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comfy Holiday party looks

Ever get invited to a holiday event and don’t know what to wear? That was me for New Years one time, but luckily my friend got me a cute Christmas sweater with a skull on the back? Yeah, she was a hardcore goth gal and so was I, kinda. Here’s some ideas on what to wear this holiday season! xmas holiday event looks 2018 - soyvirgo.com #ootd #ootdshare #winter #winterfashion Here’s me in a comfy coat, glitter top, and high waist jeans. I don’t know what else to wear other than basic stuff like this. xmas looks holiday outfit ideas by soyvirgo.com Just trying to sneak my way into being a fashion blogger, nothing to see here. But anywho, why not try wearing a dress with long sleeve under, it’s winter time after all. I guess that’s not the right way to wear dresses, but I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do. soyvirgo.com winter fashion for holiday event looks 2018 This was like 2016 in my college, wow, I really need to go out and take new images. winter outfits holiday season looks 2018 by soyvirgo.com Hi my mom took this pic and I’m grateful. Wearing Ban.do, an old f21 coat that has holes in the pockets and just got back from mexico so I looked a lil plump. like this image on my ig pls thx!

Dresses x Coats

holiday outfits looks 2018 soyvirgo.com holiday outfits soyvirgo.com | Gojane Lux Glitter Dress - Fluttering in from Neverland I adore these two looks by KC. at IstyleLooks. Green really is one of my fav colors and it goes well with the holidays.

Boots +

 christmas lookbook holiday attire soyvirgo.com Maria Nikeshina - lookbook.nu | holiday outfits soyvirgo.com This is so comfy and cute! holiday outfits soyvirgo.com - Papilion Coat, Na Kd Jeans, Gawor Bag, Napapijri Boots - Blue jeans & navy coat I mean, ya gotta have a nice coat on for an event right? Even if what you got underneath is boring, at least you can make heads turn in a sec. src: kolorowa_dusza

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A lil’ Elegant

these ideas are more on the glam side I don’t know who would go out showing so much skin on december UNLESS you live in a hot state. You’re lucky! here’s some ideas for the fancier people. Holiday Outfits Fashion Bloggers | soyvirgo.com Holiday Outfits From for Fashion Bloggers soyvirgo.com holiday looks 2018

Never NOT Cozy

TBH, I love the cozy fashion looks and lately I’ve been dressing cozy a bit too much. It’s okay, I might start a new fashion trend hehe These clothes are more for at home parties, or sleepover parties, but they can still look great for those comfier occasions. When I go to my families house for xmas, I either go all out or go for a look like these:  holiday lookbook soyvirgo.com soyvirgo.com Holiday Outfits From fashion bloggers will love  holiday outfits fashion bloggers will love soyvirgo.com  Red and white holiday мир полон чудес...
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Hope you enjoyed these looks! 
What ya’ll gonna do these days? Any events you’ve been randomly been invited to and are forced to go to? Will you go? Should I stay home for the rest of 2018? I only go out to walk with my husband and his family dog lol
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did you like any of these looks? what do you typically go for when you want to dress for the holidays?

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