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Hello ~
My Grandma is 73 and she’s so cute! She asked if I wanted hot chocolate I said yes even though I hate chocolate milk since sweet drinks are gross to me. But she was going to use these Abuelita Chocolates, so I thought I should give it a try. It came out pretty good so I wanna share her super simple quick recipe with you!

What you need:

* = optional
  • Almond Milk unsweetened version *
  • Abuelita chocolates (36g)
  • Mug
  • Pan to mix
  • a stove lol

P.s, the chocolates are not vegan, they contain egg and milk.


For each mug, use one 36g abuelita chocolate.


Put your milk in the pan, and drop the chocolate bar in it. Put heat on medium.



Mix until it dissolves and turns into chocolate milk!

Make sure you’re using 36g bars!

I’ve never seen such small bars, but I also never make hot chocolate. So, make sure you use these thinner ones or else it will be too chocolaty for one person. This is a simple recipe to use and it takes about 10 minutes to make. I’ve seen my grandma use these bars to make a kind of sauce, yes, sauce! I never knew chocolate would taste good to make hot sauce but, I’m not a cook I can’t even make perfect eggs. Anyways, hopefully your chocolate milk came out like this or better!
hot chocolate by grandma


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