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soyvirgo means “I’m a virgo” in spanish. It’s a name that represents me, my love for being a basic virgo and whatever else you see here on this blog!

What blogging platform do you use / host ?

SOYVIRGO is a self-hosted site under Siteground.com (here’s my referral link and here is my post about using siteground which i’ll make in the future lol) and the platform used is WordPress.org and wordpress.com? I can connect to both since I use my wordpress.com account to sign into the wordpress.org site. I’m a bit confused with both, but you can only use wordpress.org if you have a self hosted blog/domain. (like soyvirgo.COM, or . org, .net, .blog. etc.) It cost me under $100 to set up this blog! My old blog was is soyvirgoblog.wordpress.com, before transfering everything to soyvirgo.com. I did this so that I can make income with blogging!

What is your location?

I currently live in Mexico with my lovely cat and grandma of 72 years old! It was supposed to be on vacation but I’m staying until they (Mexico) kick me out, which is after 6 months of arriving. Once I’m kicked out, I will then be going back and forth from my home in chicago and hopefully travel to other places. Check out my travel log to see where I’m going or where I’ve been! Let’s do a collab when I’m in your area hehe

How/when did you start blogging?

I always wrote in a raggedy notebook where I made journal entries. (basically a diary lol). I felt like sharing my feelings on tumblr around 2013, but kept wanting to be more and more secretive, deleting and remaking blogs. I just did it for fun and I still do sometimes. I never really made friends through tumblr or any blogs i had. I was a quiet person in school so naturally writing was a way for me to talk! This blog is a way for me to share with ya’ll so that’s why I blog hehe thank you all for following ily!

What is vitiligo? 

Vitiligo is a skin condition, where you have too many white blood cells. TBH I’m not even 100% sure what it’s about. All I know is stress makes spots bigger and grow faster and there’s maybe three different versions of it. I have the one where spots grow slowly, it can be treated with light treatments and ointments and it grows symmetrically ? Michael Jackson had it, model Winnie Harlow has it and many other people. I’ve had it since I was 8 years old. I stopped caring about it at 22 years old. I still use makeup because I like to cover it, just like you like to cover up pimples or scars. I can go to the beach without caring how many people are staring at me and I wanna talk about how I got to this stage on this blog. Please look forward to it! P.s pls don’t call me a “unique creature” or I’ll ignore and probably block you lol dont call anyone a creature especially if they have something different from you.

How long have you been in a long distance relationship / LDR?

I’ve been dating Alexander since the beginning of 2015. We met on a dating site back in Oct 2014. We talked a lot and met a few months after chatting. I think he’s my soulmate because I wrote about a boy just like him on my old blogspot blog. I used the Law of Attraction to get him so that’s why I believe he’s my soulmate!

What is “Law of Attraction?”

It’s the “secret” of life. The way to get everything you ever wanted. I used the law of attraction to get accepted to the school I wanted and get my dream boy who I brought to life on an entry in my secret blog. I got a lot of money using this method and happiness as well. I want to share my stories with you all about this because it’s such a life changing secret. I want you all to be happy because I was at a point in my life where I had NO feelings, I didn’t even care about my cat or my future. I did a complete 360 with LOA and you can too. I’ll try and help you!

Do you have a pseudonym?

I go by Kiki, Kiko or K. You can call me whichever. I like being secretive lol I do like my name but I feel kiki suits me sometimes. I use it because I feel my name is basic so I like to spice it up and make myself seem more interesting hehe

Can I share your work?

You can share my work just make sure that it retains its original form and I am given credit! My work is protected under strict copyright law so do seek permission if you plan to use any of it for other purposes. Sharing is caring bbs, just respect the persons work!

What do you do for a living?

I’ve been selling clothes online since 2014 through apps, also reworking clothes to sell for my clothing line Virgencitas and Company ™, making blog posts and doing small side jobs for people. I help my mom A LOT, even if I’m not living with her. She’s the type of mom who asks her kids for help on how to use facebook, google and anything else that has to do with tech. I mostly do affiliate marketing or just blog! I will be talking more about how I make money on here.

What degree do you have?

I graduated in Fall 2017, with an Associate in Science. I was going for computer science stuff but I kind of went a different route. I went to a community college and it was the best decision I have made. I was real close to going to Columbia of Chicago, but at the orientation I found out they didn’t have any programs for what I wanted. So I ditched the place to hang out with my friend all day! Sorry Columbia! (it was real expensive too and I would only get offered 5,000 a year from FAFSA, so I had to decline!)

What services do you offer?

I offer thorough essay revisions(edited through google is easiest), email set ups, social media account set ups, app set ups, photography, I can make a youtube outro for you, graphics, and website editing (only on tumblr, wordpress or squarespace since I’ve only used those platforms). We can meet up or even do a video chat so I can guide you. Payment through Paypal only or if you have another legitimate way to pay me we can talk about using that. Check out my contact page to get in touch!

Can you help me edit my blog / help with another service?

I definitely will. You can get in contact with me by email or schedule a day to chat. I charge a small fee depending on the time it will take to help you out, it’s usually around $0, $5, $10 and up for simple stuff. Some things are free, it depends on the time it takes! We can also communicate on UpWork.com if you can’t trust me enough to pay through Paypal.

If you want help with other services, say pixel art, PLEASE send a message on my pixel blog (@pixelsita.tumblr.com) not on any other accounts. Same goes for art, just contact me on my art blog.

Can I advertise on your blog?

For business inquiries, contact me through email hi@soyvirgo.com. If you’re a blogger or creative, IG direct message and twitter is best! For anything else, just message me on any of my socials!

Modeling / Photography

I’m not a very good model, but I would love to collab with models or photographers to take pictures for my clothing line. If you model we can work together and you can wear my clothes, or you can take pictures of me. I will end up giving away lots of clothes I made just to make a name for myself and start up my business. For this I would rather collab with other bloggers since I won’t be paying you for this, the only thing I will do is feature you on my social media. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to message me!

Why did you post/say that?

I know you are not paid to teach me anything and google exists, but we still are all very ignorant and can say something harmful without realizing who we are hurting. We all need feedback, and personally I think I take criticism pretty well.

I am always trying to understand other peoples feelings, and I can easily sympathize well and correct my actions. If anything I ever say is offensive to you, please leave me an email at soyvirgos@outlook.com so we can discuss. If you want to ask something that doesn’t need much attention, send an anonymous ask on my tumblr (@soyvirgo).


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