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soy virgo means “I’m a virgo” in Spanish. It’s a name that represents what I respect about virgos, but also a name that I believe sounds cute and memorable!

Most social media is under soyvirgo, except IG and twitter which is @soyvirgos


What blogging platform and hosting is SOYVIRGO.COM under?

SOYVIRGO is a self-hosted site under Siteground.com (here’s a referral link and here is a post about using siteground!). This blog runs on WordPress.org.


Can I share your work?

You can share this site’s posts just make sure that it retains its original form and leave credit. The content on this site is protected under strict copyright law so seek permission if you plan to use any of it for other purposes. There are other writers on here as well so if you copy the work of others, you will be contacted. Sharing is caring, just respect others’ work!


What services do you offer?

I offer a ton of help with editing, photography, graphics, and theme edits (on tumblr, wordpress, squarespace, blogspot, etc.). We can meet up or even do a video chat so I can guide you.

Check out my contact page to get in touch! More information on services is on the contact page too.


Do you know any bloggers similar who I can follow?

I have made a list of favorite sites to check out regularly. Here’s the page or just click the “Loves” tab above!


Can I advertise on this site?

Yes! For business inquiries (paid ads, PR, etc.), contact me through email hi@soyvirgo.com.

If you’re a blogger or creative, IG direct message and twitter is best or comments on this blog!

For anything else, click the Collab tab.



How can I be a writer on this site?

To be a regular contributor to this site, please leave me an email at soyvirgos@outlook.com or check out the Collab tab!

If you want to ask something that doesn’t need much attention, send an anonymous ask on my tumblr (@soyvirgo) I don’t know anywhere else you can contact me on anon oops





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