Day 2: Quote Challenge ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you to the lovely Sarish for tagging me in this challenge. She’s a blogger who shares stories about her life, opinions and adventures which are very insightful and inspiring. Check her out at!

For the second day of this 3-day challenge, I chose a quote from the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. This quote is about loving one another, or just spreading love instead of spreading hate, however you wanna put it, it’s a great quote:

Martin Luther King Jr. Quote


❝ darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. 

hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. ❞ ― Martin Luther King Jr.


I tend to see a lot of hate towards people even within our own families. I remember watching a story of a KKK member / skinhead whose probation officer happened to be a black woman. The member started regretting everything he’d ever done in his past. The probation officer was never hard on him or “taught him a lesson” for him to realize that. Sometimes I look at people who are hateful towards the poor, sick, etc. with disgust and hate, but it’s not doing anything for them. Even if I want to teach them something, you can’t really tell them anything that will help because they’re not ready to change.

Yes, some people need to be enlightened, but they can do their own research. Also, when you can’t get through to them, giving them hate for not changing their mindset will not fix it. First of all you’re just spreading more hate and you’re also getting yourself stressed out. There’s gonna be a time when those hateful people will realize they’re wrong and need to change the way they treat others.

This quote by Martin Luther King Jr. reminds me that it’s better to spread love to people, even those strangers who show their bad sides to you. The world already has a lot of injustice and negativity so we have to make every day a great day for ourselves and each other. I’m starting to learn this too. I have to be patient when I go out in public because sometimes I get road rage and start honking at people for no reason lol. You never know what’s going on in someones day. Just be as loving as you can be to people who don’t really “deserve” it. You can be that person that helps spark a change, just like the probation officer!


Today I nominate:

Katie, Michelle, and Krizia

For anyone who wants to join, just make sure to follow these rules:

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Yesterday I went to the bank to deposit cash and I was starting to sweat. I was wearing a thick Winter coat on Monday and now it’s finally Spring time lol. Global warming is really no joke ya’ll

Anyway, have an amazing weekend! Make sure to check out my last quote post going up tomorrow. Read it first and then go on with your day cause it’s gonna be a great one lol

Love, Kiki

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