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If you have any questions, leave info below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

CONTACTING FOR SERVICES – Ask me about my services (listed below) by filling out the form, or emailing These are the best ways to contact me about services. I will soon set up a shop on here so you can just purchase a service and describe what you need in a note. Come back soon for that update!

Please include the following in your email:
  • Business name and type
  •  Your website or business url (like etsy shop or whatever)
  • A description of the services you need

Product Review, Sponsored Posts, Paid Collabs and Promo info here.


I will make a P.O Box for anything cute you want to send, or if you want to be a pen pal lol. If you want to send something personal, send love or just talk as pals, message me on my social media.

Individual Collabs:

If you would like to get in touch to do a meet up, blog post, IG post or do something for Youtube, just leave some info in the form above or contact me through IG, or Twitter whichever is easiest for you!

Attention artists who want to share their art on my blog:

I use artwork from people like YOU in my blog posts. If you’re an artist, read this post to collab with me and get your art shared on my blog! This is 100% free.

Guest Posting (admissions open)

Are you interested in contributing to Take Note | SOYVIRGO.COM? I’m looking to feature blog posts from you!

Below are a few basic guidelines for guest-posting with me.

  • Your post needs to be original work, not something you got off the net.

  • Topics related to the following are preferred:

    • veganism, minimalism, blogging, lifestyle, stories about relationships, anime, kpop, jdramas, cats, long distance relationships, student life, traveling, sustainable living, law of attraction + art!

  • Any errors on your post will be edited, nothing else.

  • You have the option to submit a regular post, or an introduction about the author (you). You can be an artist who wants to introduce your art as well.

  • Posts including profanity or anything similar will be censored/edited out because I’m not allowed to blog like that lol

If you feel you can bring value to this site, I’d love to get a submission from you!

Submit your post here. (coming soon) | Submit your about the author here. (coming soon)

Read previous guest posts here (coming soon)

FOR NOW, Fill out the form below. Include your blog post in the message section and any details you want me to add to the post. If needed, we will chat further!

If you’re interested in any of the following, get in touch a.s.ap! Spots are limited. Below are other services I offer including pricing for each.

    • Pinterest Graphics – designing pins for your brand. $10 per pin
    • Pinterest Promo – Includes: Promoting your pins, however many you choose, to be shared onto specific boards on my page, making pins to link back to your site, blog, etsy, etc. $40 a pin
    • Pinterest Account Evaluation – Includes: Analysis of your pins and boards, stating which boards perform best, Pinterest tips to increase growth, finding keyboards to use for your business to grow, $50
    • Bussiness Account Set up – Includes: How to set up from scratch or convert a personal account to business. Verifying website domain, linking social accounts, and enabling Pinterest analytics to your site. Assistance in setting up Pinterest Rich Pins on your blog (may need Google Hangouts to chat), Setting up Pinterest Widgets onto your site, setting up Pinterest share button code into your site + more $200 
    • If you need any of the above, email me with the subject line including the bold words above (ex. Pin Graphics) and a description of what you need me to do on your Pinterest.
*Disclaimer: results may vary. Prices may vary depending on what extra is done or what I don’t end up providing. If something doesn’t go right, for example, if we can’t set something up on your site, price will go down. I will list exactly what I will accomplish for you before you pay. I’ll do my best to help you grow, without you hurting your wallet 🙂
    • free account setup – Includes: Setting up a free wordpress account, free theme, editing theme to include all the pages you need, including about me page, services page, about the blog, contact page and setting up your categories. $20
    • Account Setup – Includes: A month dedicated to setting up a wordpress site, under siteground hosting (if you need), adding links, adding images, basic help and how-to’s. $50 *client will pay for siteground hosting
  • SETTING UP ACCOUNTS(email, apps, sm and more): Just send a submission or email of what account you need to set up, the information you want on it, etc. I will send you the login information you can ask me for help with any changes after that. (Starting at $3)
  • GRAPHICS (headers, banners logo’s): I’ve done my own headers banners and pinterest graphics so far. $10 per graphic. You can check out what I’ve come up with:
    • headers on pinterest
    • more upon request
  • EDITING A WEBSITE OR THEME (starts at $50, depending on site + whether you need self hosted set up): Please submit any ideas you have and we will find what suits you best. I am great at adding to themes and editing, and making things look professional, simple and clean.
  • TRANSLATING: I speak spanish and english. I can’t process words so quickly so I’m not a good on the spot translator. $5 – $60 depending on what it is you need translated

Services Disclaimer

Thank you for reading and considering working with me!


  • Girl, read that you’re living in Mexico so cool! I love Mex! My parents are from Mexico so I visit often. Did it take you a long time to get going? I feel like you have so much on your blog and I’m over here struggling lol

    • Hey yes I was for 6 months! I came back to chicago in Feb tho.
      Oh that’s awesome! This was my first time visiting so I hope to go regularly now, it’s such an amazing place.

      You’re struggling with what, making posts or putting content on ur site ?
      If it’s putting up links n resources then that’s because I love writing (a lot) and also get ideas from other bloggers on what to add on lol

      I feel like I put too much links ha maybe its overwhelming for some but I think it’s better so people stay longer n get to know me ya know?

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