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how i became an official XG alphaz member!!

hello all it’s been a minute i know, i have been so busy with life and things were just kind of thrown at me. i will leave an update on my next monthly memories posts.

For now, I want to let you guys know that i joined a Fanclub for the first time in my LIFE, a Fanclub that i pay for loll!!! (๑•﹏•) 


I want to share how i did this from start to finish for anyone who was struggling to do this on their own and if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments!

I also want to share my thoughts about this membership and basically my review plus how excited i am that I scored some pretty great seats for this world tour!

enjoy reading how i became an official xg alphaz member! 

what is Alphaz (XG’s fanbase!)?

alphaz is XG’s official fandom name. you can learn more about it from this video below from XG themselves!

why i want to be an official XG Alphaz member ( to score tickets to their first world tour!!!)

\(^ω^\ ) 

The reason why i joined this Fanclub was because I wanted to get floor seats /floor tickets to their first ever world tour, The First Howl.

As you guys may know, I went to see Blackpink thanks to my amazing cousin back in 2022 but we were all the way in the back and could only see them through the big screen tvs. That’s when I decided if we were going to see another big foreign group again, it would have to be floor seats in order to see the artist up close (and also to go wild without a care in the world)! 

Anyways, I was randomly on their website one day before a presale announcement, it was perfect timing because they announced there would be a first come first serve presale for ALPHAZ MEMBERS ONLY, which occurred on tuesday June 11th at 10am!

So, because i did not want to miss my girls in their first world tour, i decided to do more research on this “official alphaz membership”. 

xg how i became an official xg alphaz member

This membership meant that I could get better tickets, and cheaper too! Of course I wanted to see them because me and my cousin love going out together but we want to do other things sometimes, not just watch tv and munch on food (and rot in her crib basically) anytime i visit her lol.

XG’s official ALPHAZ membership (APP)

If you need images to help you sign up, you can see the details here: (https://xgalx.com/en/xg/news/detail.php?id=1102314)

What the membership includes / prices and more info:

(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)  I PURCHASED THIS ONE ♩✧♪●♩○♬☆   ANNUAL PREMIUM: 12,000 yen (tax incl.) Yearly. includes “THE BOX” as a signup bonus gift! 

  • “THE BOX: ONE” signup bonus is limited to those who register for the ANNUAL/PREMIUM plan between August 2023 and July 2024.

ANNUAL STANDARD: 6,600 yen (tax incl.) Yearly payment plan. 

MONTHLY: 550 yen (tax incl.) Monthly payment plan. 

I chose the ANNUAL PREMIUM plan because i wanted to get the box lol the total price was about $76 usd! I looked at videos on youtube of what the box includes and i was not TOO happy with it but i thought meh it’s worth a try, maybe i will get the box: ONE and the box: ZERO! Box ONE came out after box ZERO obviously and there’s not much info on it but im really hoping alphaz get both boxes!

I also wanted to get 1st priority for tickets because I have no idea how many fans are in Chicago but I didn’t want to risk not getting good seats!


The official ALPHAZ member app includes: 

News: Latest info exclusive to ALPHAZ members. You get notified of everything on your phone too.

Multilingual: Captions and translations throughout the app and it’s contents, this includes translations from alphaz posts and comments worldwide! You can communicate with all the fans, i love it so much! 

Blog: Literally a blog from members and even staff! This is really cute because you can get to know the artist way more this way!

Movie: Exclusive video content for members only, things you don’t get to see on youtube or anywhere else (unless some alphaz want to share the paid content on social…)!

XG House: A cute space where fans can talk about many XG topics. XG members also respond to you and comment. 

Member ID: A digital ID that changes according to member status when you gain points on the app this “upgrades”.

Magazine: A digital magazine full of special photos and exclusive content. I love it all!

ALPHAZ limited Shop: Access to limited edition items and early purchasing priviledge.

Presents: Giveaways and special prizes for ALPHAZ members.

HOW TO JOIN XG’s official ALPHAZ fanclub (APP)


step 1: Create your +ID account
step 2: Pay for a membership plan and wait for the confirmation email that you have joined the ALPHAZ.
step 3: Download the app and sign in!


Google Play Store


buying my tickets!! 

after checking out what the membership includes, i quickly decided to purchase the annual premium membership and i started to prepare on buying my tickets.

I prepared the night before to make sure i knew where i wanted to sit to be closer to the girls IF i wasn’t able to get floor seats,  basically i came up with 2 backups. I decided i would get tickets up close and if i cant, then i would get seats in the 1st upper section on either side of the stage.

In the pic below it says 124 and 109. So I had a backup plan of where i wanted to sit and I wrote down my PRESALE MEMBER CODE from the ALPHAZ app, my Ticketmaster information/ i stayed logged into the account to quickly access the site next day, and i also checked my payment was correct on Ticketmaster to purchase the tickets asap~!

can you guess which seats i got??? I’ll share it in this mini video i will post below.. but you will see the tickets i got in video form and in a later post AFTER the concert, so be sure to come back here to check it out if you want to see how close i got to my girlies!!!

The morning of june 11th i was getting my tickets. I first purchased tickets that were in 109 for $811. The tickets for section 1 and 2 were going away quickly so out of panic i got the next best seats!

later on i kept looking for better seats and i bought BETTER ONES for $611! These seats also include soundcheck and goodies! I was very lucky that i found these open seats so close to the stage!!!

The fans on the alphaz app say the tickets i got are basically VIP, except i dont get to say goodbye to the girls. There’s a vvip version where you get all the perks i get, plus a sendoff! I don’t mind because im too shy to see the girls anyways lol

My cousin and I will have so much fun and i hope she enjoys it since the tickets are basically to celebrate her bday (and also mine in september lol)

I will probably make a post about what i want my outfit to be and that way people can help me choose the perfect outfit for that day!! 

(enjoy the video version of this blog post)

see you ALPHAZ in october and see you soon xg !!!!


Thanks for reading how i became an official xg alphaz member!Tumblr: Image

have you guys ever been to a big concert? have you had a stressful ticket purchasing experience ever? this was probably the most stressful experience ever and i’ve been to many concerts, just not in an arena!

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