bday diary | hanging with my husband for a week (he visited me!)

hanging out with my husband for a week |

hanging out with my husband for a week

  hanging out with my husband for a week | - ldr couple


Hello all.

This is just gonna be a post sharing my time with my best friend, my only straight male guy friend, my only friend that knows pretty much everything about me. Yup, let’s share some sexy moments..  


This visitation was not sudden, but planned. Of course, as adults, ya gotta plan everything nowadays, am i right? At least that’s how I am now. I used to be more spontaneous, but there’s no time to be that way when bills are due every damn month and you can’t really be too fun anymore… Yeah.. she’s a negative nancy so let’s move on.


Well.. what had happened was he said he wanted to visit me because of the troubles I was facing at home and no way was I going to decline!  


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 I really had been dealing with a lot of annoying stuff in my life and just needed a huge break. What better way than to hang out with the person you love most? ***cringe***  



hanging out with my husband for a week | - ldr couple blog



driving around and doing adult stuff…


to start out this beautiful dreamy week, we decided to go to costco and get some groceries after I picked him up from the airport! Maybe you guys don’t like grocery shopping, but somehow I really like it. It’s just fun and I also like walking around the mall window shopping. It’s just a bit fun for me. (That’s why I’m thinking about doing instacart!)

I do get tired of grocery shopping (that’s why I stay home most of the time) but once I get tired I just simply start heading to the checkout lines and get the heck out of there.

I really love costco too because they staff is usually really helpful. What I don’t like is the people, they’re always trying to block your way in the line, .. people need to become nicer like damn stop spreading your stress and negativity to me I got enough of that babes!

random takeout food.

He just started taking pictures because he FINALLY got a new phone and it’s pretty cool so he likes to use it for taking cute pics! 

We were on our way to costco, we did our little shopping. It was really chill. 

After that, it was already a bit late so we decided to get something to eat because we were hungry. We didn’t want to make food when we got home after not eating all day. We got some delicious Mediterranean food from IDOF. It was super delicious. We both shared a plate and it was honestly more than enough for us. 

I didn’t take a picture because I probably was THAT hungry that I completely forgot to share with you all.


ldr couple hanging out with my husband for a week |


This was how we looked when I finally picked him up and I was putting on the address to get to Costco! Can you believe I was actually really nervous and my heart was beating really fast as I went to pick him up. It’s pretty bad because it’s not good to feel that way when you are driving. 

I got really nervous because the airport is just a stressful place! The people are yelling at you to not stand there/ park there and get out the way. It really sucks because it gets so packed quickly when a plane arrives, and the people standing there telling you to not park there dont give a crap! Like babe you’re already getting paid you don’t gotta yell at me like that. I didn’t mind, I know its there job but dang..

But anyways, yes I was nervous and even talking to him and breathing was making me nervous! It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen him so I suppose it just feels new to me and I almost feel like I’m meeting a stranger.

Of course after maybe an hour I remember who I’m with again.


hanging out with my husband for a week | eating vegan foods!

I decided to show him this great place near my house. It’s a mexican vegan restaurant that’s pretty small, but big in flavor!! He loved the tamales so much that we ended up going again the next day for more. (and again and again until he had to go back home)



hanging out with my husband for a week | (vegan mexican food tamales)


green mole tamale with rice and beans


green mole tamale.

We were eating in the car. We had just picked up food from a food pantry because I just like getting food from there, I mean.. free lentils, black beans, rice and other vegan stuff? Yes Please!


Tamale? A mexican eating a tamale? TYPICAL! No… it’s vegan!


Usually tamales are made with lard and I just can’t trust eating any unless it’s specifically said to be VEGAN. It’s really difficult to find vegan mexican food especially where I’m living. The mexicans here are the type to judge you  and say “what are you eating if it’s not meat?”. So you can guess that vegan mexican shops don’t really exist around here.


It is something that bothers me and makes me not want to mention how I eat.. because who is anyone to judge anyone else about what they eat and really question and have the gall to say “WHAT DO YOU EAT THO?!” like… can I live?


Anyways.. I’ve ordered from this place before, but when ya love something you just wanna share it with the people you like.


That’s why I chose this place for us to get food from. We ate at a park nearby… and I didn’t take any photos because I really lost my blogger touch.

BUT, have no fear, I woke the f up and started taking more pictures later one because I need to share on this blog or I might as well just close it down!


vegan mexican food - chilaquiles rice and beans |


This day I chose the chilaquiles with rice and beans.

chilaquiles with rice and beans.

I really love their rice and beans and I feel bad for saying it (no I don’t) but my moms rice and beans do not satisfy my taste buds now that I try to eat less oily and salty foods. The rice and beans here are super natural and healthy tasting.

I can easily tell they do not use as much salt and oil. It was absolutely delicious, but I think the sauce is missing a bit of flavor. The sauces my mom makes are much more flavorful than the one they made for this dish.

The cheese and egg tasted so good, but I think the amount of it in the dish was way too small. It’s mostly a bunch of toasted nachos and not much egg and sauce. I would have loved if they included some type of protein in this dish.  Probably some soy steak or some chorizo would have went so well.


Other than that, I would still recommend this plate!  


homemade vegan ramen.

We have been making ramen for two night or maybe 3 nights, I can’t remember. This is the one I had made one night.

My husband started to play video games on my PC with his friends. He was playing WARZONE. I thought, ok, he can play and I will make the ramen.

It’s fun making food for him because I SUCK at making food. It’s nice to see his reactions and seeing if he likes what I make. I’m so happy he ended up liking what I had made. He usually does like what I make, but I think he’s just being nice.


vegan ramen |


I used basically everything from Costco. We got some frozen veges and mushrooms from Walmart. I mixed some vege broth with a bunch of spices I had to make the broth tasty. I also added soy sauce and some teriyaki sauce to give it that FLAVOR.

Once the broth was tasting better, I added the veggies and lastly, tofu. I wanted it all to boil together. Only a light boil, not too boiled because it might end up tasting burned.

I usually mix it with some sauces I get from costco like a vegan almond and chipotle sauce. I really recommend doing that because it comes out tasting like tonkotstu, or at least looking like it, because I never actually ate one before lol    


Vegan Tonkotsu Ramen - Okonomi Kitchen
Vegan Tonkotsu Ramen – Okonomi Kitchen

I actually found this recipe and plan on trying it because it looks so simple and easy! This is what I mean when I say my ramen looks creamy and good like the tonkotsu ramens I’ve always seen.


It looks so delicious and I’m not so sure what they put to make it look that way.

As I was making my ramen, I noticed that it needed some sauce, so I did try using my vegan sauces I randomly have in the fridge. It ended up tasting really good to me, but I really want to try this recipe because I want to make that sauces from scratch!

Anyways, the ramen I made was good and my husband loved it! I gotta say, it was one of the best ramen I have made!



going out to a restaurant and looking like a cute af couple


So I decided to go to a restaurant one night. I was looking and looking for which one to go and eat at with my husbo. I just like sitting somewhere with him and talking and seeing good food and eating it together. I just love the simple things!!  


vegan brunch vegan burger and food |



We went to a decent vegan / non-vegan place. It was a bit expensive, but apparently the food is organic so I thought it was worth the try.

I ate a black bean burger and vegan tacos. The drink I ordered was a pomegranate tea, obviously I poured water over and over again because everywhere I go, the drinks are sweet af. I like unsweetened drinks. The tacos came with potatoes, and the burger came with a small portion of pasta. ( I chose those as the sides, but you could choose salads and whatnot. )


the black bean burger.

this burger was like MANY vegan burgers I have tried before. very typical.. very boring.. very I’m-pretty-sure-I-can-find-a-better-recipe-online-and-make-it-myself type of burger. So yes, I was disappointed. I was incredibly hungry so you can bet I ate the whole dang thing! (not really, I ate half of the burger and mostly got rid of the bread, the other half of the burger my husband ate!)

the vegan chipotle tacos.

The tacos I did not LOVE. The thing is, tacos are meant to be made with CORN TORTILLAS. It just tastes so much better! I feel like the right way to eat quesadillas is with these thick flour tortillas you see in the picture. The taste was like… I was eating flour tacos. NOT VEGAN TOFU TACOS.

Flour tortillas are just so thick, and it took away the whole experience of the tofu inside. That’s the point of a taco, to enjoy whats on the inside. That’s why you won’t ever really catch me eating burritos because the flour tortillas is just too much for me.

In the past I loved making quesadillas and I would only make them with flour tortillas. I was just really disappointed that they weren’t actually good tacos. If they were made on corn tortilla, I think it would have been another story. I will probably never order vegan tacos from a non mexican vegan place. I felt that I could have easily made those tacos at home, or even made them better.

my husbands food.


well all I can say is he loved his food. It was pancakes and pudding. I honestly thought it was way too sweet and I wasn’t feeling it, but yes it was delicious.


 SEEING CANDYMAN (while high)

WE WENT TO SEE CANDYMAN! I think I have mentioned this movie before… and when I saw the teaser for this new one, I was so freaking excited!!! I was even more excited to find out it would be playing when he would visit me.

the movie theater.

the movie theater was decent looking. It was sooo incredibly empty, and we were freaking happy for that. we walked in and had two people sitting behind us. After a few minutes we saw another couple come in and they sat a few rows in front of us. I really loved that the people had common sense to not sit super close to another group.

The theater was very quiet and chill and decently cleaned.

movie theater watching candyman 2021 | hanging out with my husband for a week |


Before watching the movie, we washed our hands and then played an arcade game. I think it was called fast and furious? I’m not sure why but I love playing racing games especially the arcade types with the steering wheel. After that, our hands felt sticky, so we washed them again.

I took some pictures, and then we headed into the theater to start our scary journey!

the actual movie.

So this might be spoiling the movie. I really recommend you go watch it, so please do that! If you don’t care about spoilers (because I sometimes don’t), then keep reading!


The movie… well okay… we earlier went to buy gummies.

The gummies were expensive by the way, but I guess those kind of things are expensive these days.

Anyways, we took the gummies in the car in the parking lot before heading into the theater. Those things kicked in QUICK. Unlike the ones we used to take in 2016 when we lived together… these ones really hit DIFFERENT.

Once the trailers started playing, we BOTH started acting up. First of all, he was being so funny to me. Second I was saying way too much and talking too much, pointing things out and being all types of weird, so we both knew it kicked in by then. He even leaned over to tell me “I’m really high..” I was dying laughing because I was thinking the same thing.  


candyman 2021 movie |
image from film-book
This part of the film was scary because it was raining and the sound was very eerie. 
Anthony just found out that he was actually born in Cabrini Green area, not the southside. 
He looks angry, shocked, speechless because he's on his way to his mom's 
house and find out why she's never told him the truth of where his birth place was.
Cabrini Green is where the Candyman stories originated from.



Starting off, the opening credits WERE BACKWARDS! I was about to make a scene and get out of my chair and tell the people “Hey, ya’ll are messing up the movie, it’s being played backwards!” No one but us were getting worried about that, so we just sat there and waited to see if it was the movie makers doing. And it actually was… we were so relieved.


My heart was beating fast just because of that little movie trick.. So, it started off bad because of that LOL

The movie was very trippy. I mean, how can it not be, it’s Candyman! The first one was really one of the scariest movies I have seen to date. This one was pretty much just as scary, and I liked how it was a modern scary. It was not cheesy like most modern scary movies.


Today the movies can be showing people with high tech stuff, fancy houses and cars, and it will just seem so out of place and odd, trying to seem scary but it just looks tacky and not scary at all. That’s why the scary movies today are always set back in the day just to give us that spooky feel.

Well, I haven’t seen many modern day scary movies at all.



This movie seemed like it was set in 2021 and it really tripped me out because candyman is someone from the past. It’s a folklore basically, but everyone kept bringing him up. It’s something that can likely happen in the real world today like on tiktok, and they really did something like that in the movie.

Mentioning social media and teens being naïve wasn’t tacky in this movie. It really scared tf out of both of us because of the fact it’s a spooky story about someone in the past, and now he’s come back? You would imagine the story would die out, but somehow, the boogeyman in this case, Candyman, is back alive and well and still killing people.  


my favorite part.

So I think I will just speed this up and mention my fav part. I really enjoyed how they ended the scene. It was one of the most frightening and disgusting parts. In a way, it just made sense. The ending scene, and you can see a bit of it from the video below, just shows how something like cops manipulating and threatening someone to say what they want is very real and can actually happen (and has happened) today. We might feel very hopeless, and a feeling of weakness, not being able to do anything will come over you.. it’s just very deep sad feeling that I saw in this scene.  

The way the girlfriend, Brianna, was able to say candyman in the mirror and basically summon her man to kill the evil people really was what made this “villain” more like a hero. That’s what I enjoyed about this ending. I know candyman IS a bad person. It’s just something that reminds me of The Joker movie. Where the joker did kill people, but he was bullied first. It’s kind of twisted but that’s just how I see it. If someone were to kill my man, then tell me I have to say I saw nothing, you better believe I am summoning my ghost husband to murder everyone. So.. this movie was a bit romantic for me and my husband 🙂  


candyman 2021 | hanging out with my husband for a week


Just kidding…. it was still really scary.

the after math.

When the movie ended… the horrible people behind us started saying candyman 5 times! I was about to start swinging. No.. I was literally ducking in my chair because I was high and obviously very paranoid, I kept remembering the awful shootouts that happened in the past at movie theaters.

I thought those people behind us were about to act crazy. I mean, who fn says “candyman” VERY SERIOUSLY with a serious and almost seductive tone other than creepy crazy people? Maybe I’m overexaggerating but it was just too soon to be acting that weird and even saying it loudly for everyone to hear. Like, ma’am, you better not…

The movie literally just ended after that crazy scene and the lights haven’t turned on, so yes I was freaking out! I even started holding my husbands hands and told him we should run LOL! Anyways.. they did nothing and that’s all that matters.

Mind you, we were in a completely different area so we don’t know anyone or even know the area, also I was still high so I was just scared!


Later on we drove to dunkin donuts and had our iced coffee and iced tea drinks. It was fun and we actually love dunkin because we used to always go there even before we went vegan.

At home later, I fell and hurt myself really badly.

I was actually crying because my arm and back hurt so much. I was still high feeling so it bothered me more.

All I could think to myself was, and I’m not joking, I thought to myself “who fn pushed me?” and I was thinking that a ghost, or maybe candyman himself was out to hurt me. I am too crazy sometimes, i know, but that’s why you maybe shouldn’t get high and watch scary movies while you feel that way!  


hanging out with my husband for a week | gaming


Well basically I was gaming like I always do. We played a bit on Apex Legends and it was so much fun! He was playing on his switch so he could not really see which made it more funny. 

He usually just plays COD or WARZONE. I somehow finally wanted to try it and I was having so much fun that I even made my own account.

I started to play and you can check out how bad I play on my youtube channel. I decided to just use it for gaming, but if I make other types of videos on a different account, I will definitely let you guys know!



the $20 arcade.

We decided to go to our local arcade. We love going there because it’s just a fun experience. It truly feels like a completely different universe. The fact that it’s $20 for a whole night? Very freaking wild!

We went there once before back when we lived together. Back then we had a lot of fun because we were high off of gummies. It was a wild experience. This time, we just went there as our natural selves.



hanging out with my husband for a week |


We played a ton of games. We actually got there a bit too late so we didn’t play our favorite games for too long. There is a lot of games to play and you honestly can’t get to enjoy all of them unless you get there to play for 3-5 hours. 

We enjoyed a bunch of the fighting games like street fighter and mortal kombat. Those have always been some of my favorite games.

My favorite games are:

  • sailor moon (I don’t know the actual name)
  • a cute game where a girl throws ninja stars to evil people
  • an alien shooting game
  • and more that I kinda forgot all ready!!

the OTHER girl.

Usually this place is filled with guys, which is unfortunate of course..

The first time I went to this arcade, we were high like I said earlier.. and the bad thing was that I react really badly when something goes wrong. That time, my husband told me a random guy passing by took a picture of me. I felt really scared, disgusted, creeped out, like why did he take a picture of me… where did he go and where is he going to post that picture or what is he going to do with it?

It was pretty traumatizing for me. I ended up crying in a random arcade game and called my friend so they can help calm me down. My husband couldn’t really calm me down because he was high too, like there was really nothing we could have done other than tell the people at the front like hey someone took a picture of me, can you help me to kick him out and delete my photo? 

Nothing happened because no one had any idea where he went. I really wished that I could get him to delete his photo but I was also scared, like what if he attacked us?

Anyways, the reason I mention this is because I wish there were more girls like me at places like this. Luckily, this time there was!

There was one other girl with a bunch of guys. We walked past them and I even heard her say, “Hey! Another girl”.

I thought that was really cute. 

Later on that night, I saw another girl playing by herself. I thought that was nice. I just hope I can find some friends who would want to go to a place like that.


hanging out with my husband for a week | saying “SEE YOU AGAIN”


hanging out with my husband for a week |
this is how I hug my cat. it feels so great and she just stays quiet but i feel like she actually doesn’t like it, but allows it LOL I asked my husband to take pictures because I want to see what it actually looks like to hug a cat… It looks so funny!



Hanging out with my husband for a week was really just bitter sweet. I hate how short of a trip it was.

For our last day, we decided our last day together we would go to a food pantry, get food from the vegan mexican place because he just really enjoyed that places tamales, and finally drop him off to the airport.

First I went with him to pick up food. He actually took a bunch of gummies before hand and I’m not sure why because his heart was racing when he took them the first time when we say Candyman. So I thought he would be nervous and shaky when he would be getting in the plane.

He was nervous just standing waiting for the food. It was fun being there with him and just trying to calm him down but I kind of wish he didn’t take so many because it also makes me nervous when he is nervous.


the food pantry.

I went to the food pantry first and I already went in and didn’t want to go back out to get my husband to help me carry anything. So I just made everyone feel bad being there because I had to carry a bunch of bags by myself. I am capable of it so I didn’t really want help.

He saw me outside the car so he was then able to help me then. 

After that we decided to start eating our food, but first I had to find a decent place to park!

We ate there and just talked. It was just pretty calm and fun. Then we started to head to the airport which is the lamest part.



Heading to the airport was kind of frustrating for me. I had to find the right place to park and cars were just going crazy. The streets by the airport are filled with dumb drivers rushing to get home or just young people not caring about others on the road. 

Anyways, I finally got to a spot to chill with him. 

We actually cried together because of course we were already missing each other. We took really cute pictures and I took many pictures of him because his eyes were so closed and red from the gummies he took. 

I also gave him a light windbreaker and he just looked good and the lighting was great. 

The first photo of this post is from that moment!

thank you for reading text graphic

Thanks for reading hanging out with my husband for a week –

This was just a lil fun personal post to share what we were up to this time.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we were up to!

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