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I was always pretty good at gift giving if I had the chance, so I want to share my tips and ideas! I only have experience with gift giving to family and friends, not really strangers like for a secret santa or anything, but these tips may still apply.
First, make sure you make a list of what the person you’re giving the gift to likes. Do they like comics, Batman specifically, pink stuff, bags, clothes, shoes? The possibilities are endless.

I try to gift according to style and interests and I also try to put meaning into the gift. I’ll usually write a thoughtful note to the person too.
Second piece of advice is to use a credit card instead of money. If you know you can’t pay back in time, use debit instead. You don’t want to go into 2018 with debt on your shoulders because of the gift you had to get someone. If you do, you’ll just start off your year very negatively, literally.
If the person doesn’t have many interests in materialistic things, try gifting functional things they will use forever. Maybe they’ve been thinking of getting a new pillow or pillowcases. I love silk pillow cases, and its said that they are good for hair and your face. Try getting a pillow case that supports the neck, I found mine for $20 at target and it feels just like the $90 pillows.
I have a gift ideas Pinterest board if you want to check that out. I’ll leave a few pins on here if you don’t have a Pinterest. If you have any other tips, leave some in the comments, my tips were probably not enough oops.



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