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Homebody Fall To Do List 2021

Hello all! I decided to write this because I ended up making some changes and plan to make some more to my every day lifestyle.

I also wanted to mention that I really enjoyed reading this post by Jenny in Neverland! It really put me more in the mood to make some of these changes for the fall season. I hope you can get some ideas for what to do this fall!


#1: Clean out your summer closet

I always recommend doing a closet cleaning at least twice a year. Maybe even every season if you live in a state with four seasons.

This is a great way to get your closet and life ready for the next chapter. Get yourself new clothes IF you need to. If you already have enough clothes like myself then you will be able to just organize your fall clothes and switch out your summer clothes since you won’t be needing them in your space.

It’s best to declutter your life, and one way to start it is by your wardrobe!

I like to put away my summer clothes in the cooler seasons and my winter clothes in the summer. That way my closet isn’t so filled with clothes I’m not even touching. That’s something I’m going to start doing soon since it’s going to start getting chilly here in Chicago. 


Read my post “How to clean out your closet stress free


#2: Bring in your warmer blankets

It’s time to clean your sheets and bring out the bigger, warmer blankets from your closet or your garage, where ever you may store them.

Bring out all your fall items, coats, leggings etc (if where you live is getting cooler of course). This will really put the fall season into gear. 

image unknown


#3: Write in your gratitude journal

 Journal what you have been been grateful for so far this year. Don’t forget to include your accomplishments and what you got done.

Here are some writing posts you can read to figure out what to journal about:

#4: Manifest what you want to achieve

Practice manifesting what you want to achieve for the remainder of the year. You can do this by

  • scripting
  • meditating
  • visualizing
  • 55×5 method

Read ways to manifest money

#5: Get into fall décor

It’s time to bring out your fav fall decorations. 

If you’re the type to splurge, then buy yourself some ethical candles as well! Make your home smell amazing and look amazing too!

I really recommend buying stuff from small artists or anything that’s sustainable and ethically made! There’s a ton of options out there for you too.

Buy this tapestry here


#6: Bake something

Isn’t fall the perfect time to bake anything even though the only thing you know how to make is cereal and sandwiches? Yes, that’s correct. 

If you’re like me and can’t cook, no worries! These simple recipes can help you out if you want to impress your friends or even in laws?


#7: Enjoy time in nature

Enjoy time in nature by taking a walk in your nearest bike path or forest preserve.

Take some time to walk on crunchy leaves and see the summer season soon change to fall! 

Sweater weather is upon us!

#8: Get ready for spooky season

Get ready for Halloween! Last year I kind went all out and when I say that I mean as the homebody I am, I went for the most basic outfit to try to resemble a character. I will soon make a post on what I dressed up as and what I did last October, because if you follow me you will know my last posts were last October. 

Anyways, here’s some things you can do to get ready for the spooky season:

  • watch fall movies or halloween themed movies!
  • think about your halloween costunme
  • carve pumpkins
  • make a haunted house

Read my Spooky Movie List!


#9: Have a fall photoshoot

This is something all content creators should be doing! I am not a very camera friendly person so I never do this. My goals is to find a way to have more photoshoots without being so shy to get in front of the camera.

Maybe this year…

pumpkin smoke bomb photoshoot
this is such a cool photo by Good to Micha


#10: Fall into a pile of leaves!

Yes this is literally in all these kind of posts but I mean, I have yet to try this so maybe I might this year?


#11: Make a fall themed playlist

I love making playlists. If you have followed me here for a while, you will know my Spotify has a bunch of playlists for basically any mood.

Here’s my fall themed playlist if you want to check it out!




#12: Have a camp in your yard

Literally I am always seeing KPOP idols do this and it’s so freaking cute I’m always jealous. I will probably do it once I’ve gathered enough friends in my area to be able to hold a cookout at night without being too scared of animals or strangers. Paranoid much?

Here’s one of my favorite Kpop groups just having fun in a camp site. It’s just so wholesome and funny.

#13: Learn about native lands

Since we usually associate fall with “Thanksgiving”, let’s start to educate ourselves behind the truth of that creepy holiday.

I can’t help but think about native people and what history was erased of them. It’s very sad and disgusting. When you actually look up some information, you will be really, almost traumatized. I know I have been. The simplest thing we can do is at least as a community is to educate ourselves on what happened. If you had to deal with what native people dealt with, you would be as mad, sad traumatized, etc as they are.

Don’t take my word for it. I know most of you are on TikTok and there’s a bunch of information on there alone.

I know this fall, I will educate myself more on the subject and past of native people, especially the natives near me!

Here’s a site to get you started!

#14: Knit

The only reason why I would like to learn to knit is because my grandma in law makes some really cute hats and scarves for me and everyone else she likes. I would really like to learn from her.

#15: Make DIY candles

I am not a DIY kind of person although I would love to be and like to think that I am.

I’m really just not GREAT at doing DIY’s when I do attempt to make something…

So here’s a post from someone else:

How To Make A DIY Crystal Candle – Thrift Flipped! – . . . Life. (beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com)

Honestly candles are my fav thing. I just really like being able to buy something from the store that comes in glass. That means once I finish the candle, I can reuse the glass for IDK, plants? Pens? Literally ANYTHING. And that’s the beauty of candles. 

  1. Clean out your summer closet
  2. Bring in your warmer blankets
  3. Write in your gratitude journal
  4. Manifest what you want to achieve for the rest of the year
  5. Get your fall decor out
  6. Bake something
  7. Enjoy time in nature
  8. Get ready for the spooky season
  9. Have a fall photoshoot
  10. Fall into a pile of leaves
  11. Make a fall themed playlist
  12. Have a camp in your yard
  13. Learn about native lands
  14. Knit
  15. Make diy candles
minemegu on deviantart


I wanted to make a list of 21 things to do but I couldn’t think of anything clever… hope these 18 are enough to get you going!


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  • Lovely post, really helps me get into the mood for fall/autumn! This time of year is like “baking season” for me and when it gets to September I feel in a knitting mood again, lol. I’m looking forward to Hallowe’en too! We don’t have Thanksgiving here in the UK but I think it’s a good idea to learn about native lands. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven’t posted on my other seasonal living one for a bit, but planning some autumn content on there. Happy September! <3


  • Yas! I’m loving this list. All my fall decor is in storage, so at the end of the month, I’m heading there with two big shopping bag, and pulling out everything I can. I can’t wait for cooler months, and this time around we actually have a fireplace. I will say that it get so dang hot so it has to be like 30 degrees outside to enjoy it. I’m excited for Fall.

    • Dang thats cool you get to basically shop in your storage to get out your fall decor 🤣 and same i really love the colder weather.
      Thats so amazing you have a fireplace hopefully you can share some pics on that when the time comes 👀👀

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