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Thursday, February 27

— Hi it’s-a me! These are my February Memories!!!

I know it’s been a whiiiiiile since my last Monthly Memories / Favorites Post. 5 Months to be exact…


 february 2020 monthly favorites highlights and memories

I’m back and I hope to not take any long breaks again. Life really just got in the way (my life was just work). I’m gonna make this my life and work again.


Monthly favorites + adventures from February


Blog Posts:

  • well, you know, I wasn’t posting at all lol

February Memories ( and some of last years moments, oops ) :

Monthly Favorites from October: Meet Beba!

I got a cat around October!! She just was left at my house lol that’s happened before with my cat Minino. She showed up and I had to start taking care of her. Same with Beba.

Beba is a super cutie pie! Her farts are the worst out of all the cats I’ve met in my life. That doesn’t make me love her any less!

 Monthly Favorites and Memories , cat adoptions!

well, I’m not sure what else happened this month, but judging from my camera roll, nothing else happened in October. I just hung out with my friend on the 4th and I’m pretty sure I just worked at my gas station job the rest of the month.

Monthly Favorites from November: Friend date and quitting the gas station jOB!

Drink @ olive garden loll |

I went out with my friend again to celebrate her BDay along with her pregnant sis! It was fun. We went out to eat and saw Last Christmas. I really enjoyed it because I love the main actress who is in Game of Thrones. I’ve never seen that show, but I’ve seen her in interviews and I love her smile!

This movie was so cute, but I was so tired from work that I actually fell asleep at the theater. Oh well. Here’s the trailer for the movie I saw then.

To be honest the rest of that month was pretty much hell because I started working at the restaurant that was put in my brothers name but he wasn’t really working there at all. So yeah. Just imagine working with your mom 24/7 and having to do everything she says. and do everything for everyone else because you’re the only one who knows how to email, make a site and do other tech stuff. OH and speak english and are over 18.


 cookies, gifts december 2019 monthly favorites
Pictured are cookies my neighbors gave us, and gifts from my brothers!

Monthly Favorites from December: Honestly, wtf happened?

Okay I genuinely don’t remember what happened this month. Yes, it’s probably just me trying to repress bad memories. Seriously, don’t be the type of person to say yes just to make everyone else happy. It will ruin you!

January 2020: Finding a sign and going with it!

So this month I was making changes and deciding for myself what would make my life better and make me less… depressed, sad, on the verge of ending it all?

Well honestly, I got back into Law of Attraction and it’s helping a bunch.

Law of Attraction Message Quote, this is a sign to do what makes you happy |


Well I just said hey, to my husbo, and asked if its okay to move with him because there’s no way out at my house. Other than of course moving out, but I know that if I did that I would still be stuck helping my mom and that restaurant and …I just couldnt do it anymore. Believe me, it was worse than just doing what my mom said. It really was.

So luckily my husband and his fam were happy to have me move in.

February Memories (finally)

The 15th: Facial and a Friend

This day I had a super busy day. I woke up super early to get a facial that I really badly needed. My face got so bad after working at the gas station and then going straight into an even more stressful job at the restaurant was even worse. Luckily I can afford a facial every now and then and now that I got it, I feel like I can maintain my healthy skin again.

I hung out with a friend again this day, we caught up on a ton but mostly ate and watched TV and tik tok videos and scary youtube stories LOL

The 24th: Finally Living my Life and moving with my husband!

So I finally arrived to cali. I was so dang nervous because I was taking two HUGE suitcases and a duffle bag with with me.

I also brought with me my PS4 and headset and a bunch of other goodies that I need to live in a new place hehe.

 february memories

Also I hung out like 3 times with my friends, I even walked out of work because I was so pissed to be there, like that’s how badly I was treated there. Anyways… that was that and I just want to focus on today and now and later not yesterday!


Songs I loved:

Tasty Carrots – Shou

This song is super duper cute and funny. It just makes you feel super good.


Like That – Doja Cat

I’ve been liking Doja Cat’s stuff lately. Ever since Say so….


Say So – Doja Cat

This song is so my style, it’s super cute and pretty her voice and her look.


Crystal Dolphin- Engelwood

Freelance- Toro Y Moi

Haven’t listened to toro y moi in FOREVER but this show called Trinkets on Netflix played this song… it was playing on a part of this scene and I looked up toro y moi and found it. I just knew it was him lol


Twice, Loona, OMG

I haven’t been listening to too much Kpop lately because I’m not sure what’s worth watching and what isn’t, but here’s some kpop I’ve been loving.

Loona- So what, Nuest- Different and Love me, Oh my Girl- The Fifth Season


Just say you want it – 92

From the description” Some of those bass slaps are dangerous, be careful. This is a bootlegged remix of a remix (Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool [Breakbot Remix]). Fun fact: Phoenix is directly related to Daft Punk. Breakbot is pretty cool too though.”

If you’ve never heard the original song, you might like it more than this song! I just like remix’s a lot hehe


Favorite Shows:

I saw so many good shows these last few months. Here are some favorites:


I started watching this show because there was NOTHING else to watch, I watched it all and so I tried this show out after my brother told me to watch this show set in Chicago. To be honest, it was cool seeing scenes from this super famous show that were set like 10 minutes from my house, and I never knew about it!


Yes, I watched it. Probably all in one week LOL

It was so good. What were your thoughts? I personally think that if my husband murdered some people who were really harming me, then I wouldn’t mind if he hurt them a little lol!

Terrace House 2020

So…this season is a SNOOZE-FEST! I’m just glad the second part is here and more people are coming into the house to make things exciting.

Not saying that the people were boring, but it seems more like noone wants to show who they truly are and they’re all trying to get instagram followers. BORING if you ask me.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Who else has been missing out? I thought this show would have been so boring but actually it was pretty good. The third season isn’t going as great thought, am I the only one who thinks so?

 chilling adventures of sabrina netflix memes


This show is my kind of show because I used to shoplift LOL me and my friend got caught, I believe we were 13 years old.


So my friend got me into this show. She just randomly brought it up when we were talking about what shows we both watch. I went home saw it, and was instantly in love with it! It’s so funny and interesting to see normal people on a show. They seem pretty normal and I mean, not looking like celebrities. I don’t know what I mean, they just look like regular actors.

TV Time - Atypical S02E01 - Juiced! (TVShow Time)


Skins UK

I started watching this again because I want to see it as an adult lol I pretty much forgot what happened. Also, I love cassie and sid they just seem like a cute awkward couple just from the looks of it.

I also saw The Umbrella Academy and I might re-watch it. Living Undocumented, Love Is Blind, Love Alarm, Hello My Twenties, Next in Fashion, Cheer, Don’t F With Cats, The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, Rythm and Flow, Queer Eye.

Yeah, It’s been a while…

Thanks for reading my February Memories! Hope you enjoyed catching up!

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  • Aw man, Skins UK is bringing back all the memories. I used to love that show so much. ♡ & yesss to Atypical! Such a cute show & totally get what you mean about them being normal actors, I like that a lot too. 😊

  • So you’re a cat mom now – welcome to the club! Beba is adorable! And oh my god cat farts – TELL ME ABOUT IT. My cat has the worst smelling farts ever hahaha. I also recently started watching Skins again because like you, I was curious to watch the show from the eyes oof an adult. Cassie and Sid all the way! Great post Kiki 🙂 x

    • Aww thank u for ur comment!
      Yes i miss her sooo much!!!
      And yeah.. cat farts are trullyy something else.
      Yes aghhh i want to have a marathon of it but im sometimes surrounded by people and i dont want the nude scenes or risky scenes to come up . Its the kind of show I’d rather watch alone in my room loll

  • Beba is so cute! I think that Law of Attraction is something I need to check out. I’m glad that your with your husband now 🙂 I love Chilling Adventure of Sabrina but I need to watch the newest season, and I’ve seen the first season of You.

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