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  • Girl, read that you’re living in Mexico so cool! I love Mex! My parents are from Mexico so I visit often. Did it take you a long time to get going? I feel like you have so much on your blog and I’m over here struggling lol

    • Hey yes I was for 6 months! I came back to chicago in Feb tho.
      Oh that’s awesome! This was my first time visiting so I hope to go regularly now, it’s such an amazing place.

      You’re struggling with what, making posts or putting content on ur site ?
      If it’s putting up links n resources then that’s because I love writing (a lot) and also get ideas from other bloggers on what to add on lol

      I feel like I put too much links ha maybe its overwhelming for some but I think it’s better so people stay longer n get to know me ya know?

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