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Hello all! Hope you are having a great October so far! This post fall bucket list 2020 is the first post this month that is fall themed. Some of you may have already sensed that I am a sweater-weather type of person. This is my absolute favorite season of all time because I hate heat, can’t stand it really. So when my bday comes around (September), I always get happy and excited because that means fall is around the corner. I’ve always loved the leaves changing colors, and the wind getting a bit cooler, and halloween decor coming out in the stores. I’ve decided to make a post like this because now that I’m 25, I want to start making memories that will last forever! I want to have fun and do things I usually never do. I swear, all I have ever done is stay home and be boring. Not anymore, I’m ready to make lasting memories hehe well, enjoy this post!

fall bucket list 2020!


fall bucket list cute fall outfits 2020 | soyvirgo.com

fall themed photoshoot

I’ve always wanted to dress up and take photos with leaves like in those tumblr posts. People on tumblr are so good at being aesthetically pleasing during october, i was always inspired but never got myself to take pictures, I guess since I’ve always been shy and never go out. I just enjoy everything through my bedroom window. Maybe this year I can get my mom to take pictures of me, or friends


visit a pumpkin patch?

i have visited one two times before and it’s just really cute. I don’t eat pumpkin, don’t know how to cook it and I don’t have anyone who might like to have fun cutting them and decorating our home with them, but maybe i will try with my mom or a friend this year lol  

decorate my area with scented candles and autumn decor

i plan on shopping small and not spending money on billionaires, instead i want my money to go to someone who needs it. someone who makes candles from home and is trying to get their talent out there. i also just want to know im shopping locally or at least supporting someone who needs the money.

make fall themed food and drinks

all im going to do is make matcha lol

  • mushroom soup
  • roasted pumpkin seed
  • corn maze

go to a corn maze or hay ride

i would love to do this!

make a scarecrow

once i get my own place you bet i will do silly stuff like this in the city.

rake leaves and jump in a pile

i might just do this, for fun!

donate blankets or coats

i usually try to do this but i can never figure out where to donate. I might try a local church.

listen to my favorite fall themed or spooky playlists

so i already have i think two fall themed playlists on my spotify lol! i just can’t help it, i need a playlist for every mood, feeling, adventure, and event.  

 binge watch scary movies and or shows

i have been watching a few scary things perfect for October and I will make a post on that and update this. I also have done one in the past, but now i will share one with new shows and movies i am currently watching! also i will maybe share a fall themed show and movie list, only if i end up watching enough.

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heres just a few others i want to watch

  • casper (seen and love)
  • the simpsons teehouse of horrors
  • hocus pocus (neer seen)
  • are you afraid of the dark
  • nasferatu
  • the nightmare before xmas
  • frankenweenie
  • the corpse bride
  • pans labyrinth
  • sleepy hollow
  • beetlejuice
  • twilight series
  • the great pumpkin charlie brown


put away summer outfits and bring out fall clothes

this is probably one of my favorite things to do. i love looking at my clothes, trying them on and seeing what i like and what i want to replace. now that i have been saving my money, and practicing minimalism, i want to go through what i have in storage and double check if i actually want all the things i own. i also recently ordered $200 worth of clothes (mentioned here) and that included coats and sweaters. I’m excited to make a post about what I bought and share what I got with you guys!

dress up for halloween

well im only slightly thinking about doing this. for some reason even with this pandemic, i feel like having fun. I want to be safe and careful obviously, and i think we can do that during covid. it’s perfect since many people can wear a mask and cover their face at the same time. I’m not sure tho, I might want to dress up and get pictures taken? but first i will need a costume lol  

celebrate dia de los muertos

dia de los muertos is actually later in the year on november 10. it’s a day to celebrate your loved ones or anyone elses loves ones! i’ve been to one dia de los muertos memorial and it was really nice. people did kind of like a talent show, they danced and read poems and at the end we ate VEGAN food and talked.

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  • I love your bucket list for fall. Mine is simple this year. I wanna watch spooky movies, make a Chucky cosplay, and eat some skittles. I’ve never been to a corn maze, but I don’t think there’s any near me. Typically I’d go to the renaissance festival but, it’s been canceled this year. I hope you get to do lots of the things on your bucket list.

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