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I decided to share this thorough and detailed get to know me blog post all thanks to these bloggers that inspired me to write one: LifebyWyetha and LifesFineWhine! I love to read get to know me posts since I get to find out who it is I’m following, so I thought you guys can feel a bit more connected while you read from my site if I did make a post like that.

I would love to one day make a YouTube video like this, but i cant get any ideas to making that type of video without showing my face. I’m sweating just thinking about it. I’m too camera shy for that.

So, a blog post will do for now!

intro to | get to know me (kiki)!


Growing up with a single mom

I grew up with a mom and two brothers. My dad was kicked out (for being a not so great father figure lol, let’s just leave it at that!)

13 Single Mom Memes That Prove Women Are Strong As Hell

My mom worked a lot, probably two jobs at times. She tried her best to get herself a car, and she actually could only pay rent thanks to my grandma in mexico. When she got cars, especially this one nice red two seater, my oldest sibling had to lose it in a race.

He was being pretty annoying, even once stealing from my moms purse! 

I guess just having his dad leave made him rebel.


strong woman do bok soon -

I don’t hate my mom at all, because she could have just abandoned us, right? She’s a strong woman and she did her best, that’s all that matters. No parent deserves to be judged on how they raised little humans especially when they had no help and THOUGHT their partner would be there to take on such a responsibility.

My mom has more than enough siblings but they also abandoned my mom and treated her like a stranger, probably just because we were poor. That’s why I grew up really independent and not expecting much from others. It’s better to count on yourself and have no expectations from others.

I also don’t hate my dad because there’s no point in blaming people when they know they have done wrong. 

bad father memes - get to know me | Absent father quotes, Fathers day quotes, Dad quotes dead beat dads
ouch… burn lol but if he were really sorry, he would take a message like this and reflect!

My dad actually lives in mexico now and works a lot for barely any money. He got deported actually, and I think he deserved it LOL. He had everything here, kids, family, friends, money, etc.

If only he had worked on getting citizenship when he could have asap (they came here on work visas), if only he didn’t get drunk all the time (he was in AA, but ditched so there’s no excuse), if only he took responsibility for his kids, maybe he would have a happier life right now?

I believe in karma, so I believe he in a way, is paying for his actions. I don’t know much about my dads past at all, but if he actually suffered through some type of trauma which caused him to treat us badly, then I think it’s sad, but definitely not an excuse to continue a cycle of causing harm on others.

That’s why I will work on my trauma before I have kids because I don’t want to unintentionally hurt my future kids, like my dad hurt us.

Okay, sorry if this post got a little serious lol.

I will say that my dad was great at taking us out and having fun with us. He would take us to thrift shops, parks, fairs, and all that good stuff. So I do have many good and positive memories about him.

I did visit my dad in Texas when I was a teen! I MUST make a blog post on that, so I will update this post later with a link to that..

Anyways, I was blessed with having a mom there for me sometimes. We do everything from car shopping together, eating out, and doing paperwork / business related stuff too lol

Lots of women helped us growing up:

  • There was our landlord who still helps us today: she and her family actually would give us food and school supplies all the time and would let my brother sleep over and have a nice childhood with their kids.
  • Her husband’s family (owner/ landlord) has sisters and their kids are still friends with my brother today.
  • We met a lesbian couple who taught us to drive and would take care of us a bit when my mom had other things to do.

Eventually my family would end up being just my mom myself and one sibling. The oldest brother always lived with friends or girlfriends. I think at one point he was kicked out by my mom for being too reckless lol

I remember having to share a room with my other brother and my mom would sleep in the living room. Sometimes I would be left home alone, these were the times I was going THROUGH IT and was being very emo, sad, and just hurtful to myself.

I would go out to the park at 3am just to chill and be a loner wow, what a crazy girl I used to be. I did have a few friends especially my friend JOE/ Jocelyne. They were the one to get me into veganism and rock/alternative music lol

Loner GIFs | Tenor

Kiki, the loner

I hate being in a room full of people, so I never ever went to parties. I hated just walking into lunch because of all the kids looking at who comes in. Even though I never wanted attention I felt like any little attention I would get was an attack on me lol.

(I wore pink headphones and green jackets, geez, and I really didn’t want attention huh?)

 emo preppy girl 2012 - get to know me tag
dont get me wrong, i had friends, but i would prefer spending time alone or not going out. if i did go out i would hang with just one of my friends.

After some thought, I realized this happened because I hid my skin condition. I did that even though my friends probably would not care about it at all, but it was just something I wasn’t comfortable with growing up.

That was my life; not going out, not wanting to sleep over, not wanting to go to school because of my skin. Mom working hard, an absent dad working in Texas and not contacting us lol, an older brother who didn’t want to really help us/couldn’t? I almost got kicked out of school because I ditched too much, but personally I think I should have just gotten a GED and called it a day.

Looking back, life WAS NOT THAT BAD. But when you’re young, it’s hard to not feel the world is “against you” and you are meant to not be happy. It didn’t help that I personally felt UGLY. I had crooked teeth, hairy arms, was awkward and had this skin condition!

We moved into a nice big house with my moms new bf around maybe 2012.  This was the time I would finally get a cellphone and laptop. That’s also when my oldest brother finally came back to live with us, since we had enough rooms for him and us to live in LOL.

It was like we were a family again.

get to know me, the animal lover

I got my first cat named BART because my brothers gf was allergic (so was I but I loved her so much), but she was given back to the gf when she got medicine for cat allergies.

We then moved to an even bigger house in another town that was really nice( but actually awful considering I was almost kidnapped twice just for walking my dog! Don’t trust an empty looking peaceful looking town SMFH, and it was in the day one time).

We lived there with my NEW cat minino and a dog called dobby.

 get to know me tag blogger my pets wordpress introduction to
both were lost in the same house i lived in all thanks to the people i lived with not locking the doors or taking care of them while i was at school :/

What was sad is how both my favorite pets Dobby and Minino, ran out the house or stayed out too long WHEN I WASN’T AWARE OF IT. Funny how adults were less responsible than I was. 

I was really upset. Still am lol

For minino, the door was left open overnight and she wandered out too long. She naturally was an ally cat, so we assume she is either dead, is still living on the street, or she was picked up by someone since it was around december and she was wearing this big necklace:

 get to know me | minino my cat that got lost around xmas
what do you guys think? would you have snatched her up if she was in this necklace around xmas?? i had the worst luck back then huh?

Well anyways, I was now pet-less, AGAIN. I graduated high school in this house. I started seeing GUYS from the internet here too LOL and I was going to a lot of concerts/live shows by myself. Just living the young adult life as a loner.

Kiki, the young adult

In late 2013/early 2014, I would end up moving in with my second oldest brother. I lived in two different apartments with him. It was so fun finally living alone, at least it was a start for us to try out being adults and getting more independent without mooching off my mom.

In the first apartment we lived in, we had no furniture at all but that was because my bro barely started working and he only worked at a burger king or a security office guarding a tortilla factory parking entrance. I was about 18 and was too scared to find a job. I just studied for a while, no wonder my bro hated me lol

Funny and Relatable Memes About Having Siblings - get to know me
me whenever i ditched school to stay home and play on my brothers xbox

In this time was when I ended up meeting my new best friend, Gati – also known as Buttercup!

She was given to me by my oldest brother (who was now living with his girlfriend in a studio), and my mom. They adopted this kitten for me because of how sad I seemed from Minino getting lost. Mind you, I wasn’t even that sad because having a cat is such a huge responsibility! It’s almost like having a baby because you have to clean them care for them and even take them to the doctor. So at like 16/18 years old, I was kinda blessed I didn’t have to care for pets.


When I first met Gati, I thought she was the funniest baby ever.

Funny story, I first met her on my brothers couch, she was sitting like a human and.. my brother smokes weed so you could guess how awful she looked slumped on the couch.

 minhyun nuest memes kpop lord give me strength gif - get to know me
literally my cat when i first met her

Soon after I got her, I named her, registered her with the town, and it was like a new adventure for me again.

She lived with my brother and I in our small ugly apartment. She made living there much more fun and worthwhile. We ended up moving again after about a year at that place and we moved into a nicer place that our mom found for us. This apartment was so beautiful and bright. tiktok bedroom decor bedroom art cute
the apartment where i lived in the living room lol $600 for a one bedroom and nice windows is decent ok?

Around the time I was preparing for college, my brother and I got into a big fight where it was best if I just moved out. Luckily our lease was ending so we were both moving out around the same time and were able to leave the bad fight behind, i guess?

So in 2014, I began meeting people on this dating site called okcupid. —

Long story short, I started talking to someone and I got married to him about a year later in 2015. ( now I’m living with him in Cali with his family due to stressful work stuff at home )

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So yeah I will just skip over the marriage part LOL, let’s move forward to where I was moving out, which was around early 2016 and I ended up telling my mom if I could live with my husband since he wanted to live with me and be with me, I mean hey he got married to me after meeting me two times.

Why would I ask for her permission? Because she wasn’t even supposed to find out we got married, but she did. So I was asking for her permission for everything since I felt bad I didn’t tell her about my marriage lol get to know me tag!
… the eye bags tho!

get to know me, the blogger


I was able to graduate high school in 2014, I got into community college in 2015 (registered late lol) and I got married soon after in September 2015.

We moved into a 1br basement in an apartment being rented out by our family friend a.k.a the landlord I mentioned earlier! Also we were living with my kitty Gati.

Life then was pretty fun and cute and hectic! I mean, college, moving out, married life, living with a husband? WOW…


Everything was pretty great, up until money and pressure got the best of us. Even my cat Gati died due to our stupidity? I mean, I believe it was a sign that she was getting sick while we were fighting and being the worst to each other. She got kidney failure and it was just, the worst knowing your relationship is going downhill and your cat is dying!

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Another long story I will cut short, we ended up fighting a lot and I went to Mexico to collect my thoughts and prepare myself for adulthood and also get over my breakup AND the death of my very best friend, Gati! Geez, all this at age 19-22.

r.i.p gati, adopting chibi

I actually was so upset over my cat dying and eventually my husband was KICKED to the curb, like I was so mad at him and it was the END OF EVERYTHING. He even took my laptop, although he broke mine and bought me a new one (that he took with him). So yeah, I really hated him. (he shipped it back once he realized it was shitty but yeah, men aint shit lol)

I ended up adopting another cat. I thought, wow, I cannot handle this at all! I need to help a cat in honor of Gati. I knew the shelter in my town MIGHT be a kill shelter. My town is not very open about sharing the details of what they do, in other words, they are sketchy people in the town.

I decided to adopt a cat to save them in other words…

I found chibi!

yes I have a cat account for my cats…

I took Chibi with me to mexico of course!

It was a fun time in mexico. I started to “stan” this kpop group called Nu’est. I felt like they were going through a tough time at the same time as me so I had them to lean on a bit lol

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soyvirgo logo flower


I made my wordpress blog in November 2017!

I left Chicago in late August 2017 and went/moved to mexico to start my young adult adventure. I decided to open up a blog to document my life in Mexico and I also desperately needed to do something to distract myself from my breakup/divorce and my cat dying. I was going THROUGH IT yet again.

I was doing PRETTY well considering I was getting lots of comments and follows on my blog, I think, at least it wasn’t too bad. I was having so much fun and met some cool people online.

Eventually after living there until I couldn’t anymore (reminder: get dual citizenship) I came back to Chicago to continue adult life!

My time in mexico was really fun, I went through a ton of relationship stuff and tried to get over it while growing up and learning about myself, I guess.

It was now February 2018. A month after I got back from Mexico I decided to purchase Siteground hosting. I told my mom to give me 2 years and if I don’t make money with my site, then I will work (everything changed, I ended up working and going to cali and doing a bunch of stuff while blogging FOR FUN)

My life goals have gotten more clear thanks to having a website. It’s so much fun to document stuff on a website of your own. It’s kind of like a facebook, actually better, because its your own platform!

get to know me: life so far

I just want to say to live your life because –when u think about it– u got it all in your hands.

My skin is just skin, anyone who wants to talk about it behind their breath is not worth my time and energy because it could happen to anyone. I didn’t choose to have this skin condition, I didn’t choose to get crooked teeth(lol) but i mean, i tried braces, i tried skin treatments, but– some people don’t try to fix their shitty attitude, so JUST LIVE UR LIFE and don’t harm others.

Choose a quote to live your life by:

That’s my life outside of SOYVIRGO.COM … but now u know more about KIKI and can understand me a tiny bit more. Why I write the way I do  and write about the topics I do.

get to know me – questions!

I love basic b1tch things, like: netflix, kpop, games, kpop (music i can’t understand), cats, cute simple living, minimalism, I like nice things, that includes world peace and no animal cruelty and I also don’t like injustices to innocent people. If someone is not so innocent than usually I don’t care. Is that bad of me? lol.

Here are some questions I will answer (that no one asked for) If you guys use these questions let me know! I would love to get to know you more!


kiki, 24, september baby (virgo).


im mexican, born and raised in the chicago area!

my parents are both mexican!

favorite food:

my absolute favorite food might be tamales and a specific brand of them.

mexican restaurant El Milagro - Yelp tamales | fav food


okay so this is the only picture I can find. Since I’m vegan I don’t eat them anymore, but you can get a dozen for I think $10? The cheese and rajas tamales are the actual best!

now that i’m vegan and practicing whole foods plant based living, i think my favorite food is this seed food i had a while back in california. im not sure what it’s called, but it’s really the best FOOD i’ve ever had in my life.           View this post on Instagram                      

fav tea:

hibiscus tea / agua de jamaica BUT with no sugar! I hate sweet drinks.

I will make a recipe post for this just because it should be on this blog lol

fav book:

a book I read in my childhood, but i forget the name. the cover had a bed and girls, maybe involved a ghost girl. and also, life in the ghetto. (can you tell i barely read books as an adult because those are both childrens books LOL)

fav movie(s):

pursuit of happiness, amelie, the sound of water, pans labyrinth, a silent voice

fav show:

I really can’t choose right now ahh I’ve seen so many! I love Switch Girl, Good morning call and basically anything that’s cute and slice of life.

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pet peeves:


stop it😠😠😠😠

♬ original sound – saydenseay
  • loud chewing and sucking and smacking of lips. (I understand if people have problems eating of course, but my cousin for instance, I know she doesn’t have a problem and she just likes eating that way lol)
  • people who manipulate nice people and take advantage of their niceness? is that a peeve lol

do you sleep with doors closed or opened:

closed because i live with others now. if i live alone, def open for my cat to come in and out of my room hehe

what other names would you have been called by parents:

i don’t know but ill ask my mom and update this if i remember lol

do you have a nickname?

NOPE and i always tell my mom i hate that she didn’t give me one. 

have you ever tried indian food?

yes, it’s too good to not try once in your life! I first tried it in santa barbara at a place called INDIAN HOUSE. it for some reason is no longer there and I have no idea where they went!

what languages do you know?

Spanish! I’m going to learn japanese and korean and native american/native mexican languages so that I can communicate with people when i visit mexico again. Also i watch/listen to tons of japanese and korean pop culture and media so why not learn? I don’t want to sound like the annoying kpop fans always complaining to companies about “why don’t you have eng subs yet! im waiting!” like… the world doesn’t revolve around people who don’t want to learn other languages!!

would you rather have a british or american accent?

neither! I want an australian accent LOL or columbian? theres a language i love.. dominican.. it sounds kinda bossy but i like it for some reason

when did you learn to ride a bike?

i was 12 and i think a 9 year old girl taught me LOL

which celeb would you want to be related to?

some kpop idol, i actually had a dream jenny from blackpink was my cousin and i felt RELIEVED that she was that way i could be popular online LOL

what’s the first amusement park you went to?

haunted trails? santas village? my childhood memories are pretty bleak..

titanic or the notebook?

oh gosh, they’re both tear jerkers.. i will just say watch both if you haven’t and watch them with your best friend or your partner/husband… idk i just want to cry with someone else.

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whats your favorite restaurant?

i would have to say el meson… 

my family and i would always go there when i was young and i have the most memories there. it’s not my favorite anymore because they got new owners and their food got worse. it was just nice to have my whole family be somewhere and eat and laugh. their gorditas and tacos de carne asada were my fav as a 6 year old LOL

ever been to olive garden?

yes and that bread is soo good!

fav person in the world?

me, cats, mom, friends, siblings and the rest..?

how many times have you been to a hospital?

maybe 2! when i arrived to earth, lol and when i almost cut my whole finger off!my brother was fixing the gears on his bike, and me being a STUPID curious kid stuck my finger in and i guess the gears caught my fingers? i don’t remember that at all but my family said i can’t remember because i FAINTED. well, i have no scars on my finger so i don’t know what to believe.

what do you do that others might find weird?

not much.. i might make weird noises sometimes, i might dance randomly, and i love being in the dark or not turning on lights. i also close the curtains and/or dont turn on lights in the house with the curtains open. i hate that, i mean people will see me!

what movie could you watch over and over and still love?

idk yet? amelie? silent voice?

get to know the me – blog questions!

fav post:

Probably Vegans of Color post? I liked linking to my fav vegans lol

post im proud of:

I like List to cure your sadness. I’ts my very first blog post! I think people liked it too!

popular post that I wouldn’t think would get attention:

definitely my How To Depop post! I just posted it because I had enough knowledge on it but I didn’t expect it to be the one with most comments and views from random people.

pinterests favorite posts:

My new moon ritual post been saved 300 times! I have a few that have been saved a bunch too and this is one of them.

thank you for reading text graphic

Thanks for reading GET TO KNOW ME | intro to!

have you made a get to know me post yet? if you have, link them below! i would really love to get to know everyone on here. if you want to, leave a comment below with a fun fact about you or answer some of the questions i’ve listed above and make your own post!

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  • I enjoyed learning more about you. Hibiscus is my fave too and I’m not a fan of sweet drinks either. A Silent Voice is so sad, but I love it. I cried like a baby watching it.

  • Single parents deserve so much props for having to take on both roles while taking care of their children. It is great that your mom has defeated many barriers and did her best with raising her children. I’m glad that growing up, there were others around to support your family as well. The little things make a big difference. Pretty cool to see a timeline about you. I can relate to those phases haha. I can’t believe you’re younger than me! I thought it was the opposite this whole time lol!

    Nancy ✨

  • Great post, I am a fan of Australian accents also, I’ve been to the hospital twice also. Your favorite tea hibiscus is one I didn’t like, I remember finding it for cheap at the save-a-lot and wanting to really like it tho.

  • I would love to have an Australian accent too LOL. I love how they pronounce the round-ish vowels, so pretty. This is a legit Get to Know Me post and I enjoyed reading it through the end.

  • Thanks for sharing your story. This is true “Get To Know Me” (LOL), and kudos to your Mom. I am a single mom, my daughter is 29 and trust me … there were no breaks for me. However I did encounter some friends and a few family members that were always helpful. Taking my daughter on vacations when I couldn’t, school clothes shopping … when I couldn’t afford it. Both her grandmothers always made sure she had winter coats and boots. My Mom, Dad, Aunts all helped with college but I bore the brunt of the of cost, but hey any type of help was help. My co-workers were the most supportive giving gift cards and. other treats, so I’m glad your Mom as well … had that network of people.

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