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Here is a post for all my bloggers out there that want to write about holiday, christmas or December related stuff. I wanted to share this for myself too because somehow by december, I’m stumped on what to write. Shocking and hard to believe I can’t figure out what to write about during the holidays, huh? I guess my mind just overthinks to the point that I can’t focus on something, so that means if there’s too many options my mind quits and can’t decide on one thing to post about. I also just feel like there’s too many options that I want to do all of them, but I can’t… and that’s ok lol

Here’s a list of amazing blog post ideas for december… including some links to other bloggers posts! Enjoy xo

Amazing Blog Post Ideas for December


Christmas Related Ideas

  1. Top 10 list of your favorite Christmas movies – Read lifebywyetha‘s post!
  2. Xmas gift guide for your partner!
  3. Create a gift guide for your readers
  4. Xmas Wishlist
  5. Christmas Prep Haul
  6. “What I got for Christmas”
  7. Your favorite Xmas Makeup Looks
  8. Christmas Wrap Ideas
  9. Go to a Christmas-themed event and post a blog about it
  10. Christmas Nail Art
  11. Throwing a Christmas party
  12. Christmas Makeup you own
  13. Get ready with me for Christmas
  14. Christmas Eve Dinner photos
  15. Xmas Movie list you haven’t seen but want to
  16. Blogmas post ideas (like this one!)
  17. Christmas presents on a budget – Read this post by Mia!
  18. Host a Christmas giveaway
  19. Xmas day routine
  20. Christmas decoration wish list
  21. Best Christmas present you have ever received
  22. Last minute Christmas present ideas
  23. What to buy for your secret Santa
  24. Favorite xmas memory
  25. Things I love about Christmas
  26. What’s on my Christmas tree
  27. Christmas ugly sweater collection
  28. Favorite Christmas-themed blog posts
  29. Christmas bucket list
  30. Where to shop online this Christmas
  31. Vlogmas and Blogmas
  32. Favorite Christmas quotes
  33. Christmas books you love
  34. Share your Christmas road trip
  35. xmas music playlist!

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holiday blog post ideas for december amazing blog post ideas for december- soyvirgo.com | Take Note
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December Related Ideas

  1. December Movie List – Read my post here!
  2. Share your most popular post and make an update post about
  3. Favorite holiday outfit inspiration
  4. DIY your own holiday-themed manicure.
  5. Post a guide to spending the holidays in your city
  6. Your top 3 goals for the New Year.
  7. Write out the ways you save money during the holidays.
  8. DIY wreath with step by step photos.
  9. The top 12 lessons you learned in the past year
  10. Places you went to; ice-rink, tree viewing, parade, etc.
  11. Share pictures or stories of your family and holiday celebrations.
  12. Write a list of your favorite holiday activities.
  13. Share your favorite holiday recipe.
  14. “What to Wear” post.
  15. Share a December related DIY
  16. Invite your readers to submit holiday-themed guest posts.
  17. How to stay organized during the holidays.
  18. End of the year goals list.
  19. Share your goals for the upcoming year.
  20. Make a bucket list for the next year, and the few days left in 2018 – Read this post by Caroline!
  21. Post your travels from the year and where you want to go next year.
  22. Share your most popular posts of the year.
  23. Write a post about future plans.
  24. Winter Beauty Favorites
  25. Share your Winter Night in
  26. Skincare Routine for the wintertime

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Hope you enjoyed this bad boy. Let me know what you would like to see me post about. Have any ideas you’re gonna try this month? Let me know below!

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