December movie list.

Hello friends. These have been my favorite movies to watch during the wintertime. There’s more that I didn’t include but I think I’ll save them for a later post. This is more leaning toward Christmas time. Just hope you find something fun and cute to watch during this month, which is sadly halfway through lol

The Nightmare before Christmas;

maybe this movie isn’t the best choice for this month, but I always loved watching this during Halloween or Christmas
Christmas Town - Nightmare Before Christmas Photo (226820) - Fanpop

image from fanpop

Home Alone;

This is one of my favorites to watch during the Holidays with family or even alone. I always wanted to be like him when he ate all that junk food and watched his favorite movie. Now that I’m an adult, I can actually do that and not feel sad about missing my family because, that’s just how I like to live lol Plus, I can watch this movie and order pizza cause the pizza scenes really make me crave it.
Stations of Home Alone: Where the Wilderness Meets Civilization - Christ and Pop Culture

Polar Express;

I only saw this movie once when I was younger, but I plan on watching it again and really paying attention to it. I just remember it being very pretty and interesting and mysterious kind of? Although, the animation kind of scared me as a kid lol

image from nbmma

A Charlie Brown Christmas;

This is my all time favorite Christmas movie. I haven’t seen all Christmas movies just so you know, but so far, I love most movies of Charlie Brown. I loved Charlie brown as a kid and in school, even if I pretended not to like it to seem cool, I always wanted to watch it when it was playing at the end of the school year in our class. I even love the soundtrack, I added some of the songs to my spotify playlists, they’re just so calming.
Just Drop the Blanket: The Moment You Never Noticed in A Charlie Brown Christmas - Christmas and ...

How the Grinch Stole Christmas;

I like both animated/cartoon version and live action (is that how you call it lol?) so I guess I’ll list both here. I found out this week that the cute little girl is Taylor Momsen who was in Gossip Girl and now is the lead singer in her band The Pretty Reckless. She was so cute, and now is super pretty and cool.
Il lato oscuro delle star: la top 10 delle brave ragazze diventate cattive | Bigodino

'How the Grinch Stole Christmas!' Moves to NBC as Part of Three-Year Pact - Hollywood Reporter
That’s it because I’m uncultured swine with no xmas spirit lol
If you have any favorites please list them so I can stop missing out! Thanks ya’ll

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