5 things I did to attract my goals.

attracting your goals

The year was 2013… the school year was coming to an end… all my grades were C and above lol. I was researching schools to go to, I was talking to my counselor way more than usual and I was stressing out about what papers I turned in and which still needed to be submitted. I stressed out so much so that I started to get pimples on my forehead and redness, white hairs, and I straight up was crying so much just because of graduating and moving into “adulthood”.
I suddenly remembered watching the movie The Secret. I really took my time and watched it attentively because my brother pestered me to lol I did and I took the movie so seriously because I was a negative nancy that needed help to become more positive. I was sad a lot and treated my mom and family members with attitude and I was considered a huge bitch. When I went to school I was an angel lol
I tried it for a while, being positive and only attracting positivity and it worked. That’s what I think, I really believe it worked. I tried hard to get what I wanted even with my bad grades. I still got into the university I wanted and I did my best to get to wear I wanted to be. I was not honest to my friends, but I had to fake it till I made it.

What I did:

  1. Set my goals. I knew what school I wanted to go to and I started to focus everything around it. I worked hard to make it to that school and I worked to find resources that inspired me to further reach my goals and be accepted. The essay in The Spectacular Now actually fueled me to write my cover letter and I think it helped a lot. Try to find something to inspire you, if your own goals to actually go to that school isn’t enough of an inspiration.
    • Your goal can be anything from becoming a successful blogger, a youtuber, getting that job and even finding the guy of your dreams. This did work for me, but it might be too personal to talk about here (heehehe)
  2. I got rid of my self doubt. All of my friends doubted me. No one believed me when I said that I already got into the school I was going for (I didn’t get in yet, but the point is to feel like you already have what you want.) They neither believed I got in or would get in, some friends right? That’s why most people don’t stay have the same friends from high school 🙂
    • You are your only friend in the end, you are the only one who will make big decisions once you’re an adult. Whatever your family wants for you doesn’t matter. Your parents may want you to be a dentist or doctor, but being a dentist or doctor comes with a lot of hours of work, a lot of stress and not everyone has the money for tuition. Not everyone has the time and health to work 40 hours a week to go to school, pay rent and tuition. You have to focus on what makes you happy and if becoming a dentist makes you miserable, then please don’t waste your time or your families time.do you.
  3. Start fixing your words. You know how everyone says I wish I had money. I wish I had a big house. I wish I had cars. I wish I could this I wish that. You’re wishing too much. You’re dreaming too much and not putting those wishes and dreams into something you can grasp. Many people talk as if they will never get anywhere. At 16, we’re already losing hope in our futures. I used to have a secret personal/private blog where I talked about my goals and what I wanted when I was older. I would say things like, “my boyfriend loves me and buys me food and we live so happily” lol sounds cheesy but I ended up seeing results quickly after. Not that quick but about 4 years later after writing that way in my blog. I met someone who treated me like I wanted to be treated. I had a best friend who I could also hold hands with and kiss. It worked for me and it might not work for you but it’s worth a try, so don’t come after me if it doesn’t work lol. Anyways, please start to do good for yourself and change your vocabulary.
    • say “i do” have what I want
    • say “i will” have what I want
    • say “i have” what I want
  4. I became more positive. If money was ever tight at all and my family was down about it, I started to be more positive. I told my mom to say things like, it’s okay we are millionaires. Keep in mind I was 16 at the time and was really cheesy, but why be sad about being broke when you can be happy about the other things you have? You can have your health, your family, your access to school or clothes or a place to live. Life can be hard for many, but stress is one of the biggest factors when it comes to health. At least try and be less stressed about things you may not have control over, and bring more positivity into you and your families life.
  5. I waited. I waited for the acceptance letter. I got into that university and was thrilled. I got the boyfriend I dreamed of, the one I wrote about (creepily, I know lol). I ended up not going to that uni though because I found out they didn’t have the exact programs I needed lol also, I was frightened in going because I had no idea where I would get the money for tuition. soyvirgo-goodthings

I ended up going to community college and it was the best decision I ever made. I’m now out of school and work (since I worked in my school), I vistiting my family for the first time in Mexico with the savings I had, and I’m working as a blogger. I’m selling my clothes online and working on my clothing brand. I still have people contact me about my clothes, but it’s hard being a one person company… lol The point is I’m doing what I want and what makes me happy. I appreciate what I have and I try to stay positive during times where I think my plan is going awry, but I just have to remember the goal. You can’t quit halfway. If you got anything out of this, I’m glad and happy because I want people to see a way out just like me.
I really suggest watching The Secret and The Spectacular Now because they helped me with this positivity thing. Also, watching movies where people have it “worse” than me really helps boost my mood and stop being a negative nancy.
Have a great day, night or evening!

Love Kiko, (yes this is a new thing I want to start hehe)


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