Full moon ritual process: focus on your main goal


The first time I did a full moon ritual was in April. Once I closed out the ritual, I sold something on depop which was surprising because I didn’t sell in a while. (That app is kind of dead tbh) I just felt amazing after that, like nothing was weighing me down.

That full moon was a “pink” moon and I’m not sure if it works for every full moon, but I followed the process from this video.

This is the process I did for that full moon:

  • Turn on incense, candles and clean your space for a “sacred space”
  • Write down your worries, fears and what scares (on something that you can discard)
  • Say any poem out loud about accepting the flow of your future.
  • Let worries go by burning the page or scratching out the words (what I did because I don’t want to mess with my notebook / recycle pls!)
  • Meditate. If you still have worries, meditate more
  • Write down 5 current things you’re grateful for
  • Write down 5 intentions (big or small)

That was my experience doing a full moon ritual on April 30.

June – July 2, 2018 full moon process

Now, in May I was too busy having fun in California so I completely forgot about the full moon. That’s why I’m doing this post now before I forget to do another.

Earlier in June, I was able to do a new moon ritual, which gave me similar affects; I felt free, happy and felt like I did something good for myself. The purpose of the new moon is to set intentions and work on them until the next FULL moon, which is what this post is about.

The purpose of doing these rituals are to become closer with yourself, find out what your goals are, how to forgive, manifestations, what you need to work on in order to love yourself, etc.

This time, I decided to use a video by Kendra at Pretty Boss Tv. (Only because Leeor hasn’t uploaded a full moon video.) I liked Kendra’s video as well, so check it out for guidance if you need to.

New Moon Ritual soyvirgo.com
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These are the steps I took:

  • Prepare your ritual tools: candles, real sage, incense and clean your area.

All I used was incense and this playlist (for the next step)

  • Write down your story and main focus

I love this because this is exactly what i did when i first started to get into LOA. I’ll make a post about this soon, but I promise you, writing your future down really works!

I started by using the sentence, “I am ready to be the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) in blogging on Soyvirgo.com”, because that’s my goal and main focus now and going into 2019.

Visualize your story, feel it, and believe it’s already reality.

  • Meditate
  • Close out the ritual by letting go of the paper. Burn it or recycle it; just let the universe/God/Etc. take care of your story.
  • Write a plan for what you will do to get to your goal the next day or after closing out. Read this plan every day so you focus on what you need to be doing to get your story to come true quicker!

According to the video, this ritual will work until July 2nd.

Make sure your story is clear and positive. It must be something that will benefit you or others.

Have a great Sunday all! Hope you can focus on your 1 goal. I might come back to this next year to update you will results, so stay tuned.


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