Cute Fall Outfit Inspo 2018

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I love fall fashion because I like being able to incorporate sweaters and boots into my outfits. Me and my friend Nonis love “sweater weather” since we don’t like summertime as much too. I sorta feel like I can express my style better in the winter and fall seasons better too.

Anyways, I needed some cute fall outfits to motivate me to dress nice since I don’t know what the heck to wear these days. So here’s a few pics to help both you and I this fall. Enjoy and stay cozy! 🙂

Fall Fashion Inspo


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holy look
src: Diana Korkunóva
Cute Fall Outfits Fashion 2018 -
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Cute Fall Outfits Fashion 2018 -

Cute Fall Outfits Fashion 2018 -
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Cute Fall Outfits Fashion 2018 -
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I’m seriously a sucker for high waist jeans and big sweaters. High heels still aren’t my thing which is why I always look 12 but that’s okay! As long as I’m happy with what I’m wearing then I won’t regret what I’m wearing.
Also, you can’t deny that turtle necks and jean jackets look good! I know some people who hate them, but I obsess over them because I can never wear them due to my short neck. 🙁


Korean autumn fashion, skirt

Cute Fall Outfits Fashion 2018 -
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Cardigans are great for work and school, but you can also style them with a basic t and sneakers for an effortless look!


Cute Fall Outfits Fashion 2018
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Cute Fall Outfits Fashion 2018 -
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Kalen Brock | Korean Street Style (패션) 🕊 ♡ pin : @soyvirgo ™ @soyvirgo on tumblr @soyvirgos on twitter and ig xoxo #fashion #coat #winter

Nina Himmelreich (@nhmml) // follow @soyvirgo on pinterest for more!

Yes I had to incorporate some kpop idol fashion in here.

Even if you’re short, you can still rock long coats! Don’t let fashion blogs tell you otherwise (note to self)

Click for 100+ more ideas for Fall fashion! (my pinterest board)

Do you have any fall outfits you wanna try but you’re not confident about? Which looks are your favorite?
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