Cute Songs I’m obsessed with lately and listen to when I’m SAD

Cute songs to listen to when you're sad -

With all the sadness happening around the world, in Yemen, in the U.S (yuck) and the Uyghurs in China and Libya’s Slave Trade, um yes we individuals are overwhelmed with the sadness going on. When I’m sad about these things I can’t control, I do my best to realize there are people with more power than me who are doing their best to stop these atrocities as a whole. When it is way too overwhelming, we need to take small breaks and get back to work spreading this as news, because real news on the TV won’t.  



Cute Songs to Listen to When You’re Down


So, here’s some of my cute bops I listen to OFTEN when I want some motivation and happiness and when I want to remind myself I’m also a cute person who can spread motivation and happiness to others. Let’s get to the music! music gif cute -cute songs to listen to when you're sad -

MayDay – Crush featuring Joy

This song definitely deserves to be in this list. If you guys are new, well you’ll soon find that I am obsessed with JOY from Red Velvet (a kpop group). She is so sweet and precious and yes, she’s a virgo. No I don’t only support virgos, I just support and love people and later find out they’re a virgo like me LOL  



Blue Lemonade, Ladies night – Red Velvet

I really loved this song before this dance came out, but now with a dance it’s 100% better! JOY really can sing, like she can SING sing and it doesn’t sound like every other artist out there. I can’t help but sing along to her parts.

Red Velvet have many more songs to listen to when you’re down in the dumps and need to feel better and happier.  

Doki Doki No Disco – Nanidato

This song I found recently when finding random bloggers on neocities. They had this song on their soundcloud playlist and I thought it was cute. I checked it out and it’s still my favorite song discovered recently.



you and me together – Loona

This song is so amazing. I hate to boast, BUT my mom has a really nice 2019 car or 2018 I forget and the speakers are BOMB so I always play this song LOUD especially when I’m mad. Like, when I’m mad I either listen to something that makes me feel valid like Chief Keef or something that makes me wanna headbang like idk, all my fav high school emo phase band songs, or cute stuff like this (so I can angry cry). I have never looked up the lyrics, but this video has lyrics with it so read along if you want!




Magic Ways – Tatsuro Yamashita Subways edit

this video is always on all my lists




Yukika is actually a Japanese artist that decided to debut in Korea and make KPOP! I’m pretty sure that’s what happened I’m no K-POP expert. Her effort is so amazing and inspiring. She looks like she loves what she is doing and worked hard too. I hope she becomes much more famous!  



Couple – Sechskies featuring Wanna One

I have this song on my playlist and it is just the cutest song ever. It makes me super duper happy. I even played it in front of my husband and he liked it too, even the funny bed squeakee noise it has in the song LOL.  




This is such a cute girl group and I’m obsessed with Naeun a ton! She is so adorable. I love this song below, it’s their debut song and it’s super duper cute! Their next song is a completely different mature song. If you like Apink, you will love them too!



It’s a song about being pretty and how it’s a sin LOL I never really cared for this song but it’s giving me like some positive vibes. I know it can be hard to be pretty and every guy might think you’re a H** or something awful, so I get it. I also just see this song as a good song to sing to yourself cause lets face it, a lot of us girls don’t consider ourselves to be pretty. I don’t because I’m brown, hairy, I have crooked teeth, but still sometimes I can see I am pretty. You are too no matter what flaws you think you have!  

April have a ton of good songs to make you feel cutesy and giddy including Dream Candy (their debut song from 2015), April Story, Lovesick and more so check them out!  

Love Whisper and Sunny Summer – gfriend

Gfriend are my favorite, but I must say I really love Eunha the most out of all of them and support her a lot. I’m not into all of their songs but I do like a lot, including these ones below.

gfriend is another group that has many good songs. Sad and happy ones. They also have the best dances ever.


This song makes me emotional, like I’m tearing up watching right now… HELP. why am i so weird? It’s just so cute but omg so funny too, the dance and lyrics are so adorable and weird… I can’t.

Here’s yet another group with many good songs. You should also hear Glass Shoes, To Heart, and Love Bomb. I miss them so much, I haven’t heard much from them but they are still active on their official instagram.


Love Me – Nuest

This is probably my favorite nu’est song right now. It’s the perfect kind of make kpop group song I like.




Oh My Girl is one of my favorite groups and I would love to see them live tbh… Just watching their live performances make me cry I’m not sure why, maybe because it’s super epic LOL  


Candy Cover by up10tion

This song is so cute but I also love their own song OASIS. Please check them out, they are not too popular and they have been around for a long time.




Different – Nuest

This is really one of my favorite Nu’est songs. I thought they couldn’t outdo their old songs because I have liked them more than their recent ones, but this one definitely changed those thoughts for me.  




I guess I will cut this off here because this got a bit too long. I hope you enjoyed! Others to check out can be found on my youtube playlist, or if you don’t want to watch videos, you can check out my spotify. They can be found below! I am always randomly updating it so go ahead and follow them! Youtube Playlist! Spotify Playlist  

Thanks for reading my list of Cute Songs to Listen to When You’re Down!

I know it’s been such a hard to for us, but I hope everyone is doing ok! If you need anything just talk to me I will lend an ear or anything else you may need!



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