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Hello my friends. I’m sharing with you this simple vegan kimchi fried rice recipe I always make because it’s simple and easy. Yes I use oil and fry it but umm it’s still pretty healthy, okay?  


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Everyone says making rice and beans is easy, but they are the hardest dishes for me to cook. Really sad considering I’m vegan and that’s the only thing I wanna eat these days. Soon I will make an updated post of this because I barely cook with oil anymore. I wonder if it’s possible to make this oil-free style? Anyway, let’s get to this easy vegan kimchi fried rice recipe!  

vegan kimchi fried rice ingredients and what you need:

Kimchi, Rice, a pan, and Oil

(This is all I need but you can add meat, sesame seeds + fried egg)

I get my Kimchi from Walmart because it’s the only Vegan Kimchi I can find. The best one in my area is probably one in a Tony’s Finer Foods. It’s $6 ($2 more than the small vegan jar I get) and huge. The $6 one was smelly because of the fish sauce, but it tasted really amazing. I really recommend that one to you non-vegans. Also, the jar it comes in is so useful, I currently have plants in it. You can also use the jar to make your own Kimchi at home. I have yet to find a big jar of affordable vegan Kimchi, but that’s okay because I end up making everything myself since they’re expensive in stores 🙂


rice vegan kimchi fried rice left over rice recipes

Anyways, I had 2 different leftover rice to choose from. I put too much Kimchi in the pan for my liking, so I added all the rice from the picture above along with the other rice that my mom made that has tomato, which is pictured below.

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by the way i love my moms rice, she makes it really healthy and doesn’t use white rice (which is basically just sugar)


Choose your rice, get your Kimchi, have some oil ready on a pan over medium heat and you’re ready to lie to everyone and pretend to be a decent cook!  


making vegan kimchi fried rice


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oil on the pan | vegan kimchi friend rice

First thing you should do is put oil on a pan that’s sitting on high heat. Let that pan get hot! This just makes it quicker to get cooked. Also I love when my rice is kinda hard like crunchy. If you’ve been to a korean restaurant and they served your rice on those stone bowls, you know what I’m talking about! recipe vegan kimchi fried rice how to

add kimchi | vegan kimchi fried rice

Now that you have the oil ready and hot, add Kimchi! Lower the heat a little and be careful for splashing! You don’t want to get burned. You can chop up the Kimchi into smaller pieces too, whatever you prefer. I like to make them smaller because it can be harder to chew if they’re in big slices. Stir it around for about 3 minutes. Very easy so far. Nothing much to do here guys. recipe vegan kimchi fried rice how to mexican househould girl doing korean food lol

adding rice | vegan kimchi fried rice

Next you add in your tasty rice! Sorry I cant show ya how to make rice because I’m not sure how. I will make a new post similar to this that will show how to make the rice as well! and even how to make kimchi? Maybe I should make my own now… My mom made the rice so I just used whatever she made. The first time I ever made this dish, I made the rice myself. The rice was really mushy and not so great. I used brown rice, which is hard for my mom to make so we were just really lost about making it. I still ate it though (lol). Only god can judge me and my cooking. (kidding, you guys can judge me all you want) easiest vegan kimchi fried rice recipe

All you have to do is mix it around for maybe 5 minutes. You’re gonna lower the heat too. If you need to, add that kimchi juice so the rice doesn’t stick. I’ve only had rice like that in Korean restaurants. They come in something called a stone bowl which makes the rice taste super good and crunchy. (pictured below)

Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice with Meat and Assorted Vegetables) |
c: mykoreankitchen


If you don’t have the right bowls just suffer a little and enjoy this plain Vegan Kimchi Fried Rice. It tastes great and is so effortless. It’s great if you’re in college and live alone or don’t have time to make healthier foods. Don’t eat so much though because now that it’s fried, it takes out a lot of nutrients! (I mean I think it does, I’m no nutritionist) vegan kimchi fried rice recipe cute food ideas for college people

Well what else is there to know? I thought I took more pictures but I guess I didn’t. Anyways, that’s really all there is to it. It’s similar to making eggs to me, very easy peasy. The hard part is making the perfect rice, but luckily there was already rice in the fridge at home.


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How do you guys make your rice or Kimchi fried rice, if you’ve ever made that before.

Are any of you guys vegan? What food do you recommend I try making?

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