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DIY DEODORANT BY SOYVIRGO.COM never buy deodorant again
Hello again friends! Yes I wear deodorant, I’ve just been wearing something I make from home! I planned to post this mid April, but Hunida at Hunidas Blog motivated me to post it sooner! It’s the summer time so I’m sure some of you need this for yourselves, or your boyfriend! I definitely was blessed when I first got to try this deodorant on my husband 🙂  

DIY Deodorant with 2 ingredients! (Cruelty Free)

Here’s the ingredients and what you need to make this amazing deodorant.  

What you need:

  • cold pressed coconut oil
  • pure baking soda
  • an empty container with a lid
  • a spoon or utensil to mix
optional ingredients:
  • essential oils if you don’t like coconut! keep in mind some coconut products source their coconuts from monkey slaves! (yes, not making this up. Here’s an article which explains and gives a list of companies that don’t use monkey’s as slaves to pick coconuts)
  • corn starch / maizena
   diy deodorant make from home 2 ingredient vegan cruelty free

How to make it:

Step 1: Get your preferred container!

My mom has used her old Lancome containers because they’re some kind of glass and they’re super durable! I use one too and it’s the perfect size for traveling! (the purple jars) You can also use any little container which your old deodorant came in, or a small lotion container like these pictured below, which I cleaned out and am reusing for the purpose of this post!

Step 2: Adding the ingredients

I’m gonna be honest, I never measure anything! For this, I would just have to say you need to eyeball it. My mom actually makes it perfect, so go by her example, pictured down below!    I just use coconut oil and the baking soda and its a freaking life saver. Although, I think the reason hers comes out so perfect is because she used the corn starch with it. When my mom first told me about this deodorant, we added Maizena. I decided to stop using it because I just didn’t like adding it into my pits. You can try making a small batch with the corn starch and one without it to see which you prefer. The way I make it works, but I just love the consistency of the kind my mom makes. But anyways, let’s continue. Add in the oil, and baking soda. Be sure to add more baking soda than oil.  What you should focus on is not having too much oil, because it will melt easily if your house is always hot or you travel and go somewhere warm. So if that is the case, just add a bit more baking soda. P.s I use Arm and Hammer because it doesn’t seem to go through a chemical process but I heard it is not cruelty free. Gosh, can’t we just have cruelty free, vegan and gluten free things? Why is everything so complicated lol I will def be looking for an alternative to baking soda though and I have been but I still have a huge bag of this baking soda left in my house.  

Step 3: Mixing the Ingredients

So mix them until they look a bit thick. You know it’s missing oil if it’s too chalky and falls apart easily. Same goes for adding too much oil, it will be too watery and slimy. You will know its perfect when it comes out like a cream. Kind of like whipped cream or frosting. Once you think it’s ready, put it in the fridge for maybe an hour or two.    So, I use these containers and I have no idea how to apply this deodorant other than using my fingers. The way I do it is I put on deodorant with my finger after a shower and I’m set literally until the next time I shower! I don’t know what else to tell you guys, but take my word for it. You probably don’t know sweaty armpits like I know because that was one of my insecurities from high school! P.s you will want to keep your deodorant in a dry place, eventually it can melt since there’s oil in there. Keep it stored in the bathroom and it will be fine!    

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Thanks for reading DIY DEODORANT why i havent bought deo in years!

 Thanks for reading! I hope you liked this DIY. If it doesn’t work for you, let me know, maybe I can help you out. Also, I’ve actually sold these deodorants way back when I was in HS and ladies came back to buy more. It works so well and it really is like… amazing like ya’ll don’t even know. Wow, I was blessed with this product!

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  • Ahh! Thanks for posting this early just for me, Kiki. <3 I can’t believe there are monkey slaves used to pick coconuts. That makes me so sad! & that baking soda isn’t cruelty-free either? What the heck!

    • No prob! 🙂
      and yes when I saw that I was shook. it sucks cause I tell my family and all they can say is “so when we go shopping do we have to ask which monkey slaves got the coconuts?” and im like… so done. It’s just as simple as making sure you’re buying from decent brands. I don’t even wanna explain to people about it because they literally don’t care lol. I’m glad u feel the same as me though. And yeah, sucks too. I mean im not 100% sure but im kinda sure arm n hammer tests on animals.
      Thanks for reading <3

  • I love that you have found a much healthier alternative that works for you! I might go ahead and try this out, deodorant is so expensive nowadays and most of them have aluminium, as I see a couple of people in the comments have already mentioned. Great post! x

    • Aww thanks! Im glad 🙂
      I wasn’t really aware that aluminum was bad other than in cooking pans, but dang im happy that I haven’t been putting it on my skin with deodorant. thank you for reading <3

  • Ahh this is great! I’ve always wanted to try this so now I get the opportunity 😊 thank you for sharing this recipe

  • Thanks for sharing, as someone who also has sweaty pits, it’s been hard for me to find a reasonable replacement for deodorant that is also vegan, so once I am done with what I currently have than I will definitely try this!

  • I am so happy you shared this! I use a cruelty-free, Aluminum free, vegan deordorant. But this sounds like a great, and cheaper alternative. I’ve read that article you shred about the monkeys and it’s so heartbreaking.

    • Thank you <3 I have BARELY started to see vegan deodorants in stores. Not really big chain stores other than Marshalls! But i hope to see more in the future.. I’m gonna keep using this method tho. It works so well!

      • I use to use just baking soda and coconut oil but that tends to get messy. But as I got older and my body chemistry changed, I used it less and less and right now nothing, and I haven’t ruined my clothes with sweating nor do I have any issues. There are some pretty good recipes on Pinterest … but it will take time to find one that works with your body, and you may have to adjust that over time.

  • The typical deodorant from stores are bad as it is with the aluminum. It is great that you make your own- especially with you knowing what you put into the mix. Haha, I am queen of eyeballing the ingredient amount! This is a neat recipe to make your own deodorant. The fact that it works is great! Thanks for sharing this DIY.

    Nancy ♥

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