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Hello all, it’s been a while! But here is a post inspired by Famleeoffour! :S

Anyways, let’s find out the steps to finding your life’s purpose!


How to find your life's purpose in 5 steps finding your lifes purpose //

Finding your life’s purpose in 5 steps

Finding your life’s purpose is not going to be as easy as 1, 2, 3, but this post should help ya get there as soon as possible! Not everyone is going to be able to find their purpose in life when they want to, some take a few months, and some a few years, like me!

Hopefully, you will find yours soon, because sometimes life is easier when you know what you’re doing lol

Do you feel like you have no purpose in life?

I never really felt this way or asked myself questions like these because I felt it was silly. Plus, I’m only 24 now so back then I was too young to be thinking about those things, I mean that’s what I thought.

As you get older, that question comes to mind a lot more, and it’s understandable. Society be asking these annoying questions, I get it! You’re not ready to be an adult and neither am I. But dang, sometimes you just gotta say yeah, I’m mature! I’m an adult!

Anyways, it’s okay if you feel this way, that’s all. Moving on to the steps…

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Step #1: Try doing everything!

There’s so many things to try in this world that will help you in finding your life’s purpose. Sports, drawing, music, fashion, poetry, dancing… aghhh my head hurts from thinking because I want to try them all!

In school I wanted to do sculpting, never got around to it because the classes uhhh, NOT FREE. I dealt with it because I preferred not going out of my way to actually try new things. Really big mistake. But that’s okay! I’m still young and can try these new things. Now that I’m an adult with a car, I’m able to do more than I’ve done when I was younger.


Step #2: figuring out who you are

You have to find out the kind of person you are in order to aid you in finding your lifes purpose.

  • Are you the girl who doesn’t go to parties? YES!
  • Are you a homebody? YES!
  • Do you like cats? YES!

Well I eventually found out I was a 40 year old cat mom in a 20 year olds body.

To make this step easier for yourself, get a notebook, write down what you like, love and enjoy and bam, you will soon find out who you are.

Here is something I wrote on nov 2017 in my listography:

❝ ikigai: what gets you up in the morning. it’s what moves you. what makes your life worthwhile. ❞

∞ my family ; including cat and friends
∞ kpop ; red velvet, nu’est, and more
∞ music ;
∞ anime ; fruits basket, chobits, etc.
∞ happiness ; working early in the morning, staying positive and sharing positivity, sharing my wealth and love and happiness with others is really what gets me up in the morning. definitely my cat too because she cries for me to open the backdoor.
∞ … and this video and this one

finding your lifes purpose in 2020 | ikigai | information graphic japanese ikigair definition and words

Step #3: find your skills and weaknesses

What are you good at? Is there a way you can put your skills into something to make the cheddar? You gotta find a purpose in life that will help you pay the bills because what’s the point of having a purpose in life that you’re not going to use to make you money?

Hello, you’re going to be feeling like crap doing something you don’t like doing for money, no matter what!

You wanna draw? Why are you working in an office selling paper? Not talking about you if that’s what you’re doing, but I’m thinking about this artist on Terrace house lol. She finally left her job to do art full time. Congrats to her. She’s working with big names now!


Everything happens for a reason

It sounds cheesy but I think everything happens for a reason. There’s something that happens that makes a change in the world, in you and me and it pretty much makes a change in everyone’s life that you know. Everything is somehow connected and maybe something bad happens, but something good will eventually come out of that.

Step #4: what’s your reason why?

My reason why was my cat passing away! That really opened my eyes to what I want to do in life. Basically it helped me find my life’s purpose.

finding your lifes purpose | - do what you like like what you do
Courtesy of wavesfordays


I love cats and I love to help them make them happy. I spent so much money on my cats in the past and I always will lol

Step #5: make your “why” your purpose

How am I going to use my love for cats and helping them a way to make money? Well I got my lil ol ways…

So now try to come up with a way to make money off your life’s purpose.

As long as you are happy doing what you do and what you love, that can be your life’s purpose. Just think about it bae, it aint too hard.

Have you found your ikigai? Why or why not? Do you plan on finding your lifes purpose or do you not care about those kind of things? 

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