How I made my first $200 with my blog! (how to get sponsors to find you)

get sponsored posts and get paid!

How to make money with your small blog and get sponsors to find you

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Luck baby! It’s that easy.

A few of my blog posts talk about law of attraction and I truly believe writing down certain things in my journal helped me get this sponsored post. In other words, it was all luck lol

But I know you can’t just lay there and say, “universe, give me a $200 check now!” and $200 will come to you, I’m not that kinda person.
I believe that you need to take steps to get your to get sponsored posts

So, maybe it wasn’t 100% luck.

I believe there’s 3 other things that may have given me a bigger chance at getting found by a company, who then payed me for a blog post.

The 3 things I did to get a sponsored post:

  1. Made a self hosted website (
  2. Left comments on other bloggers’ sites
  3. I made an easily accessible contact page

These three things are what you might need to do to get sponsors to find you, contact you and pay you.

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How I made my first $200 blogging

Go self-hosted

I’m not sure this company would have wanted to pay me if I wasn’t self hosted, but that’s just a hunch!

I recommend to go self-hosted if you’re trying to make money blogging because you have more opportunities and way more visibility as a blogger.

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Leave engaging comments on blog posts

Everyone wants to feel like their readers are actually reading their posts. I’m sure you don’t want lifeless  comments on your posts, so don’t do it to other bloggers.

You might not want to leave spam or your blog will not be ranked high through google.
Google has guidelines that show spamming websites with your site url will harm your blog.

Wanna comment on posts with,
I have a blog post up about pizza, i know its not related to your post..but you should read it anyways ehhahahahaha! – Kimmy at“? Fine, I don’t think your spammy comments harm bloggers but they will harm your sites’ ranking.

Commenting on peoples blog posts helps get you noticed in the blogging world. It’s just best to not spam posts with your link or else that’s all you’ll be known for.

Have a contact page and form

A contact page is what every blogger should have, even if you’re not blogging for money! The person from the company contacted me by leaving a message on my contact form. In that message, she mentioned that she found me through another blogger’s site when reading through comments.

The next thing I did is edit an old blog post and mention the company she works for by leaving links to that company.

Voila! I got $200 bucks in my Paypal around 3 days later!

Tips & Advice:

I don’t know about other platforms but i’m aware that WordPress automatically adds a rel=”nofollow” tag to most links. This will make google avoid these paid links.
The problem with paid links, though, is that your google rankings will drop.

But for some people, money is all that matters lol and as long as you’re on pinterest promoting your blog, google may not be as important for you.

More info on this topic

Whats Next?

Now you can make a PR/Work with Me page

If you check out my blog, you can see I have a contact page and Collab page.

You can also make a services and shop page. This will help you make money with your blog through visitors, business people and owners who want you to review products and promote their company.

The possibilities are endless!

get sponsored posts fast!
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I know it probably is mostly luck, so there’s not that much info on this post. But if you really want something, you have to be prepared for it.

What I did to be prepared is have a collab page and contact page with a bunch of info for anyone who wants to work with me.

Don’t miss out on opportunities and don’t leave your contact page empty!

How do you attract sponsors? Do you care about ranking high on google? How do you plan on making money with your blog?

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