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Hey all. I wanted to share some resources on where to get cute affordable WordPress themes. First, read how to start a blog with WordPress. If you’re already passed that step, continue reading and enjoy these

60 cute wordpress themes under 50!


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60 Cute WordPress Themes under 50


100 free beautiful minimal wordpress themes for bloggers -
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So, I’ve had people say they love my theme and I’m so grateful because I found it myself (after a few hours) and edited it myself too. I spent $2 on it, and it works SO well with wordpress. Anyone who’s ever gone theme hunting knows how hard it is to find something they like. When I went self hosted back in March, I decided to try looking for a theme that wasn’t so boring, but simple too. I looked for all the “cute + simple” themes you could find, but most were priced at $30 or more. They all looked the same and didn’t really call out to me as well. Luckily I found something cute through google search which is the MILA theme! I’ll talk more about it, but first, let’s find your next theme!

Cute WordPress Themes and Where to Find them

1. Creative Market

The first place you should check to find WP themes is It’s a site filled with many blogging goods; including fonts, graphics, theme templates and more. It’s where I got my theme for only $2!

My Current theme, Mila is now $29! (above)

This site is filled with amazing themes for any kind of creative. I listed my favorites in this collection. Favorites for collection curated by SOYVIRGO on Creative Market.


I will only shop from creative market for now because of how affordable the themes are. I spent money for the first time on a theme and it was so worth it. This theme does so much for me and I only paid $2, I can’t get over it lol If you’re the type of blogger who wants a completely unique theme that you won’t come across twice, I made a list for ya. The following are themes that are a bit pricey, but you will have to spend some cash if you want to stand out from the rest.

2. Angie Makes


This site has many cute freebies, including the theme above. The $70 version of the Mary Kate Theme (pictured above) includes extensive features like support. I would recommend it if you’re looking for a nice theme, but not sure how to install, edit or do much of the technical stuff. They have a bunch more WordPress themes where that came from, like Honeycrisp, pictured below. Shop More Angie Makes WordPress Themes!

3. Sugar and Code

If you’re looking for really affordable premium WordPress themes, is the place to go. free-wordpress-theme-blogging-babe.jpg (800×676) This site also includes a free theme + wordpress workshop! Find out more here. My favorite theme they have is the Leah Lifestyle theme. It’s only $47 yet it looks like it would cost a lot more. leah-lifestyle-wordpress-web-design-kit.png (800×519)

4. Boutique Design Studio

Another really affordable site to check out. I love these themes because they make sure the theme also looks great on mobile, something I did not think about when first buying my theme. A theme I recommend is the Mystic theme pictured below. This is also priced at $47 Live preview here, it’s so beautiful. mystic-wordpress-web-design-kit.png (800×519) Buy Now! Also, check out the Silver theme, another favorite of mine. Need more? See all themes.

You can also check out my SHOP page and FOR YOU page (located in the menu bar!)

50+ Cheap + Free themes!

Zthemes has amazing free themes like the one pictured below. They also have many more themes that are just as beautiful, and still won’t break the bank.

Just Free Themes is an amazing site to get the type of theme you need. Whether you are looking for a blog template, or shop template, you can find it here! All free!
Download Laura Lite free WordPress Theme Reviewed |


Editing a Theme to Make it your Own

When I got my theme, I wasn’t entirely happy. The Mila theme was almost perfect but the colors didn’t match my brand. So, I had to do what any picky person like me would do, I had to change a few things!
Mila | Blog & Shop Theme with Forum by khalilthemes on @creativemarket

How to Fall in L with Your Theme!

  1. Discover your brand
    • what are the colors you love most and want to use to represent your business/yourself?
    • are you more of a minimalist and want to attract easy-going people, or do you like bright pastel colors and want to attract exciting people? you can choose to attract both groups by having a pink minimalist layout! Just think about what it is you’re going for.
  2. Decide on a theme.
    • I hope you can find a good theme with the links I offered!
  3. Edit it with what is most important to you
    • I like sharing and supporting others work, so I made sure my sidebar had a section to share sites or even other bloggers.
    • Remember you need to add widgets if you’re trying to bring more of your blog readers to a different platform. Add a youtube widget if you’re a youtuber, a Pinterest widget if you have a great account, etc.
  4. Pro Tip: Make sure your theme works the way you want it for both desktop and mobile.
  5. Rest Assured: Your blog should be a place you always like to visit. If you love it, so will others!


Thanks for reading 60 cute wordpress themes under 50!

Are you satisfied with your current blog and theme? What changes do you think you need, but aren’t sure how to fix them? Maybe I can help ya <3

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