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Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I know. There is just so much going on in my life right now that I don’t know what I’m doing LOL like, I’m just in that stage okay, I will get it right soon!

This Depop Seller Tips post is for those who want to make some side money so you won’t have to deal with this mess I’m dealing right now 🙂 I’m doing great, but … I will just explain later in my post for the end of the month!


depop seller tips to sell fast
Yes, that is Eunha from Gfriend. I love her, she is so cute. Photo cred: Intl’ BNT

6 Depop Seller Tips to Help You Sell Fast!


1. Model your clothes

model poses funny meme depop seller guide

The depop seller tip is the most important one! This is the most helpful tip because nowadays a photo can go viral in seconds, even if it’s from depop! You may not know it, but people will copy a photo from depop and share it on sites and it will get some likes and what-not. Point is, it gets more noticed when a person is in the photo, so same goes for the depop app. Give it a try!

Get some good lighting and you’re good to go!

2. Don’t be a copy cat

Honestly, it’s pretty lame to try and be like someone else when you have all these amazing qualities about yourself! Just do what you want to do, make your account as fun as you can and sell what you want to, you can also treat depop like your etsy! The more unique your shop is, the better it will be for you and your sales.

3. Brand yourself

One way i branded myself and my account was making my name stand out with usernames and giveaways and making my account unique. I also tried making my sellers happy by making my packaging cute and maybe leaving a note and a gift for them. It’s fine if you can’t, you can just settle with getting cute pink shipping supplies (what I did) and doodling on your packaging!

4. Post regularly

anime girl texting in panda outfit

Should I even explain?

Well okay, you have to post often! Maybe once a week? Just sell everything! I sold 2 mix-matched socks, how? Because they were kind of “dead-stock” socks, but mix-matched? Yeah, trust me, you can sell a lot of random stuff.

5. Be active

Okay so you have to post a lot, but you also have to be active on the app, just like you do with every other app.

Make sure you are liking posts, following people, adding clothes to collections. This app is basically instagram but for shopping!

ichigo mashimaro gif anime clothes
from Ichigo Mashimaro (anime)

6. Make it easy for others to purchase!

How are people going to buy from you when you don’t have a simple to read policies post, or a basic description, availability of an item, etc! People will be too lazy to wait for you, or comment or message you for an item if you don’t make it known that’s its available to sell right away!

Unless it is something that is out of stock, then okay, but if not, sell it asap and don’t put things on hold without some kind of down payment.


Thanks for reading! Hope these tips can help you sell better on depop, or anywhere!

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  • Depop is kind of like ebay right? I know these tips are very important but when I use to sell on Etsy I hated advertising and posting regularly, I just didn’t like that part at all. I loved making stuff and I didn’t like the rest of it lol.

    • ooh i didnt know etsy was like that! and i think its better and less complicated than etsy. its just an app u can sell and buy on. i dont like the fee and thats it! if you follow the right people u will have fun and be able to sell whatever yu make~!

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