Step 5: thinking about veganism deeply

sometimes people will get high and well, there can be a sudden shift in your mindset while you’re high. I was on edibles for the very first time in my life and was thinking about milk. I never liked milk, it tastes thick, it was weird thinking about myself drinking from a cows udders, we as humans have drank from our mothers breasts, and now we drink milk from an animal that is nowhere near related to us. We grew up drinking human milk, what suddenly made us go from human to cows milk? It makes me gassy, it makes me bloat and it makes me sick. For years when I was young, I would throw up the school lunch. I couldn’t eat anything they gave me. Milk and meat especially. I was sick every single year, that is, until I became a vegetarian.

Once I became vegetarian I stopped being sick as frequently, and started being healthier. I was thinking hmm, if im healthy now, I wonder what will happen when I go vegan? It’s something I was always thinking about when being vegetarian.

That night I decided to go vegan was enlightening. I felt like I found out a secret that no one really talks about.

Why do animals have to suffer for my tastebuds? Can I kill the animal if it was right in front of me? The answer is NO. I love my cats, I hate animal abuse, I hate how people eat rabbits and dogs and cats in other countries and whatever else tickles their fancy. Why stop there, they might be eating humans too if you ask me!

I dont want to align myself with something so barbaric. LOA helped me finally change (and so did edibles!).

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I’ll let you watch this video of earthlings! I only watched this by making this post and it’s amazing, that’s why I still love the actor Joaquin Phoenix.


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thanks for reading how law of attraction turned me vegan in 2 months

Are you a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan? What’s your thoughts on Veganism and/or LOA and raising your vibes? If you’re interested in more videos on these topics, start with the video I linked above, this video by Ralph Smart/ Infinite Waters, and Leeor Alexandra’s videos. These 3 people have helped me the most so far. Lastly, here’s my youtube playlist of videos that helped me with LOA and veganism.

Update: it’s 2023 and i’m editing this post and I don’t watch many LOA youtubers anymore but if i do, i will make a new post or update this one with other people to follow!

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