Music | christmas playlist to listen to (for jolly purposes)

christmas playlist 2021

christmas playlist 2021

hello all. here’s a cute little playlist of songs i enjoy listening to for this season. let me know what songs you enjoy so i can add them to my spotify playlist! you will see below im mostly into kpop, spanish songs or really classic types of xmas music but i am open to any!  

Inspired by: Festive K-Pop Songs for the Holidays – A Geek Girl’s Guide (


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songs to listen to this xmas season christmas playlist 2021 spotify soundcloud

holo-day bash event music from Apex Legends

some of you have noticed me playing this game and for xmas time they have this awesome music that i love listening to while i wait for the game to start! also when i die (cause i die a lot in the game…) the music starts playing instantly so it makes me not want to rage so bad like i normally do (and i noticed in the comments literally everyone feels the same way)



dashing through the snow in high heels by orange caramel and nuest

you guys know I love nu’est so I had to add this song of course. it’s when they were younger so they sang with their label mates orange caramel!  

santa claus le dio un beso a mama by los mier

if you go to a mexican xmas party, expect to hear this song!


this was one of my favorites since a kid. i liked hearing the voice of a little kid because i definitely felt it was relatable at the time when my parents were together! by the way its called santa claus gave my mom a kiss – i wasn’t sure if it meant the mom was cheating but now im sure the kid didn’t know his dad was santa claus lol!

be your christmas by sweden laundry


this song is so cute and I love her voice. BoL4 songs are really good but I’m only into a few. I’m glad there’s an xmas song I can enjoy because I really love the singers voice.  


santa baby by eartha kitt

tidings and joy by sam ock

winter magic by kara


give love on christmas by the jackson 5



winters tale by btob



have yourself a merry little xmas – judy garland


one of my favorite actresses and singers is Judy because I was obsessed with the wizard of oz! she’s so pretty and her story really hurts my soul but I’m glad I was able to live during a time when i could dress as her for halloween and enjoy her music!  


christmas playlist 2021 | random playlists to get you in the jolly spirit

now here are some youtube playlists I have been listening to since november. let me know which ones you have been listening to. these types of playlists have been on the rise recently on youtube and im so happy about it. now these are a few of my favorites that i think fit into the christmas playlist 2021 aesthetic. do you like any here that you haven’t heard of yet?






christmas playlist 2021 on spotify

You can find most of these songs and more on my spotify playlist called xmas best playlist... If I haven’t followed you on there, let me know!


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Thanks for reading christmas playlist 2021 | songs to listen to this xmas season!

Please don’t forget to send over your fav music so I can listen. I’m always trying to find new artists.


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